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Fighter Class

"Given enough time, any man may master the physical. With enough knowledge, any man may become wise. It is the true warrior who can master both....and surpass the result." - Tien T'ai



The fighter is the most basic class of all. These warriors are deeply trained in the disciplines and arts of war. Various weapon types are available for them to master, or they can master all of them if they are so inclined. The most skilled melee class before other skills get involved, the Fighter is typically the easiest character to play and the stalwart of any adventuring party.

At first glance, the fighter seems like the simplest character to play -- a combat machine suitable for newcomers to the game and for players who lack the drive or imagination to create more complex characters.

But first impressions often prove false, and though a fighter can certainly be easy to play, dismissing him as a dull character is definitely a mistake. A well-constructed fighter, played with zeal and presence of mind, is a satisfying character and an indispensable member of any adventuring party.
Guild Locations

In a small building with a white cedar door along Northern Avenue, north of Town Square. Go through the door and turn north. Then type "train list all".

Characteristic scores beneficial to a Fighter adventurer

  • Strength: Exceedingly useful to an adventurer of this class for obvious reasons.

  • Dexterity/Agility: Great to help you hit your opponents with your weapons, and dodge their attacks against you.

  • Constitution: Helpful for high hit points and fatigue.

  • Alignment: Any

    Special Abilities

    Focus Force
    A fighter's base attack bonus. Focus Force is the knowledge of how to focus all one's aggressive energies on a single foe in order to do more damage.

    Good Armor Class
    The fighter's class features don't include much in the way of special defenses, but his ability to wear any kind of armor and use any kind of shield usually gives him an impressive Armor Class. This factor combined with his high hit points makes for a great defensive package.

    Small Magic
    Fighters have limited access to Magickal Abilities.

    Important Skills
        Focus Force
        First Aid
        Primary Weapon

    Stats Important to Class

    ::: Current Skill Rankings :::

    Especially Suited Races
    San Elf  

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