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dgate history and lore

:: The Ancient History of Aradath ::
:: The Chronicles of Pel ::
:: The Tale of the Octogon ::
:: The Burning of Treehaven, Secian View ::
:: The Burning of Treehaven, Frontacian View ::


OOC Scenario and History Meeting Part 1 - Ancient History ...

ELDER NOTE: Most of the stories in the archives come from old DFCs and were written by players who took the bits and pieces of history that were out there and filled in the gaps with their own imaginings of the way things might be in the world. Usually, these stories are filed under "Lore" rather than "History".

Over time a lot of the 'lore' became fact, even to the point elders thought of the lore as such. After having some old GEnie elders return and clearing things up with Darrin on what was history and what was lore, a lot of that was corrected. Bits and pieces still exist here and there however.

Even in legends there are elements of truth.

Vaile says, "This is something of a history meeting, combined with a scenario update meeting, designed to help show all of you a bit more both about Dgates history, and about what is going on in the game currently (and in the recent past) to bring everyone up to date"

Vaile says, "Furthermore, we're here to help give answers needed for our past scenarios to make absolutely sure that everyone has finally gotten all the answers they needed." Furthermore, we're here to help give answers needed for our past scenarios to make absolutely sure that everyone has finally gotten all the answers they needed."

Vaile says, "Some thing, I won't be able to answer for various reasons, but we'll do our best to answer everything we can as we go along.I will be answering questions, both from storytellers, and those listening, as we go along as well. What i'm going to try and do is start by covering some ancient history, giving a basic timeline and answering some questions, etc. Once we get through all that, i'm going to ask folks here to tell different stories of events they took part in over the years (and i'll try and fill some holes) so we can all get some of stories from the people who took part in them! There is alot of the scenarios i'm sure we simply didn't see as elders, so I think the player point of view provides a much better story for all of you to help know more."

Vaile says, "Soooo, let's begin by a bit of a review of the world *you* live within, from the ages that come before any of you lived. If you have any questions at any point, raise your hand and Geriant will get you on a list to call on you when we're ready."

Vaile says, "Much like our world today, Dragon's Gate begins in a time that counts down backwards chronologically, as recorded by historians."

Vaile says, "That which occured before the year 0 is marked by historians as BC, meaning Before the Conflagration."

Vaile says, "We'll get to what that was later "

Vaile says, "That which occured in the years 4100 and before is largely unknown to historians, generally most history has been recorded by the Usil Elves and passed down as such, and their existence at all is questionable at the time, and they were most certainly no wide-spread."

Vaile says, "Records of times before suggest a struggle with an "ancient being" of immense power and malevolence. It is said prior to the conflict, Dragons ruled the world, but the conflict diminished their numbers and the imperium faded."

Vaile says, "The major races at the time, the Dragons, Frontacians, Psycians, Humans and Lhumonir rallied together for the first time in history to battle this ancient being, during some point of the conflict, the race known as the Lhuminor vanished."

Vaile says, "What little we know of their existance today is they were created by the heads of the Human tribes to protect them from the Dragons, and they were generally peaceful beings, though extremely long-lived (in a range of thousands of years)."

Vaile says, "What remains of the Lhuminor is the Muatana-al, who records suggest had a bane cast upon them by the being, forever making them the opposite of that which they once were."

Vaile says, "This time period is known as the Age of Darkness, and is the first epoch of Sa-Taath on the religious calanders, a period marked notably by pain, terror, and darkness."

Vaile says, "From the years 4100-3100 brings the Age of Morning upon the known world, marked on the religious calander as the Epoch of Sa-Odarous, it is typically an epoch of battle and strife, with the founding of civilization under law and honor."

Alya says, "I've actually always wondered... how come most, if not all of the ages marked begin with Sa-(insert other godname)."

Vaile says, "Err, first off, that should be age of "mourning", not morning."

Alya says, "Erm the Epochs that is"

Vaile says, "And all the ages are marked by Sa-someone, because Sa is the temple of neutrality to a point, always aligned with those in the greatest realm of power."

Corona asks, "So basically Sa is a huge opportunist?"

Vaile says, "For example, as Taath rises in power, the chaotic sect of the Sa'aian temple would rise in control. Sa is unique in that it's the largst temple, but also is split into followers of all 3 alignments."

Geriant says, "No, Sa is just Sa. Magick pervades everything on Aradath."

Corona says, "Ah. So it's the FOLLOWERS of Sa being the opportunists."

Vaile says, "Sa is magick, really nothing more or less, and its followers tend to lean towards joining those in power to help further the cause of magick."

Vaile says, "And others seek his favor, because most folks know Sa'aians are typically open to joining the side that is on top "

Valoria asks, "Sorry...just wanted to ask...what of what we learn here can we use IC? Can we assume its all in a library?"

Vaile says, "Historically, this should all be written down for you folks already, sadly we haven't had time to really write most of it up into stories. So yes, this information should be available to you already anyway"

Komatsu asks

Vaile, "Were all eight Gods present in these old times, and were they of basically the same nature as they are today? Were they worshipped in the same way, and in the same proportions? Aside from Moloch."

Vaile says, "As to their existance at that time, no one really knows for sure. But death did indeed exist in the age of darkness. At the time, the heads of the human tribes, their shamans if you will, were considered Gods by those who followed them, as well."

Axe says, "When I first started, the history was, Death tampered with time and dissappeared. That's why we don't die anymore"

Vaile says, "That's one theory."

Vaile nods.

Axe says, "Then I read that Moloch was locked away, and that's why there's not true death"

Vaile says, "That's another theory."

Axe asks, "Ah, are there any others?"

Vaile says, "I believe the Fir Elves have a story that tells they shot death in the heart with a silver arrow, the Flerians stole his name book so he is cursed to wander eternally never knowing who is to die, etc."

Axe nods. Axe says, "Ohh, okay, thanks a lot"

Cerberus asks, "ok, Along the lines of Death, Excuse my stupidity but, Was/is Death a god?"

Vaile shrugs.

Vaile says, "No one really knows, the prophecy about death is he/she/it will return when the world is at an end, and not until."

Vaile asks, "Which I think could help see where those who thought Moloch is death meant his return would be the end of the world, eh?"

Vaile exclaims, "The Age of Mourning!"

Vaile says, "As the Age of Mourning began, the tide of the conflict quickly begins to turn as the ancient being loses ground. The growing strength the oppposition continues to hold more and more of the world."

Vaile says, "Around the age 3600, the Frontacian devised a means to ensnare and imprison the ancient being, and with the help of their allies, all of whom who took extremely heavy losses in the final battle, the foe was defeated."

