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class and race skills


A skill of the mind.

Skill Name: Psionics

Entry Last Update: 04/25/2001

Description: Psionics is the ability to use only one's mind to affect the world around them.

Who Can Learn It: Only Psions and Psycians may learn Psionics. "Latent" Psionics can also exist in other classes, but have no real skill.

What It is Supposed to Do: Allow you to use your mind to affect the world around you without having to move a muscle.

What it Does: Grants various powers that have varied effects. These powers use some fatigue, but mainly take Psionic Points (also called Psi).

The psionic powers include:

Psionic Centering - The ability to focus one's mind and more quickly recover Psionic Points.

Psionic Dart - A mental attack which does considerable damage for a low-level ability. It also bypasses armor.

Psionic Detect Invisible - Searches the shadows for the minds of others, so you know who is stalking you.

Psionic Detect Psionics - Searches for Psionic abilities in those around you.

Psionic ESP - Gives people the ability to CONTACT others (send messages over great distances).

Psionic Examination - Examines the aura of a creature, revealing its basic statistics and true name/race.

Psionic Heal - Grants physical healing to the psionic.. and later to others.

Psionic Confuse - Incapacitates a target by filling their head with confusing thoughts.


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