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class and race skills


Help! I've fallen and I cant get up!

Skill Name: First Aid

Entry Last Update:4/12/06

Description: First-Aid is the knowledge of how to tend wounds so that healing can occur.

Who Can Learn It: Anyone can learn First-Aid.

What It is Supposed to Do: Allow you to heal wounds and yourself back to full health.

What it Does: Allows you to regain a limited amounts of health per treatment, as well as decreasing the size of wounds. First-Aid appears to be fully implemented at this time.

Activation: Treat (TREAT [Target]).

Usefulness (Low Levels): Low. Treatment takes a long period of time and is rarely successful at low levels.

Usefulness (Mid-Levels): Moderate. You will usually be successful when attempting to treat wounds. Treat-time is slightly decreased.

Usefulness (High Levels): Moderate. Not only will you almost always be successful, it takes you less time to treat wounds. You also heal more damage than at lower levels.

How to Practice: You have to have injuries, or treat someone with injuries.

Tips: Especially at low-levels, First-Aid should not be attempted during a fight if you are about to die. Leave the combat area, sit down, and treat yourself. Also, remember that you might not be successful in your first "treat" attempt, so make sure you have enough health to cover any bleeding from your wounds.

Unconfirmed Rumors (May or May Not Be True): No answer at this time.

Notes: None.


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