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dgate history and lore

:: The Tale of Soros the Conquerer, the Lord of Deception ::
The Journal of Medares ::
A Study of the Alarian Race ::


The Tale of Soros the Conquerer, The Lord of Deception ...

Dazrada Soros the Psycian, one of the great High Priests of Taath in recorded history, laid claim to the city of Spur near the end of the Age of Revelation. Marked by all scholars as the year 0. During this period, numerous earthquakes and and cataclysms rocked the land as the great War of the Temples raged across the world. Much of the area was entirely unaware of the situation, caring little to become involved in a massive religious war, instead choosing to simply survive the Hithuals deep below ground hold only records of massive movements in the earth and are entirely unaware of the events that focused just south of there home in the Great Divide. The Usilians in the White Forest believed the entire event to be some sort of astronomical sign of a coming apocalypse, and so for a period of nearly fifty years no scholars left the forests, instead choosing to remain in their homelands and chronicle the end of the world. (On a note, this is one of the few times ever the Usilian libraries do not hold detailed chronicles of the goings on in Aradath) even Go-blin-al legends, though only kept verbally, suggest "the great gobbie" had come to take control of the world for the mighty greenskin races.


The largest of the cataclysms was recorded and known by all as the Great Conflagration, details of what occurred during this period are long lost or were destroyed during the event. The only thing that is known for sure is that the heads of each of the temples had gathered in Spur to discuss a matter of extreme important, a massive roar shook the air followed by an incredible explosion focused around the priest hood. Fires coursed through the city and ash filled the air for nearly an entire day before everything finally settled. When the followers of the new gods were finally able to get to their temples, they found the entire priesthood guild to be perfectly intact, but the door where the High Priests and Priestess' had been meeting was welded shut. When they were finally able to break down the door and get inside, the room was empty with no sign of the temple leaders anywhere, they were assumed dead and forgotten, but the assumptions would prove wrong.


Nearly one hundred years later, Aremaia Starling, High Priestess of Rinanni would return to Spur, those old enough to have known her in life said she had not aged at all. Any accounts or records kept of what Aremaia may have said happened to her have never been found, though there has been much speculation. The arrival of Aremaia infuriated the master of the assassin's guild, Esteban Lovecraft-Dubois the Muatana-al who was a devoted follower of Taath. Esteban was old enough to have lived through Dazrada's reign over the area of Spur and the temple of Taath, and was furious that Aremaia would be allowed to return before Dazrada. Esteban would devote every moment of his time, and all of his guild resources into finding a way to bring back the High Priest from where he had been sent.


Records show that living within Spur at the time was a Dhuvghal known as Hex who took the form of a San Elf. (Dhuvghal are also sometimes referred to as recursives) The Dhuvghal serve a strange master known as the Dhuweireor and work towards mysterious purposes. The only thing known about them for sure is that they are purely and completely evil. Each time a Dhuvghal is killed, the soul is reborn in a new body, though the process can take as long as decades or centuries. The exact reason that Hex was in Spur will never be known, but one of his goals was to kill an Usilian known as Strangeangel Sondemiroir who had collected a vast array of rare artifacts that Hex wanted for some unknown evil. To destroy Strangeangel, Hex hired the Muatana-al Witold and gave to him one of the most dreaded weapons known on Aradath, A Fang of Rhangkhorre, a ruby shaped dagger that causes permanent death to those who feel its icy touch.


Witold found Strangeangel praying at the altar of Rinanni and struck him with the Fang in his heart, Hex captured Strangeangel's soul in an obsidian mirror and disappeared. As Witold tried to flee, he was captured by a group of Leuian's lead by the Lord Kyle Ferdain, who kept the fang in safekeeping from Hex. Esteban, learning of what happened from a group of young Muatana-al, struck a deal with them to murder Hex if they could bring him the Fang from Lord Ferdain. The Muatana-al agreed, and Lord Ferdain, wishing to see the destruction of Hex, gave the Fang to the Muatana-al. Esteban lived up to his end of the bargain and within a week destroyed Hex and mounted his head on the wall in the temple. Hex has of course since this time returned to the world, but to no ones records has he returned to Spur.


After destroying Hex, Esteban set out to again to raise Dazrada from the dead, and within a matter of weeks, before the head of Hex, Esteban succeeded in bringing him back to the mortal plane. Dazrada returned to take his place at the head of the temple, but this would not last for long. After the theft of a number of glowing morbius stones from underneath the temple, Soros withdrew; he stopped presiding over temple services and meetings, and refused to see even his most loyal acolytes. Near the same time, black robed men began to appear in the city, mainly around the temple; it is with these men only that Soros would speak. Soon after there arrival, Soros was sighted leaving the temple with a guard of the black robed men, though before he had always claimed to be bound to the temple and unable to leave. Soon after, reports began to fill the city that the Dazrada Soros who walked the city of Spur was an imposter, one report from a Flerian named Sampo Grotte suggested that the real Dazarada's corpse lay within the Temple of Taath. Soon after the disappearance of Soros, a Human merchant by the name of Basalak arrived in Spur claiming to be carrying with him a unique artifact, The White Dove of Rinanni, which he claimed was capable of protecting the one who owned it from the influence of the Gods. Basalak agreed to sell the Dove of Rinanni to the highest bidder, or to the Temple of Rinanni could they afford it.