Vaile says, "From that point on, a select group of Frontacians, known as The Keepers, would keep watch over the Foe's prison to ensure it never escaped again."

Vaile says, "By this act, the conflict came to an end."

Vaile says, "Having played so central a role in the final defeat of the ancient being, the prestige (and ambition) of the Frontacians grew."

Vaile says, "The completion of the trap marks for most historians the start of the Frontacian Empire, which would rule much of the world for the following 2600 odd years."

Vaile says, "The Frontacians, and their Psycians allies, quickly rose to power as the Dragons retreated far beneath the earth to lick their wounds, the Humans scattered to the four winds to return to their nomadic tribes, and the other races slunk into seclusion."

Vaile asks Geriant, "Questions on the age of Mourning?"

Gromnug asks, "Is anyone keeping watch over the foes prison today?"

Vaile asks Gromnug, "Are you?"

Gromnug says, "Well.. no"

Vaile says, "Could be trouble then."

Emalea asks, "would you like to be?"

Vaile says, "Where the prison is, and what remains of it, only the highest of Frontacian noble lords know. And, I doubt very much, they plan to tell any of us "

Geriant says, "Lal is next."

Lal asks, "Ehem. When you say the Fronties ruled the world. You mean the whole planent? Or just the crater.. area thing that Spur and the rest of the ilands/plateaus are?"

Vaile says, "The world. I'll get to that, most of their rule comes in the next age."

Cerberus asks, "Again, please excuse my ignorance, i read that the drag-als, and I quote "are the new kids on the block", no other races but the Frontacians, Psycians, Dragons and Humans were alive in that age, right?"

Vaile says, "Most of the other races existed, but where, or how, we don't really know."

Hendel asks

Vaile, "where hithuals around at this time, and if so, were they involved in the conflict at all?"

Vaile says to Hendel, "More than likely somewhere deep beneath the ground, and no."

Geriant says, "Nalpac."

Nalpac says, "Yes"

Nalpac says, "my question is this"

Nalpac says, "was this when the library in the white forest was established"

Vaile says, "Again, hard to say."

Nalpac asks, "or later in time?" Nalpac says, "according to Aiena it was built in secrecy doring this time" Nalpac shrugs.

Vaile says, "The Elves existed then for sure, but they are a very seperatist race as a whole, they secluded themselves from the rest of the world, and the battle with the foe, figuring once the weaklings were out of the way, the Elves could deal with the foe easily. Since no one, with the exception of maybe a few Muats and Dragons, were alive even close to back then, it's all conjecture."

Geriant says, "ERC's aren't omnicient and do often lie when it suits their purpose."

Vaile says, "And Aiena is about the last person in the world you should take anything truthful from "

Axe says, "I was wondering if we can make up our own versions of our races origins. Axe says, "Or would that sort of thing be frowned upon"

Vaile exclaims, "But of course! The lore section is full of them, we keep it really open for that very purpose."

Vaile says, "I'd encourage folks to try and come up with any sort of story they can fathom, it makes it more fun "

Geriant says, "Just remember it might not be real and future events might disprove any player-created folklore. But a good story is a good story."

Vaile says, "We're trying to help provide some guidlines history wise with this, but we're trying to keep alot VERY open too, because honestly, most of the time you guys write better stories than we can, or Mythic did."

Vaile murmurs especially Mythic.

Vaile nods to Geriant.

Geriant says, "And once something's official, there's not much you can do to change things."

Geriant says, "Mariss."

Mariss says, "the race thing when was the greatest race created"

Mariss says, "Oog-ra's of coarse "

Vaile says, "I don't think anyone has the slightest clue, the least of which the OOg-ra"

Alya says, "I had heard Fronties bred Oog-ra for pack animals"

Rylek says, "Lots of stories."

Gnatsum asks

Vaile, "first, I just want to apologize for my abundance of actions. Second, I am to assume that flerians played little part at this point in history? And if so, look forward to e-mails from me regarding Flerian history of this time"

Vaile says, "Flerians, rarely, if ever, played a role anyone bothered to record at any time in history."

Vaile says, "When they did anything notable, others just wrote them out anyway, it's not exactly a race given much credit "

Neven says to

Vaile, "except Murdach"

Vaile says, "Murdach would like to think he's special."

Geriant says, "Rylek."

Rylek asks, "Okay, I came in a little late so this might have been answered. You said the Frontys set a trap for the Ancient Being. But besides it being a big octagon, what was the trap? And what role if any did Sa play in it?"

Vaile says, "What in the world it was, you'd have to ask the oldest Dragons in the world (when they wake up every 400 years or so)."

Vaile says, "Same would go for anything Sa might have to do with it, though I think you can figure if the Frontacians played a large part, Sa had something to do with it."

Geriant says, "Cerberus."

Cerberus asks, "Drag-als were discovered by elves, correct?" Cerberus says, "Well I have only read one thing that has pointed anywhere to where they live" Cerberus says, "And all it said was a mountain" Cerberus asks, "where is the mountain?"

Vaile says to Cerberus, "I believe the Hithuals actually stumbled across the Drag-al's, if I remember correctly."

Neven says to

Vaile, "Usils i think"

Vaile asks, "Is it Usils?"

Vaile says, "Been forever since I read that stuff."

Komatsu says, "an expedition of Elves discovered the Drag-al living in a remote mountain range at the sight(sic) of an old Dragon community"

Vaile says, "I'd figure the Usils, the Firs wouldn't want anything to do with mountains, and the Sans wouldn't be out in the middle of no-where."

Geriant says, "Most of the manual was done by players, we keep meaning to get around to doing a more official one but it's low on the list. That's the last question on this topic."

Vaile nods.

Vaile says, "I'm going to split the next age, 3100-1000, the Age of Lessons, up into parts."

Vaile says, "From 3600-3100, the Frontacians expand and enhance their rule over much of the world and its races. The Age of Mourning draws so a close with what is refered to as the Penthania-Secia civil war, which results in the unmagick being released (great change"

Vaile says, "Following the great change, the Frontacians are able to consolidate their hegemony over most of the world and its races. The Dragons, cursed now with the "staging" growth periods totally withdraw from the world."

Vaile says, "The Psycians retain their independence in their hidden Isle, dealing still as the only equals to the Frontacians within their empire."

Vaile says, "In the Dark Marches, the Great Waste, and a few of the High Forests, others live outside the empire."

