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dgate history and lore


Elvynkind Legacy

[Fiction: Not approved by ME as part of the history of the World]

In the changes of the world the shapes of lands & seas have been broken and remade; by the starlit mere of Cuivienen, Water of Awakening, Elves rose from the eternal sleep; and while they dwelt by the Cuivienen their eyes first beheld the stars of heaven and their ears first beheld the sound of water flowing.  A long time passed as the Elves dwelt in their first home; and they walked the Earth in wonder; and they began to make speech and to give names to all things they perceived.

Thus it was that the gods of heaven did come among them, and some of the Elvenkind did hide, and some fled and became lost, among another way another way, another god.  But those that had courage, and stayed, perceived swiftly that the glowing countenence of the orderly gods was indeed, no shape of darkness, for the light of the Way was in their faces, and all the noblest of the elves were drawn to them.

However, of those who hid and cowered were drawn into the hands of fear incarnate, Taath.  In dark prisons were bred the San as mockery to the true Elves, of whom afterward were bitterest of foes.  And deep in their dark hearts the San loathed the Master whom they served in fear, the maker of their misery.

Then befell the second sundering of the Elves.  For the kindred of the 2 elven kings were swayed by the words of their lords, and some were willing to follow the one king in departing the world to follow Rinnani, and to learn; and these Elves were known ever after as Usil, for they never beheld the light that was the Sun and Moon.  But many refused to leave, preferring the wide spaces of the Earth, and the Trees.  Thus known now as Fir these elves were sundered from the Usil and never lived together again until many ages past after the Spur rose from the Earth.

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