Of course, there was a great amount of distrust and rage among the Spurians towards the merchant, and most would not pay a silver piece to the shifty Human. But one among Town Square that night was a Drag-al Bardess of Rinanni named Roxy Glytterchaser, who was loved by all in the city. She was heavy with child and was saving every silver so that she could perform the rights of childbirth. She decided that instead the return of her Goddess' most holy artifact would be a much greater use for her money. While the other citizens argued amongst one another, Roxy left to the bank and returned to pay the fee for the Dove. Only then did Basalak confess he did not hold the Dove with him, but instead promised to return with it. The people were outraged by Basalak's deceit and chased him from the city, how he ever survived the mob is a miracle.


Several days later, Basalak did indeed return to Spur to the surprise of all; he claimed he had gone to bring the dove from its hiding place, but had been waylaid by black-robed men and that they had stolen it. The White Dove was in the hands of Soros' minions, and Basalak claimed he would need at least six weeks to steal it back. The Spurians were left with little choice to but once again trust Basalak, as they did not know where Soros and his minions were hidden.


One day, nearly six weeks later, a massive explosion rocked the earth from the far Southlands and ash rained down upon the city of Spur. Shortly after the explosion, Basalak was found just outside the city burned and bleeding, eager to hear his tale the Spurians healed the Human and took him to the center of the city. Basalak claimed that he had tracked the dove to a temple far in the Southlands, but Soros had been expecting him and exploded the temple while he was inside, killing numerous others there for prayer. Had the White Dove been in the temple, Basalak was not able to find it. He feared that Soros himself had control of the Dove and was using it to guard himself from the wrath of the Gods. Basalak vowed to continue his search and bring the Dove safely back to Roxy no matter what the cost.


The cost however, would prove too great for Basalak; one day a loud scream sounded out just north of Town Square, upon arriving they found Basalak's body crumbled and smashed upon Guild Road. Madrigale tried to call out to Rinanni to save him, but whether she could not listen, or the influence of the White Dove was too powerful for her to overcome, the corpse turned to dust and blew away into the cool evening winds. The group returned to Town Square to find it filling with black-robed men who set upon them immediately. From that day forward began the siege of Soros the Conqueror, Lord of Deception, bearer of the White Dove of Rinanni, who sought to set himself above the Gods.


Soros would return to Spur, disguised in the form of a simple sheepherder leading sheep through the city. Quickly though, the sheep changed form into the horrible shapes of the fiends of the underworld, Soros' minions, the dark-robed men and other darker and even more frightening terrors. Soros himself changed form from the simple herder to a mighty devil of the underworld, those who knew the true Dazrada in life said this new Soros was most assuredly not the original. The Spurians managed to beat back the attack, and many others would follow, each with illusions and other images sent out to confuse the city of Spur before the attacks were made, to demoralize the citizens and confuse the heroes. From the first attack forward, Soros would be known in the city of Spur as Soros, The Lord of Deception.


Now, during this time of trouble, a blind human Bardess named Kyria Starsong came to the city. She was so beautiful, so gentle of nature, that she charmed all with which she came into contact. Most especially a young Drag-al mage named Poindexter Phyllpott. He took one look at Kyria and was immediately smitten, tongue-tied. One evening, Soros came to Town Square to taunt the citizens and try and force them to surrender, telling all that if they did not surrender he would turn them into sheep. A Secian named Pib, picking up on Soros' fondness for sheep, decided to taunt him and asked if aspired to become the God of animal husbandry. Soros responded, "I enjoy your sense of humor, and I understand you are soon to be married small one, let me provide you with a wedding gift". Soros dropped to the ground a sapphire choker, and Poindexter immediately grasped it up, looking heart broken and stricken; for the choker was identical to the one that his beloved Kyria wore. Soros then left Town Square, leaving the loud-mouthed Spurians with a swarm of mosquitoes to deal with. Poindexter was inconsolable, many tried to comfort him, but to no avail. A day later, Poindexter returned to the city, his clothing torn and his glasses smashed, claiming that Kyria was being held in the Anything Goes Club. A group set off with him and upon arrival to the club, were immediately set upon by the guards. Though he knew nothing of swordsmanship, Poindexter picked up a weapon and fueled by his rage and love for his beloved, slew the guards. Upstairs he found Kyria, shaken but apparently unharmed, and brought her away from that place and back to her rooms. There was only one thing, Soros had replaced Kyria's sapphire choker with one of black acid, and told her that it would kill her if she tried to remove it.