Vaile asks, "Remnants of chaotic races in the Dark Marches, Arachnians and others in the Great Waste, and some Elven Clans and Flerians (who would want to try and rule them?) maintain a quiet existence, apart from, but generally at peace with the empire."

Vaile asks, "That's all kind of an introduction to the age, do you mind if I go into the ages first part and then take questions?"

Vaile says, "About 100 years after the great change (the start of the age of lessons), the sacred calander records the beggining of the epoch of Rinanni-Sa in the year 3000. Though not without conflict, it is an epoch characterized by Peace and Wisdom."

Vaile says, "This epoch runs from 3000-1700, and is more or less a period of little happenings, where the empire maintained a grip of control over more or less the entire world."

Vaile says, "I'll take questions up until here, (this being the first of two epochs during the age of lessons)."

Vaile nods to Geriant.

Geriant says, "Soyam."

Soyam says, "you said Penthania-Secia civil war resulted in the unmagick. I thought Secia was relatively, if not fully, innocent in the conflict, and it was Penthania v Arcanea."

Geriant says, "A civil war is a war among a common people, arachnians weren't frontacians."

Vaile nods to Geriant.

Vaile says, "The Unmagick results after the Secia-Penthania situation, those Arachnians of Arcania go to war with those of Penthania for trying to steal their volumes of magick books, to use them to destroy those of Secia."

Vaile says, "Frontacaians of Penthania, Frontacians of Secia, and Arachnians of Arcania. That's the key points to remember "

Vaile says, "And those of Secia, before the unmagick, were just as Frontacian as any others."

Vaile says, "Just a quick run down of what resulted from the unmagick, to help explain..."

Vaile says, "Arachnians were stripped of their magick, that was the spells intended result."

Vaile says, "However, what wasn't intended was for the spell to transform those Frontacians of Penthania into Penthanians, those Frontacians of Secia into Secians, and for Dragons to suddenly grow in life stages requiring these curious new creatures (secians) to liv"

Vaile says, "Arachnians were NOT NOT NOT Frontacians before the unmagick, NO NO NO."

Aeslyn asks

Vaile, "THey still resembled spiders?"

Vaile says, "They were the most powerful magick wielding race in the world, even above the skills of the mightiest Dragons "

Vaile says, "And yes, they resembled spiders at the time."

Vaile asks Geriant, "Next?"

Geriant says, "Alya."

Alya asks, "When the Unmagick was unleashed it also laid waste to the Arachnian's homeland, right? And I have heard 2 different versions of what they were called before the Unmagick, some say they were still Arachnians, and then I've heard the word Arcanin's used too no relation to Arcanin"

Vaile says, "They were Arachnians from Arcania, and yes, it destroyed their homeland and really everything north of the great divide."

Vaile says, "Only to the farthest west coast where the white forest is did anything survive at all."

Alya says, "And that's another reason they're so pissed off at the Pents." Alya asks, "So... how come some Fronties weren't affected?"

Vaile says, "The Arachnians retreated to the north into the Great Wastes, and yes, one might say they are more than a little pissed off about their fate."

Vaile says to Alya, "More than likely, because most of them weren't within the region it went off "

Vaile says, "Basically, it ravaged northern Aradath."

Alya says to

Vaile, "Kay, thankies."

Vaile says, "The only Frontacians there were those of Secia and Penthania, both sort of...outside realms, not really powers as city-states go, either of them."

Vaile says, "Though Penthania did produce the greatest Frontacian mages ever to live "

Geriant says, "Gnatsum."

Gnatsum asks "So, the fronties of penthania(or whatever) were the ones to unleash the unmagick?"

Vaile says, "Correct, they did"

Vaile nods.

Cerberus asks, "Where are the Monitanians really now? I thought I read somewhere they lived in the marsh with the Arachs?"

Vaile says, "Arachnians (their homeland) is way to the north of Spur, over the Great Divide."

Vaile says, "Monitanians homeland is to the south of Spur, just southeast of Edgewater, the Mud Peoples village, and south of the Dragon peaks."

Vaile says, "The Monit homeland is called the Dismal Swamp."

Geriant says, "Aeslyn."

Vaile nods to Aeslyn.

Aeslyn says to

Vaile, "You say that dragons withdrew from the world, did any know in which direction from Spur this might be. I don't want an exact location just a possible direction. And just out of my own curiosity how long did it take before the first bond was discovered?"

Aeslyn says to

Vaile, "Though you might just have answered that first" Aeslyn snickers.

Vaile says, "Not really, no one knew what happened to them "

Vaile says, "As for the first bond, I believe it was immediate, the result had something to do with a Frontacian changed right next to a Dragon who was about to eat her, if I remember right."

Nalpac says, "I read an egg hatched" Nalpac says, "and from it sprung the first secian"

Aeslyn says to

Vaile, "So a dragon was about and then most secians withdrew with the dragons, their empathic nature leading them to a race that needs them"

Vaile says, "Nooo."

Aeslyn nods at Nalpac. Aeslyn says to Nalpac, "That's an old legend"

Vaile says, "Secians are born, not egged "

Aeslyn says to

Vaile, "But what he's speaking of was a story where secians were born from arachnian eggs after the unmagick destroyed them"

Vaile says to Aeslyn, "The Secians were drawn towards the Dragons, and visa-versa."

Nalpac says to Aeslyn, "dragon eggs"

Aeslyn says to

Vaile, "Hence the fact that many think that secians were derived from pents and arachs"

Aeslyn asks Nalpac, "That too?"

Vaile nods to Aeslyn.

Aeslyn says, "I have one that says arachs" Nalpac nods to Aeslyn. Aeslyn snickers.

Vaile says, "Well, regardless, not really true "

Vaile nods to Geriant.

Aeslyn says to

Vaile, "But a fun story"

Geriant says, "Nalpac."

Vaile exclaims, "Indeed!"

Vaile says, "Reminds me of Dragonlance stories."

Vaile grunts.

Nalpac says, "I too must agree with aeslyn, I read that same tale ages ago"

Nalpac says, "it was never made clear"

Vaile asks Nalpac, "Clear now, yes? "

Nalpac says, "but my questions were answered with hers"

Nalpac says, "so dragons had bonds for the last 1500 years then"

Nalpac asks

Vaile, "then there are older dragons who do not have bonds?"

Vaile says to Nalpac, "More than likely"

Vaile nods to Nalpac.

Vaile says to Nalpac, "It's entirely possible, a few, were full grown well before." Nalpac nods.

Vaile says, "They probably only wake up every 500 years or so anyway, or for an Imperial Council (such as the one called to fight the LOC)."

