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dgate history and lore

:: The Ancient History of Aradath ::
:: The Chronicles of Pel ::
:: The Tale of the Octogon ::
:: The Burning of Treehaven, Secian View ::
:: The Burning of Treehaven, Frontacian View ::


The Burning of Treehaven, as by a Secian ...

by Weldoian Sesca-osklaoq

My day started out like most of them have in my years...uneventful and plain. I walked about the city of Spur, preparing for a meeting of the Sage's Guilds. Now, it seems kind of ironic...one of the topics I planned to bring up before the Guild was the Guild's role in the impending war. And yet, how seemingly fitting...war is spoken about, and the next, war is unleashed...sometimes the ways of the Gods are grotestquely humorous indeed.

So, aye, as we sat in the Sage's Guild...myself, Tressa the Secian, Kalessin the Draco, Slade the Psycian, and Audiva the Psycian...as we talked about whatever it is we talked about...I can't remember at the moment...I still have...well, I'll get to that part...sadly...well, through the window, we saw bright streaks of red stream across the southeastern horizon. At first I thought it was Malzor...now, it seems, I would have prefered it to be Malzor...I postponed the meeting, and hurried to TSC, where I found it empty. I looked around and waited, hoping to find out what was going on. That's a blessing...and a curse...of this city. If anything odd or interesting happens, you can't stay ignorant of it for very long.

So, aye, people came and it was revealed that Archmage Ralin the Frontacian Emjedahian had attacked Treehaven. So, after myself and Scruple the Drag-Al renewed our runes, we ran as fast as we could to the Caersach Forest. As we entered the Forest, my link was immediately filled with screaming thoughts of fire.

We hurried to the footbridge, but alas, Ralin had made sure it was burned away...how many people would have been saved if it weren't out?...nae, I won't think of it...the grief...the pain....moving on...Scruple transed into the city and I prayed sanctuary....a moment later, that wouldn't have worked...so awful...so...nae...moving on....so we met up, and quickly hurried to the Temple of Elindale, all the while smelling the acrid smell of burning wood. When we got there, we joined a group of citizens and proceeded to run about the city with water-filled buckets, hoping to put an end to the fires....nothing is so bad as working so hard to finish a job, only to have the job finish you...for every bucket we emptied, the catapults took a dozen trees or more. The bridges connecting trees....then the shops....then the Temples....all soon burned and were gone.

Screams of citizens running from their homes filled the air....but where could they go?...I slowly lost track of where Scruple was, as the choking smoke and their bloodcurtling screams penetrated my body and soul, trying to take me into their void of death. Soon faced with little choice, we took shelter in Elindale's Temple, on the Mother Tree. Her Clerics and followers began to pray fervently for their survival...for their Goddess to save them...well, She saved them alright....now, though, I think, they probably wish they hadn't been saved...as they prayed, and aye, even I prayed...letting the faith of my passed parents flowing into me...to Elindale, the screams got louder and harder to distinguish. They came from everywhere...I wonder how...nae, I don't...if I wonder how many were screams of being burned alive, I would vomit in repulsion....too late....the smoke...choking, black, tendrils of death...began to fill the Temple, and still we prayed.

How I could hear their prayers with all the screaming, I don't know. The screams were like waves upon the shore....pounding, incessant, and harsh...does a grain of sand know what sound a bird makes when it's being pounding by the wave? I think not, and yet, I was in the same place as that grain of sand, and knew prayers were being said. The flames began to hit the Mother Tree with their firey tongues...their serpent tongues of death and destruction...striking the Mother Tree, burning her....and yet there was prayer. Finally, their prayers were answered...and rain poured....and the fires died out.

The air was filled with the smell of burnt flesh...sickening....nauseating....I cringe over with pain as I think....I did it again...I'll have to get all that cleaned up.....We left the Tree....and the forest....no longer a sight of fauna and flora....now like a gray tundra of scorched earth...hideous...unthinkable....a nightmare...that's what it all was....a nightmare....I keep waiting to wake up....I never shall...no one ever shall wake from this horrible nightmare...as we walked through the ashes, someone mentioned...I don't know who now...that only Muats can do this....Muats....yes, Muatana-Als...only they could do this....it had to be a Muat....all that death....all that destruction...and for what reason?...certainly only a Muat could do this....then reality hits....and such a crushing blow it gave....I toppled over from the punch....Muats didn't do this...people did this. People with souls....but, do they have souls?...I don't know anymore. It would make things easier, mayhaps, to think they didn't....but I know they do. So much evil...so much death...all because of a "don't touch me" child's tantrum...all caused by soul-bearing people....I....there I go again....it's unthinkable...unheard of....I can't, won't, don't think upon it. If I do, I'm unfraid I might lose hope in people.

War....war is coming...no....is here.

It's bloody claws clutch Aradath like a babe clutches it's mother from which it suckles...blood will flow, and people will die...it's not right....not avoidable....the attack was an act of war...but an act of war on whom? There was no official declaration of war...and now, the city is gone, so....who receives the blunt of this act? Who will go to war against Emjedah? I know....do ye? This day shall be forever makred in history....I so wish it wouldn't be, but it shall...how could it not? I can't think anymore....I have to stop....clean up this vomit before it floods the Library.....

Penned this day, the day after, the 10th day of Majus of the year 313 A.C. by,

Weldoian C. Sesca-oskaloq



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