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class and race skills



Skill Name: Quick Draw

Entry Last Update:4/13/06

Description: Quickdraw is the skill allowing you to cut your ready time in half.

Who Can Learn It: Anyone can learn Quickdraw, though people who switch weapons frequently, or must undeary weapons to cast boosts use it more.

What It is Supposed to Do: Allows you to ready your weapon quickly.

What it Does: Allows you to occasionally ready your wepon faster (and sometimes fumble it for twice the delay).

Activation: Ready [weapon].

Usefulness (Low Levels): As dangerous as it is helpful. Expect several fumbles

Usefulness (Mid-Levels): Very helpful expect your ready times to be half normal most of the time

Usefulness (High Levels): Virtually never fail to ready your weapon quickly. Ready with no delay at all on occasion.

How to Practice: Find a weapon with a very short delay, but at least 2 seconds. Ready it, unready it. Ready it, unready it. A couple hours later, you have level 1. Level 2 should take less time, as you go through twice the uses.

Tips: Practice the first several levels. Hide first, so that people don't see you scrolling the screen.

Unconfirmed Rumors (May or May Not Be True): People have died because they scrolled the screen after they were asked to stop practicing in public.

Notes: (May or May Not Be True): No one can tell if you were quick, slow, or average in your ready attempt.

Author: Malthus Kerensky


Go Play! Go Play! Go Play!