Vaile nods to Geriant. Nalpac asks, "so because of the unmagick we now give live birth, and they continue to ley eggs?" Aeslyn shakes her head from side to side to Nalpac. Geriant says, "Komatsu." Aeslyn says to Nalpac, "They are sterile" Nalpac asks, "are they?"

Vaile says, "Sterile indeed."

Vaile nods. Geriant says, "No more dragons lay eggs." Komatsu asks

Vaile, "Are there any records of a change in the God Sa's behavior or nature as a result of the unmagick?"

Vaile says to Komatsu, "The biggest problem there is Frontacians have no clerics, and as such likely little recording on the exact function of Sa would have been done outside that of a few Psycian clerics of Sa." Komatsu says, "Ah, thank you"

Vaile says to Komatsu, "Not long after, the Psycian homeland gets destroyed, and it's pretty unlikely that information made it out." Komatsu asks, "Does the same go for all the other Gods?"

Vaile nods to Geriant. Komatsu asks, "Is this why there is so little information concerning them at this time?"

Vaile coughs.

Vaile asks, "In what sense?" Komatsu says, "...er"

Vaile says, "The Frontacians ruled the world, they followed Sa, really no other God was heard from at the time." Komatsu says, "All right" Komatsu says, "Sorry for the double question"

Vaile says, "Quite alright, good questions"

Vaile nods to Geriant. Geriant says, "Anvil."

Vaile nods to Anvil. Anvil says, "We've all seen the effects of the unmagick on arachnians. Did the same have any effect on hithual resistance, and if so, if the unmagick is ever reversed would that benefit said."

Vaile says to Nomel, "Hithuals lived in the Great Divide just south of Penthania, and as such were not effected."

Vaile says, "That's a No, not a nomel"

Vaile winks at Nomel. Anvil nods. Nomel whistles innocently. Anvil asks, "So their resistance comes from another source?"

Vaile says to Anvil, "The resistance comes from Hithuals stubborn resistance to believe magic really exists "

Vaile asks, "If it ain't some cold hard steel they can hold in their hands, what use is it?"

Vaile nods to Geriant. Geriant says, "Hendel." Hendel says, "sorry to kick a dead horse but..." Hendel asks

Vaile, "i've read that secian explorers were in the prescence of dragon eggs when the unmagick went off, and this is how the dragon-secian bond formed, is that true?"

Vaile says to Hendel, "Was Secians/Dragons within the same area when the change occured, really isn't egg related." Hendel says, "ok, thanks"

Vaile nods to Geriant. Geriant says, "Duran." Duran nods. Duran asks, "Ok, so you said that during this time before the unmagick was released, the frontacians of Penthania and the frontacians of Secia were at war?"

Vaile says, "A civil-war of sorts, yes"

Vaile nods to Duran. Duran asks, "I've never heard of that, could you elaborate more on what that was about?"

Vaile says, "Battle for control of basically an unwanted region." Duran nods.

Vaile says, "Northern Aradath was (even before the unmagick) mainly an unhinabited, really, unusable region for the empire. Penthania had control over the mountainous regions, which really means they controlled nada, and Secia the northern regions, which meant they"

Vaile says, "were on the shores and got the trade ships."

Vaile says, "The magick bridges ancient frontacians used were about the only way off for the Penthanians" Lal murmurs thought they used magick bridges..

Vaile nods to Lal.

Vaile says to Lal, "They did, others couldn't " Duran asks, "Is this after the Isle of Psycia was destroyed?" Lal nods up and down. Duran asks, "Or before?"

Vaile says, "Long before" Duran asks, "So I would assume that the Empire had problems with this civil war taking place then?" Duran says, "since it would still be in full form."

Vaile says, "I think they more or less ignored it, since it wasn't in any key region." Duran nods. Duran says, "I see, thanks." Geriant says, "Last one on this epoch, Lii."

Vaile nods to Lii. Lii asks, "I've heard that Taathians and all LoC followers are enemies, and i've also heard that only Taathians and Evolochians hate each other, which is true?"

Vaile says, "Well, I won't go into too many details because it still, to a point, plays a role in the way things run today."

Vaile says, "However, at the time of the LOC uprising, Aiena's army of Taathians was located in the south battling with the Odarians on the highlands...The Priest Oisin using the rings of Arioch slowly converted all of the Taathian cities in the south over to the"

Vaile says, "control of Arioch."

Vaile says, "Aiena, and her armies (as some might recall around that long) went into a bloody war with Oisin and his followers, and basically got totally slaughtered."

Vaile says, "Aiena came to Spur to raise an army of the undead she tried to steal from the underworld and other such places, through the spiritual connection the mud people had with the dead."

Vaile says, "She took them back south to battle Oisin (since all her normal troops were dead or fleeing back north) but never made it, for those that recall, her undead army was destroy by...." Stanrar asks, "A little rainstorm?"

Vaile says, "Tidal wave, but close, the rainstorm originated in Spur and caused the southlands to flood "

Alya says, "That was when the wretch caves went underwater"

Vaile says, "It flowed south over the mountains and destroyed her army, so poor Aiena and her Taathians started a hate campaign against the LOC in Spur and its surrounding areas."

Vaile says, "Spouting off about how Taath had defeated all of the LOC in years past, blah blah, yadda yadda, trying to turn all the people against the LOC, etc."

Vaile says, "In truth, it's awfully unlikely historically those of Taath ever actually ran into the tribes of the LOC thousands upon thousands of years ago."

Vaile says, "Taaths real following didn't come until after the Frontacian Empire collapsed."

Vaile says, "But, after the battles the ensued in the south, I think it's pretty likely to say Taathians as a whole and those who follow Arioch aren't exactly the best of friends, at the time."

Vaile says, "Those of Moloch are so few and far between, and so insane, I doubt Taathians care one way or another. And the followers of Evoloch are mainly all held up with Maloveous in Saldaea, where Taathians would have nothing to do with them anyway."

Lii asks, "So then a typical Taathian would treat Ariochians with hostility, and the other two sects with indifference?"

Vaile says, "Though after Mal's, actions, in Spur at certain times, I can certainly see where Taathians who existed through the Spurian occupation, and knew what really happened, may not like Evolochians."

Vaile says, "Or Taathians who experienced Moloch's attempted jail break, may not like Molochians "

Vaile nods to Geriant.

Lii asks, "But someone who wasn't around at the time wouldn't give a damn?" Geriant says, "Krraskna."

Vaile says to Lii, "Probably not."

