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Lady Mashema

Leuian Runemage

Biography ...

• Lady Mashema was born on the isle of leuia to the lovely Deliedra. Deliedra was said to have been one of the last great protectors of the old ways of magick. Mashema's father was Kondrik, Clawmaster of the great council of leuia, and ever loving khat'sara to Deliedra. Mashema also had a much older brother named Telmaka and a younger sister named Kamilia. When Mashema still rather young her father left on a leuian warship and never returned. After many months of searching for the ship, the council of leuia declared the ship and all on it as being lost for all times. Deliedra of course during this time knew in her heart that Kondrik was dead, and not long after declaration by the leuian council did Deliedra herself walk into the dark night and never return. Many rumored that Deliedra used her powerful magick to unite herself with Kondrik and many swear that Rinanni herself walked Delidra into the watery shores of Leuia and united her with Kondrik for all of time.

Mashema's older brother Telmaka had already left leuia before these events occured to study the old ways of magick. So Mashema with a heavy heart took her younger sister Kamillia in search of a new life, away from the sadness of Leuia and all that it had put upon her.

After some time of traveling by sea and foot, the two happened upon the lands of the Spurian city. Mashema bought a nice cottage and settled into the lands, calling it home. After much time, Mashema felt the surge within in her calling her to the mountains to study the old ways of magick.

Kamilia by this time had grown much older and was now ready to stand alone.

Mashema left the city of Spur as a heart cleric of Rinanni and went high into the mountains to the elder mages to study her destiny of magick. It was during this time she ran into her brother Telmaka. After many years in the mountains Mashema and Telmaka both returned to Spur as high mages of the Society of the Ancient Word. These where good times for the Violet family, Telmaka, Kamilia and Mashema all together.

While back in the Spurian city, Mashema met the wonderful Guyver Khinar, whom she fell deeply in love with and after some time the two devoted there lives to one another in traditional leuian customs. They had a khit named Kamilia, she was to be the joy of there lives. Guyver and Mashema where declared Lord and Lady of the Spurian relm and live in a simple manner within the city walls. There is really very little to say about Guyver and Mashema, other then in knowing them you can see the deepest sense of love and respect between them. They are fiercly private about there personal relationship but sometimes when you glimpse upon them together you can tell how deeply they love one another.

Mashema is not a traditional leuian in any way. She tries hard to hold strong to her leuian ideas and beliefs. While she might be fiercly protective of her honorable kyn she is also forced to walk a fine line between honor and dishonor in keeping with her total dedication to magick and it's callings.

Thus is her curse and her blessing to walk in the fiery path of her runes, to fulfil her place in the history and preservation of magick.


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