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class and race skills


Clerics Only!

Skill Name: Turn Undead

Entry Last Update:4/13/06

Description: Clerical ability to immobilize, fear, or dust (kill) undead.

Who Can Learn It: Any Cleric of Charitable level (5000 favors + 2 weeks).

What It is Supposed to Do: Harm Undead through the power of your god.

What it Does: Immobilizes, fears, or turns to dust undead on a success, nothing on a failure, Damages or immobilizes the cleric on a critical failure.

Activation: TURN ([Target]).

Usefulness (Low Levels): Vs Weak undead.

Usefulness (Mid-Levels): Vs Moderate undead.

Usefulness (High Levels): Can turn all but the toughest Undead.

How to Practice: Go to the haunted house or a graveyard and find skeletons, Zombies, and ghouls to turn. You can reach double digit turning with skeletons in the upstairs skeleton closet of the haunted house.

Tips: If practicing in-place (like in the skeleton closet). Wear cheep armor. It will get trashed.

Unconfirmed Rumors (May or May Not Be True): Turning works better when in the company of an archer. Clerics are always having a good day, dusting and fearing instead of immobilizing as desired so that the archer can hit the target.

Notes: (May or May Not Be True): 5 second delay + 5 fatigue for all levels. Certain gods are better at turning than others. Heart Clerics have 2 turn boosting spells to help them. Weak successes = immobilization. Moderate Successes = Feared. Powerful successes = Dusts.

Author: Malthus Kerensky


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