Krraskna grunts How did they find there way to Saldea, and why is Maloveous involved with them? also why do Merlin and Maloveous hate each other since they are inlaws?

Vaile says, "That's all stuff still relavent to current scenarios, so it's off limits " Lii says, "One more quick question" Lii asks, "Can Muatana-al be clerics?"

Vaile asks Geriant, "Whose next?" Geriant says, "Nalpac."

Vaile nods to Nalpac. Nalpac asks, "then does this mean the LoC is really more a cult that a relgion?" Nalpac says, "as none of them have actually become gawds"

Vaile says to Nalpac, "That's for you to figure out " Nalpac says, "I mean its not like I have seen clerics of the LoC"

Vaile says, "The HP of Evoloch is a runemage, might be a good hint"

Vaile nods to Geriant. Geriant says, "Alya."

Alya says to

Vaile, "Still on the LoC for some reason, since it came up... but inter-LoC relationships... I had heard that Ariochans and Evolochians don't get along..."

Alya says, "Since Maloveous and Evoloch's followers did what they did to us, the Ariochans"

Alya asks, "But would someone like Alya, who wasn't around then really not care? I get a bit confused about that." Alya says, "Evil Muat."

Vaile says, "That's up to you " Geriant says, "Krraskna again."

Krraskna grunts since those topics are off limits can you tell me why Merlin allowed his sister to marry dirtbag Maloveous?

Vaile says, "Nope"

Vaile nods to Geriant.

Geriant says, "Lal is next."

Vaile nods to Lal.

Vaile pokes Lal.

Lal asks, "Em.. now that Malzor is bye bye are there any other.. well big Evolochians? Or are they all dead or in crystals in Maloveous's keep?"

Vaile says, "You've got Maloveous, all you need."

Vaile nods to Geriant. Geriant says, "Krraskna again."

Krraskna grunts since those topics are off limits can you tell me why Merlin allowed his sister to marry dirtbag Maloveous? Krraskna grunts why would he allow it?

Vaile says, "Nope."

Vaile says to Krraskna, "Apparently you know Merlin very well, you should go ask him all these things =P"

Vaile kicks Krraskna.

Vaile exclaims, "Moving on!"

Krraskna grunts how did the arcanians become part of the frontacian empire.

Vaile says to Krraskna, "Peacefully "

Neven says to Krraskna, "before the unmagick you were peaceful people"

Vaile says, "The Arachnians used to be a peace loving race, when the Fronts started taking over, they joined."

Vaile says, "They also used to be an extremely small race, population wise, while there were millions of Fronts, and probably 10,000 Arachs "

Vaile says, "We continue on then with the Age of Lessons, part 2. Years 1700-1000"

Vaile says, "It is considered the epoch of Sa-Set, it is a time of revolution, bringing down the powers that be."

Vaile says, "In the century of 1700, the Frontacian-Psycian War erupts, resulting in the destruction of the Psycian homeland, and causing both races to suddenly become dependent upon magickal potions to survive."

Vaile says, "Both races quickly discover the only way to get a large amount of the magick source is through Dragons."

Vaile says, "Weakened by the War, obsessed now with the very survival of their race, the Frontacian grip upon power falters, the Empire begins a slow decline that will last some 700 odd years."

Vaile says, "A series of conflicts during this time, the Hithual Rebellion, the Leuian Independence, the Flight of the Anthians, and the growing boldness of raiders from the Dark Marches and Great Wates bring the empire to a whimpering end."

Vaile asks Geriant, "We have questions on this half?" Geriant says, "Krraskna."

Vaile nods to Krraskna.

Krraskna grunts were the anthians also a very small race as they were overlooked by the empire? and they were prevelant in the blows against the frontacian downfall.

Vaile nods to Krraskna.

Vaile says, "Correct, the Anthians, in the end, basically took part in the battle that would prove the final downfall of the empire (that being the Flight of the Anthians)."

Vaile says, "Up until that point, none were even aware the race existed, they stumbled across them when chasing the remains of the Hithual armies through the Great Divide."

Vaile says, "Well, i'm sure the Dragons knew they existed, but they likely didn't care "

Vaile nods to Geriant. Geriant says, "Alya is next."

Alya says, "Alright..."

Alya says, "The ESP aura spell."

Alya asks, "That was created during this time? I forget the exact history of it, and I am interested in learning it, for Alya's growing library."

Vaile says, "Originally, Frontacians thought Dragons were naturally latent, like Psycians, they later discovered they actually used rune weaves to create a spell able to extend their minds thoughts to others."

Vaile says, "The Psycians, at the time, really ran the empire from the inside out. They were responsible for organizing troop movement, conveying messages between the city-states, etc. Really, if not for the Psycians, it never woulda worked."

Vaile says, "The Frontacians, over time, hated the idea they so dependent on another race, and when learning of the Dragons and their spell, the Frontacians set about to make their own "esp" aura."

Vaile says, "The Psycians found out about it, and the normally peaceful people tried to kill all involved with the project and bring the empire down by providing misinformation and lies."

Vaile says, "When the Frontacians learned of the Psycians attempts to stop them, they forced the Psycians to reveal their hidden isle and destroyed it, along with almost the entire race."

Alya says, "Which is why the Psycians hate our guts"

Vaile says, "And then went on to develop the ESP rune unhindered."

Vaile says, "Bingo."

Vaile nods to Geriant. Geriant says, "Mashema's up."

Vaile nods to Mashema.

Mashema asks Vaile, "can ye tell a little about what the leuian independence means?"

Vaile says, "They declared Indepedence from the empire, and chased them out of Leuia."

Mashema asks Vaile, "empire was a leuian?"

Vaile says, "The Fronts were too concerned with keeping control of the mainlands, they didn't even put up a fight in leaving really."

Mashema says, "ahhh" Mashema says, " empire of fronties"

Vaile says, "Erhm, i'm not sure what you said, but yes, the empire had control of Leuia." Mashema nods.

Vaile nods to Mashema. Mashema asks Vaile, "was a war or just let em go?"

Vaile says, "I think the Fronts just ran for their lives." Geriant nods. Geriant says, "Selabeth then."

Selabeth asks, "Is this Independence when the Leuian people started to form their own cultures? Or were they an Older race that the Empire sumbled upon?"

Vaile says, "I think they were rather..wild..before the Frontacians came."

Vaile says, "The whole natural aptatude for sailing, etc. was all developed over their period of occupation."

Vaile says, "I think alot of their culture was developed along that time too."

