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class and race skills

ID Weapons


Skill Name: Id Weapon

Entry Last Update:6/24/06

Description: Ability which allows the user to learn the value of Weapons and whether they have been repaired or not

Who Can Learn It: Everone

What It is Supposed to Do: Detect the value of Weapons and if they've been repaired

What it Does: Estimates the value of the Weapon and detects if it's been repaired

Activation: Identify (Weapon)

Usefulness (Low Levels): Often gives a wrong estimate of the value, but correct on repaired or not

Usefulness (Mid-Levels): Often gives a wrong estimate of the value, but correct on repaired or not

Usefulness (High Levels): Always gives a correct estimate of the value, correct on repaired or not

How to Practice: Grab some Weapon and identify it over and over. Experience is only gained for correct estimate.

Tips: Often a useful skill to practice while talking or waiting for something

Unconfirmed Rumors (May or May Not Be True): None

Notes: (May or May Not Be True): Puts you in delay for 30 seconds

Author: Etelin Nilete


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