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dgate history and lore

:: The Ancient History of Aradath ::
:: The Chronicles of Pel ::
:: The Tale of the Octogon ::
:: The Burning of Treehaven, Secian View ::
:: The Burning of Treehaven, Frontacian View ::


The Tale of the Octogon ...

I give you the tale of the Battle of the Octagon. It has been very lightly editted from it's original state for flow, as it was first meant to be a spoken tale, not one put to scroll.

The tale I have to tell has been passed down orally, bard master to bard apprentice, for over for thousand years, until a priestess of the White Lady Rinanni came across it and wrote it down. It is the oldest tale known in Spur.

Long, long ago, before the deeds of beast and men were recorded, was the Age of Darkness, also called The First Epoch of Sa-Taath. Historians approximate the year to be sometime around 4100 (BC, or before the conflagration) In those days, the Dragon Imperium held sway over a tumultuous planet, trying to force Order upon the anarchy of the young world. Just when the Dragons made themselves recognized as the masters of our world, a terrible power rose to challenge them. These ancient foes were so hideously evil that the storytellers of old,would not even name them to their young listeners.

The Foe organized the darker races and strove to wreak chaos. But the Dragons gathered together the Frontacians, the Psycians, and others, including a now extinct race called the Llhuminor, to combat this enemy. The world plunged into war, and great were the clashes of rune and steel as the forces met in battle after battle.

Now at this time two great figures emerged. Silaersinar Sinirdlige, also called Sinar, gained reknown as the mightiest of the Frontacian Rune Mages. Indeed, he is probably the most powerful mage ever to have walked among us. Reginorak Drakinor, also distinguished himself as an adult Dragon Battlemaster, leading his forces to victory in one of the largest air-sea battles this world has ever known. After that battle, the Frontacian mage Sinar annuoncedthat a great edifice would be built to commemorate the victorious battle.

And so it was, that The Octagon was built by the best mages and craftsmen of the age on a site of great power the location of which has been lost today. The structure had eight sides that towered into the air and it is said that its span from edge to edge was more than a mile. As the structure was finished, a mighty force of Dragons and Psycians and other races, led by Reginorak, hid themselves in the pass just north of the site.

For you see, The Octagon was no memorium…

It was the greatest Frontacian trap ever laid.

The last Wyrde of the Llhuminor held a Great Celebration within the Octagon. The Foe despised the Llhuminor, and thus they were the natural bait to draw the Foe into the pass. The Frontacian mages themselves hid in the structure and waited.

Alas, how could Reginorak know that the Foe had been warned? How could he know there was a hidden route to the site which the Foe used to bring its armies in strength?

The forces of the Enemy fell upon the Llhuminor within the Octagon, the last of their kind. Last of their lives at the Foe they hurled. Broken bodies, sad accompaniment of war. Something wonderful lost from this world.

Now Sinar the mage beheld the slaughter. At a loss of what to do, he magickally transported Reginorak from his post miles away. And Reginorak beheld that carnage, and was overcome that the Dragons should not be fighting beside the Llhuminor, there at their last.

So he leapt into the battle, his gold scales shining brightly. He crushed go-blin-al underfoot like so much brush. He hurled the Foe about with his swipes of his claws. With but a single bite even the largest of the Evil Ones perished. It is said that he breathed the largest recorded breath of flames of any dragon that day. But even so, the battle was being lost.

And so, beholding the battle go very poorly, Sinar gave the signal.

Imagine if you will, a thousand Frontacian rune mages chanting mystic syllables in unison... Louder and louder, their insistence being answered by the very stones of The Octagon, and a great magic flashed out of the rune carved blocks that made up the edifice... In that instant, every body within was trapped in a web of magic.

No one person could be removed from that spell without setting them all free. And so mighty Reginorak was trapped with them all, for centuries and centuries until the fate of the Octogon is lost in history.

Now... 'Twas this battle that marked the end of the strength of the Dragon Imperium... And the Frontacians had so effectively dealt with the Foe that it marked the beginning of the Frontacian Empire, the greatest Empire ever to grace or scar this planet, as you would have it.

And that is the Tale of the Battle of the Octagon.


Go Play! Go Play! Go Play!