Selabeth asks Vaile, "Since Rinanni seems to be the earliest god Leuians followed wouldn't it follow that they were not completely wild when the Fronts found them?" Selabeth says, "rinanni surely gave them some sort of knowledge of propriety."

Vaile says, "Would make sense " Geriant says, "Krraskna."

Vaile nods to Krraskna.

Krraskna grunts during this time were the arachnians spread through the great wastes? and were the Pents involved in fighting the empire? Krraskna grunts or fighting for the empire?

Vaile says to Krraskna, "Yes, no."

Vaile says, "The Pents and Secians both were no longer considered Frontacians, and were, more or less, isolated off from the world."

Vaile nods to Geriant.

Vaile nods to Rylek.

Rylek asks, "How accurate is the story Sadat's player put up about Urious and Kxrxtoxkicalix in the Lore section?"

Vaile says, "Off hand, I don't recall"

Vaile nods to Aeslyn.

Aeslyn asks, "So there are other ways for the potions to be made other than using dragon essence? And from what we've heard before it was a dragon that leaked the way to dragons? Or were there dragons who ventured into the world again and somehow a hunter found th"

Aeslyn asks, "the magickal body of a mature dragon would give it what it needed? And again as I was asked just a second ago....dragons still had a link, but the fronties thought they could contact anyone like a psycian, but instead needed to use runes to contact others not of their race."

Vaile says, "Yes, Maloveous later invented a way to create the drug. We'll get to the Dragon hunts later, Dragons had an esp spell at the time (along with their link) and originally the fronts thought it was natural psionics like Psycians, later they discovered it "

Vaile says, "was from a spell."

Vaile says, "Which meant the Fronts could create such a spell also"

Aeslyn ponders the meaning of the universe for a moment. Aeslyn asks Vaile, "So in truth....magick is invariable? Given enough study"

Vaile says, "Then it was, magick has changed alot since then"

Aeslyn says, "As you said you encourage us to make our own creation stories as even in our own lifes creation is varied by religion, but I am curious, is it okay for an Odarian to think that Odarous may have made Leuians and then as he watched his brother ans sist"

Aeslyn asks, "sisters let them add their own qualities to his race?"

Vaile exclaims, "But of course!"

Aeslyn says, "Sorry this is a little out of sequence, but I was just thinking during Selabeth's questioning" Aeslyn says, "As was said that the fronties tamed khats....to keep them in their empire does that mean that all khats submitted or was there various subversion given their races qualities"

Vaile says, "I think they more put them under...isle arrest, would be the best way to describe it."

Aeslyn asks Vaile, "So kept them from leaving but there was great resistance to such?"

Vaile nods to Aeslyn.

Vaile says, "We all know Leuians, it's been said before conequering them is pointless, I think it's the truth."

Vaile says to Duran, "Go ahead "

Duran asks, "You said the Epoch was entitled Sa-Set, could you get into more of how Set helped bring the downfall of the Empire?"

Vaile says, "When ever governments fall, I think you can figure Set had a small part in it."

Vaile says, "How they do so, who knows for sure, but Set is definetly there."

Vaile says, "Perhaps even taking the form of another God to trick simple minds ;0"

Komatsu asks, "The war was caused by the Psycians' dishonesty, right? Isn't that a manifestation of Set?"

Duran asks, "So it's assumed Set was involved and therefore the title Sa-Set was created?"

Vaile says, "Some might argue the war was caused by the Frontacians need to replace the Psycians, but regardless."

Vaile says, "Well, the epoch defines what Gods are in power during the time."

Vaile nods to Geriant. Geriant says, "Krraskna's up."

Krraskna grunts last question you said magick has changed a lot since then? was that a side effect of the Unmagick? .

Vaile says, "Sorry, had to get a drink...No, it's more an effect of the swords of Sa."

Vaile says, "Unmagick really didn't effect magick per se, the swords of Sa had a pretty hefty effect, mainly the grey, as it stole a part of the worlds magick into itself. (if you recall that scenario)"

Krraskna nods to Vaile.

Vaile says, "Just a btw, if we don't finish with old history tonight, we'll continue it again the same time next week. And we are definetly not gonna get to scenario info tonight, so i'll schedule that for real early next month."

Vaile nods to Geriant. Geriant says, "Arclight's up."

Vaile nods to Arclight.

Arclight asks, "you said earlier "We all know Leuians, it's been said before conequering them is pointless, I think it's the truth." what does that mean?"

Vaile says, "Leuians will fight until death long after any other race would have given up hope, they would make a people pointless to try and rule, because they would fight you at every turn."

Vaile says, "You'd have to kill them all really and just rule their land."

Vaile nods to Geriant. Geriant points at Alya.

Alya asks, "Alright, so this is why we were NOT allowed to have a Leuian slave escaped from Emjedah, because Leuians would kill themselves before they were slaves, right?"

Vaile says, "Not kill themselves, but get themselves killed, yes" Neven says to Alya, "more like make the slavers kill them" Alya says, "Well they'd never let themselves become slaves."

Vaile asks Geriant, "Anyone else?" Geriant says, "Saberus."

Vaile nods to Saberus.

Saberus asks, "Does it mean now we gotta get Set temple involved to topple the current corrupt government of Spur?"

Vaile says to Saberus, "Maybe it means the Spurian government needs to get involved to topple you."

Vaile asks Geriant, "Next?" Geriant says, "Joanna."

Vaile nods to Joanna.

Joanna asks, "Have Frontacians always needed the drug maintenance to keep their health from degenerating? Is it related somehow to how they came into being?"

Vaile says to Nomel, "it's a direct result of the Frontacian Psycian war, how exactly it came to be needed, no one is entirely sure, it's believed it was some sort of attempted spell by the Frontacians (think chemical warfare)"

Vaile says, "That's no, not nomel, again"

Vaile exclaims, "Alright, on to the Age of Revelation!"

Vaile says, "The Age of Revelation runs from the years 1000 to 100."

Vaile says, "It is marked on the calander as the second epoch of Sa-Taath, if you recall, an epoch of Pain, Terror, and Darkness."

Vaile says, "Few agree on what brought the Age of Lessons to a close, and began the Age of Revelation, but some say the turning point was the great dragon hunt of 1000."

Vaile says, "After 700 years of eking by on rare and meager sources of the dragonstuff, the Frontacians and the Psycians were contemplating the end of their races."

Vaile says, "In the year 1000, An Arachnian alchemist, seeking both the wealth the sale of dragonstuff would bring, and a supply for his own use, managed the largest killing of dragons in recorded history."

