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Saakaar the White


Biography ...

• Like so many others that have walked the lands of Aradath, Saakaar was raised by those who did not bring him into this world. More often than not this is the case for young Draco's as they are left to fend for themselves. Saakaar was raised not by a family but by a community. A small fishing village by the name of Vaikartan, located somewhere along the waterways of Emjedah and the Sorcerer's Isle where so many Frontacians reside. Not completely abandoned, Saakaar was expected to adapt if he were to survive this time of his young life. It was his curious nature that lead him to the villagers, not to ask for a hand out, but to question their daily habits that he had been watching from afar.

The villagers of Vaikartan took Saakaar in without question as he appeared as one of their own at such a young age. His skin was a bit rough but that was to be expected from one living away from society. This was overlooked and he soon became a child of the village. The first order of business was to teach the young boy how to earn his keep so he was given a fishing pole and bait and was expected to figure out the rest by watching the others. Again his curiosity guided him and before long he was pulling fish from the pier with the older villagers. It wasn't long after this that Saakaar was introduced to the sea by means of a deep sea vessel. He showed surprising strength on his maiden voyage, pulling in larger fish without any aid at all. The captain quickly offered him a job aboard his ship and Saakaar began to establish himself as a fisherman of Vaikartan.

As Saakaar grew older, his body features began to change ever so slightly. Part of growing up for a young Draco. His skin, now a thick hide, was starting to attract stares and whispers from the village but the captain paid it no mind. He had the strongest dockhand in the village and wasn't about to give him up because he looked alittle different from the rest. To make up for this, Saakaar was given a oversize poncho and a floppy boaters hat to wear whenever they returned from the sea. Curious as he was, he never did question why he hid his appearance. He was content with the food and money he was earning and did not want to risk losing it all over a few questions.

During the winter months, Saakaar would most often spend his time swimming in the cold ocean waters late at night when the other villagers were sleeping. As a child he could hold his breathe for nearly twice as long as the other village children. His thickened skin allowed him to swim in the coldest of waters. It was during one of these late night swims that one of the village elders noticed him climbing onto the pier from the waters and questioned him.

"Are you mad?" the old villager shouted. "You could freeze to death in those fridged waters. It was at that very moment the the village noticed the texture of Saakaar's skin as the moonlight reflected off the water on his body.

"Vile serpent creature! Be gone. Curse not this village with your forked tongue!" The old man continued to shout at Saakaar as he ran from the pier, yelling to any that would listen. Frightened that he may lose his job, his home, and his entire way of life, Saakaar gathered his possessions from the dock and untied a small fishing boat from the pier. Without thinking, he leaped into the boat and set off into the ocean, unsure of where he would go. All he knew was he would not be accepted in Vaikartan any longer. Several weeks passed and no sign of land could be seen. Saakaar had made a makeshift fishing pole from one of the boating ores and used it to keep himself fed. He was surprised when the raw fish did not upset his stomach and even more shocked when the salt water did not dehydrate him like the villagers had warned it would do. Driven by these discoveries, Saakaar found motivation in learning what else he was capable of that had been kept a secret.

Land, finally. Across the horizon a glowing halo could be seen. Nearly exhausted at this point, Saakaar grabbed his remaining ore and steered his way into the port city. He was promptly greeted by a few sneers and a dockhand who was quick to point out that he could not dock his boat in this location. "Keep it" Saakaar murmured as he made his way past the dockhand and into the city of Emjedah. After only a few days within the city, Saakaar learned of another town called Spur where others like him had come to live and learn of themselves. Eager to find out why he had become an outcast in his village, he left Emjedah for the Spur.

Spur was like nothing Saakaar had ever seen before. So many different races, each minding their own for the most part. Much could be learned in these streets but it was nearly impossible to find a citizen willing to take the time to listen to his questions. One afternoon however, all his questioning would lead him to what would be a life altering encounter. A massive black winged Drake glanced down at Saakaar before speaking in a tongue that he surprisingly understood. "Greetings" the deep voice said. "I am Bodhi, the midnight". For the first time Saakaar felt as if he was far more than he had ever been told. He desired to be something more than just Saakaar. Trying not to appear clueless, he quickly responded "Greetings to you, I am Saakaar the Curious".

In the months to come, Saakaar would prove his curious nature to Bodhi and others. His questions would allow him to grow in knowledge and confidence. He was introduced to Dragon and Secian, both of which he felt an instant connection with. His desire to learn more about his connection to these small winged creatures lead him to a Secian named Mirabelle. She too was curious and seeking the knowledge of her kind. She felt much the same feelings as Saakaar was feeling yet neither of them could explain it. Their questions soon became long talks which would carry on into the morning light. It was through Mirabelle that Saakaar was able to truly discover himself. Their desire to understand each other lead to Saakaar asking Mirabelle to grow with him, in both knowledge and power.

Through pain, desire to be something more, and the loving touch of Mirabelle, a great white has been born from the small dracoform that once questioned everything. Saakaar now furthers himself from the lessons of the past, moving forward to make sure the same mistakes are not made once again. Some may call it a distrust in the race while others view it as a desire to protect what is sacred. Either way he is armed today with not only the gift of flight and powerful claws, but an understanding of his past and of what is yet to come.


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