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class and race skills


For those wishing to damage creatures from a distance.

Skill Name: Throw Weapons

Entry Last Update: 11/12/2005

Description: Throw Weapons represents training with and knowledge of how to throw items and inflict damage. Such items often include throwing daggers, hurling axes, stones, and boomerangs.

Who Can Learn It: Anyone can learn Throw Weapons, though the "melee" classes will advance more quickly in it than others (faster OR/DR progression).

What It is Supposed to Do: Allow you to better attack and defend yourself when using thrown weapons.

What it Does: Attacks NPCs and PCs with low damage from a distance and at close range.

Activation: ATTACK ([Target]). If the target is a different tactical rank, THROW (OBJECT) AT [Target] must be used. Some thrown weapons will need to be picked up and reread in order to be thrown again.

Usefulness (Low Levels): No answer provided.

Usefulness (Mid-Levels): No answer provided.

Usefulness (High Levels): No answer provided

How to Practice: Attack. This is usually done to NPCs, and is called "hunting."

Tips: Some thrown weapons automatically return to your hand, thus not requiring you to quickly pick up and re-throw them. The most common weapon of this type is an item on a chain or string. It can be ordered through a merchant.

Unconfirmed Rumors (May or May Not Be True): No answer provided.

Notes: Throw Weapons is one of the 5 major weapon skills in the game, which includes Blunt Weapons, Edged Weapons, Pole Weapons, and Missile Weapons. It grants additional fatigue points as you advance in level.


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