Vaile says, "Rhangkhorre Angerschilde (that name should ring bells with a certain item called a Fang of so and so), as he was called, mounted a hunting expedition and led, some say, a virtual army of hunters."

Vaile says, "Mainly Anthians, Sanene, Go-blin-al's, Thugians, and Oog-ra's."

Vaile says, "The force fell upon a gathering of dragons in the High Mountains, and with means still unknown, massacred them all. Though none were Dragons of great age, many were quite mature."

Vaile says, "The resultant supply of dragonstuff was so immense it maintained the Frontacians and Psycians up until just a short time ago, when the hunts revived in earnest. (and Maloveous developed a form of it not needing dragons)"

Vaile says, "Some say the dragons were betrayed to Rhrangkhorre, some say the traitor was a dragon. But then, some say most anything."

Vaile winks.

Vaile says, "In the vacuum of power left by the fall of the Frontacian empire, the various temples rose in influence. The peoples of the world, lacking the guidance and structure that the empire provided, organized themselves into smaller communities, states, and "

Vaile says, "nations."

Vaile says, "These often had at their center one or more of the temples. Though some were clearly theocracies, others were not. Whatever the case, the priesthoods rose in prominence."

Vaile says, "When armies marched, theyr marched under the banners of the Orders of the Sword. When the needs of a community were met, they were most often met under the auspices of an Order of the Heart."

Vaile says, "And, when strange things happened, most attributed it to the Quiet and subtle instruction of some Order of the Hand."

Vaile says, "In the century 700, a caravan came across the remains of an ancient city, centrally located among the continent Aradath, which in turn is centrally located among the known lands of the world, the site was ideal for a settlement."

Vaile says, "Being near a navigable river, and very defensile, quickly the town became a major trading center, then a center of commerce and manufacturing."

Vaile says, "This settlement as it grew from outpost to village to town to city, became known as the Spur." (

Vaile pauses for applause at your home) Alya claps. Goldie grins. Jurix applauds. Krraskna howls. Dror claps. Derkesthai applauds. Cora smiles.

A mob of Flerians throw candy at everyone and scream Huzzah!

The flerians quickly snatch the candy back up and run away.

Vaile says, "In the century 600, when those accomplished in making magicks organized themselves into the Artificers Guild; they set up the first guildhouse in the Spur, further enhancing the City's importance."

Vaile says, "With the founding of the Artificer's Guild, the Guild System, as it is known today, began with other guilds risinbg around proffesionalism and other interests."

Vaile says, "In the century 400, began what is called the War of the Temples. A series of conflicts over the next 400 years involving, in the main, the Temple of Odarous and the Order faction of the Temple of Sa against the Temple of Taath and those of the Chaos "

Vaile says, "The Temple of Elindale would at times enter the conflict on the side of the Odarous-Sa/Order. The Temple of Set seemed most often to oppose the Odarous-Sa/Order, but for it's own purposes it seems."

Vaile says, "The Temple of Rinanni sought, of course, peace, but was often forced to defend itself and its followers from attacks by Taath-Sa/Chaos."

Vaile says, "Rinannians were often aided by Elindale, and, on occasion Odarous-Sa/Order,"

Vaile says, "Sa/Entropy was not seen for this entire time, while the temple of the Nameless One, as usual, preached in the streets and fields and wherever one could be found to preach to."

Vaile says, "In the last century of the Age of Revelation, the Temple of Rinanni began to make some progress at bringing the long War of Temples to a close."

Vaile says, "From 600-0, the City of Spur experienced what some call its 'golden age.' Throughout the War of the Temples, Spur remained and open and neutral center of trade and manufacturing."

Vaile says, "It benefited from a series of just and enlightened Governors and Mayors."

Vaile says, "The Temple of Rinanni, along with the Governor and Mayor of SPur, and the Guilds, was able to arrange the truce of the temples, and convene the Great Conference at Spur marked for what is now the year 0."

Vaile says, "The purpose of the conference was to bring an end to the War, and to integrate the priestgoods into the guild system. The priest's Guild was constructed at Spur to serve as Guildhouse."

Vaile says, "However, though the Spur had maintained no sites of worship before this time, the Temples were all soon demanding that temples be constructed for their emissaries, and all made this a condition for attending the conference."

Vaile says, "Once the temples were completed, the conference was convened. The festival grounds were plotted and raised a month of celebration began. On the eve of the conference, a grand procession moved from the grounds into the city and north to the Guild Square."

Vaile says, "In the new council chambers, an opening ceremony was to take place."

Vaile says, "Before the Governor could finish her opening remarks...something happened."

Vaile says, "To this day, none can say what set off the Conflagration, but the simmering ricalries of these gathered Temples exploded into a battle which spread throughout the city."

Vaile says, "At its beginning, the Council Chambers became a fire of runes and a storm of weapons. The Governor and the Mayor fell, as did many of the High Priests and their entourage."

Vaile says, "The battle waged furiously, some say the Gods themselves grappled with each other in the blackened skies above the Spur, though few give credence to this."

Vaile says, "But, what all agree upon is the one moment when the battle paused throughout the city...."

Vaile says, "From the northeast section (now the arts district), walled off since soon after the first settlers arrived in the Spur, came a sound few could describe save for the horror of it...."

Vaile says, "The sound was followed by a glow, then a rumble, and an explosion as a bolt shot into the sky. A ball of flame hovered above the city, then sped south, disappearing into the distance."

Vaile says, "And as the citizens rushed to where the head priest of each temple was meeting, just beneath where the ball of fire exploded into the sky. They found the door sealed shut by an amazing amount of heat"

Vaile says, "It took days of work before the doors, seemingly sealed by a fire more powerful than that even the mightiest of Dragons could create, they opened the door to where the heads of each religion had been meeting..."

Vaile says, "And they found nothing, all of them had vanished without a trace."

Vaile says, "Following the Conflagration, Spur retained it's status as the major city of the world, but it has been a far less tranquil place. The truce of the temples has held to a point, but is constantly violated and every day looks as if it will completely "

Vaile says, "collapse, the desolving of the Cleric's Guild, and the temples movements to ther parts of the city away from one another paramount proof of the little trust left between many of them."

Vaile says, "And that my friends, takes us to this age, which historians have casually labeled The Age of Ours."

Vaile says, "From the year 1 to when ever this age comes to an end, only time will tell what epoch of history this will be claimed, and what future the world holds for all of us."