After about a day, the choker began to cause Kyria serious pain, and two Dragons, Rand and Rime devised a plot to try and save her. After keeping her in a magickal sleep and trying to remove it to no avail, the choker began to strangle her; they were left with no other option. One of the Dragons proceeded to kill Kyria while the other placed a spell upon her to return her from life after death. In doing so, they were able to remove the choker from her body, unfortunately, her body could not recover, and no matter what they tried, she remained in death. And, to add insult to injury, the Dragon Rime, while holding the choker, was utterly destroyed as it exploded in his hands. Kyria's body was brought to the temple of Rinanni, where she lay in state. Heartbroken, in deep mourning, Poindexter went to the temple to see the woman who had captured his heart. He took her sapphire choker from his pocket and placed it about her neck, and gently kissed her. And Kyria took a breath, proving to all that Rinanni's love could overcome even death. Soon after, the two would be married; and Soros was foiled again, he did not take his defeat well.


It was after Soros was foiled by the love of Poindexter and Kyria that his vengeance upon Spur took a new form. Horrible creatures spawned from the underworld and sent forth by Soros known as Scravixx's attacked the city, though they would soon be thought of as tame in comparison to the Malgaraxx and rare Ultraxx that would follow. The Malgaraxx especially were a shock for the Spurians, for they would split into two when killed. Soros' creatures threw Spur into a state of fear and despair; some counseled that the city should just surrender to Soros and spare an unnecessarily brutal death. Others suggested to pretend to give in to Soros, so that they might plot his downfall from within.


As the period of chaos continued, a bronze Dragon by the name of Rhuagh came across a mysterious golden key. The search for the door the key would open began in earnest, until a Spurian Muatana-al who had allied himself with Soros named Sahhsh, in an attempt to get ahold of the key for himself, told the Spurians the key led to a secret keep where Soros was keeping the Dove. He attempted to waylay the Spurians outside the keep, but was tricked by Rhuagh and handed the wrong key. Aremaia then led the party to the door, and opened it with the key; what they found within was four rooms, each a different elemental plane. Within each plane, guarded by the spirits of the area was one hidden stone. Eventually all four stones were found and the adventurers met in the center room where there sat four depressions, each the color of one of the stones. When the party placed the stones in place, a door opened within the wall, leading into a massive maze. Within the maze, the adventurers found a sword, a shield and a glowing chest. From there they left the maze and returned to the center of the city to face Soros. The battle quickly turned in Soros' favor left with no other option, the hero's opened the glowing chest and found their greatest surprise of all, the keep they had gone to was not Soros', but instead the plane of Sa in the heavens. A massive golden Dragon unleashed itself from the chest, the creation of Sa during the War of the Gods to counteract the powers of the Dove. The field around Soros was destroyed and the Gods removed his powers long enough for the hero's to destroy him, Orin Dravin wielded the golden sword and with it struck the final blow that destroyed Soros and sent him back to the underworld. The party returned the White Dove to Rinanni and the glowing chest with the Dragon to Sa. As a reward for their help, Rinanni and Sa provided the city with a white marble statue of Soros to commemorate his defeat where it was erected in the merchant circle so all could see.


It would unfortunately not be the last of the Lord of Deception. A rival ice demon by the name of Loa'Kass (outlined in other histories, Loa'Kass is most famous for his love of Laurana and the color purple) would rip a tear in the fabric between the underworld and that of Spur. This caused numerous voids to appear near the terror where Soros sent his minions, the manes, through to attack the city. People began to see things that were not real, and friends began to turn against friends within the city. While no one knew where the Lord of Deception was, it was quite obvious Soros was out to cause as much chaos and damage as possible to the city without physically entering. Soros focused his games upon Selder and Baal and began a contest between them(on a side note, this is where the phrase, "It's Selder's fault" is coined) to further tear apart the city. To continue his fun, the Lord of Deception began to summon dark terrors upon the city, frightening the common citizens into the countryside. Near this time, seven adventurers each began having mysterious visions, each vision focused upon a syllable the person was required to remember. With painstaking work, eventually the syllables were pieced together. Soon after, the statue of Soros was shattered, and visions of his return stalked the city, at one point even the statue came to life to attack those in the Town Square. Near this time, Laurana and the ice devil Loa'Kass were rescued from the underworld. The truth came out about each of the syllables, Loa'Kass told the Spurians that he had a bet with Soros that he could marry Laurana. When it looked like he might win the bet, the Lord of Deception cheated and sent Laurana and Loa'Kass into the underworld to free himself. To get revenge, Loa'Kass explained the syllables were the Lord of Deceptions real name, and if spoken aloud, it would banish him to the underworld forever. Loa'Kass and Laurana faced off against the Lord of Deception(he would stopped being referred to as Soros years before as everyone realized he most certainly was not the original Dazrada Soros of Taath) and before he could destroy them Laurana called out his true name, sending him back to the underworld. Salvius would later arrive to Spur and explain that a devil can only truly be banished if their name is spoken in the center of the underworld, else they can return freely.


Since then, the Lord of Deception has sent numerous raids of Scravixx's against the city, but his power has never been strong enough to summon his stronger creatures or even hold up his more powerful illusions. Most believe the Gods stop him at every turn to get revenge upon the devil for his attempts to overcome them all. If he will ever regain his strength enough to truly threaten Spur again none can say, but one can be assured he holds a grudge against the city and its inhabitants.


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