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class and race skills


Sword and Heart Clerics Only

Skill Name: Channeling

Entry Last Update:4/13/06

Description:Channeling is the god-given ability to heal wounds and damage

Who Can Learn It: Heart Clerics and Sword Clerics can learn Channeling.

What It is Supposed to Do: Allow you to heal wounds and damage

What it Does: Allows you to regain a significant amount of health per use, as well as eliminating all wounds of any size. Channeling appears to be fully implemented at this time.

Activation: Lay hands on (Lay hands on [Target]).

Usefulness (Low Levels): moderate. Laying on of hands takes less time than treating, and is also more successful.

Usefulness (Mid-Levels): Significant. You will always succeed unless the target has wounds but is at full health, in which case, you will always fail. Delay drops at level 15 and at level 30

Usefulness (High Levels): Life changing. You will always succeed unless the target has wounds but is at full health, in which case, you will always fail. Amount healed varies, but is enough to allow you to sit in combat with a dangerous monster, and gain in health over time.

How to Practice: You have to have injuries, or treat someone with injuries. As long as you or someone else has damage, you can practice this.

Tips: If you are hunting at your level, don't bother leaving the room to heal. This skill is a defensive skill - You do this instead of fighting to get better, while you are being attacked. Like First Aid, if used on someone else, both the one laying hands, and the one being healed receive the same delay. It may be more polite to cast a heal spell on another instead of inflicting a delay on both you and the one being healed.

Unconfirmed Rumors (May or May Not Be True): Devotion level is believed to aid this skill.

Notes: (May or May Not Be True): Heart Clerics heal a significant amount more than Sword Clerics, and this was written by a Heart Cleric. Sword Clerics will still find this skill much more useful than First Aid.

Author: Malthus Kerensky


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