Vaile says, "I'll continue in a few weeks on giving really detailed information on everything that's happened in Spur in the last couple hundred years, and i'm going to try and let folks who experienced the events tell them themselves "

Vaile says to Geriant, "I'll take who ever is on the list now, and then I need to get going " Geriant says, "Aeslyn."

Vaile nods to Aeslyn.

Aeslyn asks Vaile, "First...so Maloveous was the one to realize dragon essence made the potions the others needed?"

Vaile says, "No, the Psycians and Frontacians realized that."

Vaile says, "Maloveous found a substitute."

Aeslyn furrows her brow. Aeslyn says to

Vaile, "So what is in the stores now is not dragon essence "

Vaile nods to Aeslyn.

Vaile asks Geriant, "Next?"

Aeslyn says to Vaile, "Second....during the whole temple problem in Spur, dragons were prsent but only on the periferages as if" Aeslyn blinks.

Vaile babbles.

Vaile says to Aeslyn, "Right"

Aeslyn asks Vaile, "As most of the dragons were during the time that LoC attacked Taath?"

Vaile says, "Ayup"

Aeslyn says to Geriant, "I'll stop there and ask my last if he is able at the end"

Vaile says, "Though the Dragons later realized they were in deep doo-doo and called a meeting of the Imperial Council, and went off to fight the Arioch folks." Geriant says, "Soyam's next."

Soyam asks, "This is really trivial, but I've been trying to find this out ICly for a while, Other than Aremia(Sp) and Soros, what were the names of the HPs that were taken/killed?"

Vaile says to Soyam, "Off hand, I have no idea, no one of paramount importance."

Vaile says, "None of our records have that info." Soyam chuckles, "I thought as much. Was worth a shot. Thanks."

Vaile nods.

Vaile nods to Geriant. Geriant says, "Komatsu."

Komatsu asks Vaile, "This fire that attacked the temples.. did it do more than seal the temple doors?" Komatsu asks Vaile, "Or were the temples windowless and made of an impenetrable substance?" Komatsu asks Vaile, "Or did the workers attempting to get inside the temples have the collective intelligence of your average "The Birds" extra?"

Vaile says, "It didn't attack the temples actually, it hit in the northeast part of the city that was (at the time) sealed off."

Vaile says, "Was a sealed off section of city they were meeting in, just a door inside to the meeting place, and it melted it right into the wall around it."

Komatsu asks, "...ah. It was the only way in?"

Geriant says, "The HP's weren't in their respective temples, they were in the council chamber of the Cleric's guild. "

Komatsu says, "I misinterpreted"

Vaile says, "No problemo "

Vaile nods to Geriant.

Geriant says, "Joanna's next."

Vaile nods to Joanna.

Joanna asks, "So all the years before the year '0' are 'Before Conflagration' and all the years after are 'After Conflagration?' "

Vaile says, "Right now, we refer to 0 on as TA, or This Age, because there really hasn't been any defining markers between. Though I imagine in a few years they'll probably margin off the Kralen/Aiena thing is the end of an age."

Vaile says, "And before is BC, for the reasons you stated."

Joanna asks, "Before Conflagration?"

Vaile nods to Geriant. Joanna says, "Thanks." Geriant says, "Aeslyn."

Aeslyn says, "Ah.....so first....dragons had more powerful magick (as many of us felt) before Aiena's drawing of all the world, but why would dragon magick affect or be limited by SA or Aiena if they had such LONG before either existed"

Aeslyn says, "And yes that's just my firast"

Vaile asks, "Perhaps the Dragons magick is dependent on something else, and Sa pulls away from theirs by his own strength?"

Vaile winks at Aeslyn.

Aeslyn asks Vaile, "If he does why are we limited?"

Vaile says, "Because he said so."

Vaile asks, "What's #2?"

Aeslyn says to Vaile, "And the story of Sa" Aeslyn coughs.

Vaile says, "That'll have to wait, maybe next time."

Vaile winks.

Vaile asks Aeslyn, "Anything else?"

Aeslyn asks Vaile, "The story of Sa'a, which thanks to this meeting, I don't think of as the oldest dragon, but as one of those untouched by the unmagick is.....up to us? Or perhaps to be fleshed out later" Aeslyn says to Vaile, "I have more. I'm trying to catch up but I'm thinking I have more to ask than is pertinent to this meeting"

Vaile says, "Entirely up to how you want to think about it, as it effects things today, i'm not going to discuss it."

Vaile says, "Be best if you wait if you can an email me, i'm out of time."

Vaile asks Geriant, "We have anyone left on the list?"

Aeslyn says to Vaile, "I shall then. Because what I ask is too specific" Geriant says, "Arclight and Saberus."

Vaile nods.

Vaile says to Arclight, "Go ahead."

Arclight asks, "about what year did the Swords of Sa emerge? i was a Hand of Sa at that time...i'd like a reference point to see how long i have been away."

Arclight smiles.

Vaile asks, "Originally, or each time?" Arclight says, "the last time. when Grey was wielded"

Vaile says, "They've come back to Spur atleast 4 times."

Vaile says, "Grey was wielded....I believe the year 300 or so."

Geriant says, "About 310 or so is when the Grey was broken." Geriant shakes his head from side to side to

Vaile. Geriant says, "300 is when AOL started."

Alya says, "That'd be 2 years ago." Arclight says, "grey wasnt broken when i was here last. it was whole i believe"

Vaile says, "Err year 2, and 4 AOL years ago was 300 or so, to answer your whispered question" Arclight says, "thanks"

Vaile nods to Arclight.

Vaile exclaims to Saberus, "Last question of the night!"

Saberus says, "Okay, idda long will put in two parts" Saberus asks, "How does age work around here? I mean if death is not in the world and hasnt been for a long while then arent there some really old folk around here." Saberus says, "I here dragons say they are immortals and other mortal. True. But if actual death is so rare an occurance..."

Vaile says, "You still die of old age for good in our world, and sometimes for other reasons if folks don't find you in time."

Saberus asks, "Perma death?"

Geriant says, "Death happens, but every death is not the end of life. Sometimes it is just a pause."

Vaile says, "And Dragons are not immortal."

Vaile says, "They can just live 5000 odd years, if lucky "

Saberus says, "Can someone post the average life span of the races at some point also."

Aeslyn says to Vaile, "So no race would see them die therefore immortal to them"

Vaile says, "I imagine that's plausable" Saberus says, "That is all."

Geriant says, "Muatana-al live around as long as dragons, if not longer."

Vaile says, "Maybe, if you're lucky, i'll give that info out next meeting "

Vaile exclaims, "Thank you everyone for coming!"


Go Play! Go Play! Go Play!