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Cleric Class

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - -Confucius



from the 2004 motion picture King Arthur

Clerics have taken many vows to their deity and are required to uphold the deity's unique practices and codes (see the section on religion). There are three Clerical orders.

1.Members of the Order of the Heart (Heart Clerics) are primarily healers of their temples, and are expected by their god to concentrate upon gaining experience in channeling and other healing techniques. They are also very skilled in the art of healing and support rune-magick.

2. Members of the Order of the Sword (Sword Clerics) are the Paladins or Holy Knights of their temples. Although they are trained in healing magick, their primary purpose is to use their battle magick and fighting prowess in the service of their Temple.

3. Members of the Order of the Hand (Hand Clerics) are Temple Monks, and eschew all weapons, having been trained in lethal techniques of unarmed (martial) combat. They begin with no training in magick, although many later choose to study the ways of limited rune-magick.

Clerics of all three Orders are continuously expected to follow the teachings and philosophy of their deity. The responsibilities of a Cleric of any deity are:

1) Dedication and continued contribution to a deity.
2) Upholding of the deity's standards by preaching and exhibit the advantages, expectations, and ideals of their deity and religious code.
3) The conversion of characters (requiring such) to the deity's ways.

Many of the benefits experienced by a Cleric may be found in the section on religion. As a Cleric increases in experience, he may gain the ability to turn or control the undead through the power of his deity.

Guild Locations

In the Temples.

Characteristic scores beneficial to a Cleric adventurer

  • Wisdom: Very useful in both the use of healing as well as the use of magickal spells.

  • Dexterity/Agility: Useful in combat.

  • Constitution: Useful for combat survival as fatigue and hit points are modified by this score.

  • Strength: Very useful as this class is very good at combat

  • Willpower: Helpful in turning the undead.

  • Alignment: Dependent upon the specific deity.

    Special Abilities

    Channeling the god-given ability to heal wounds and damage.

    Turning is a clerical ability to immobilize, fear, or dust (kill) undead.

    Elder RP Note

    Coming Soon


    Important Skills
        Primary Weapon

    Stats Important to Class

    ::: Current Skill Rankings :::

    Especially Suited Races
    Order of the Heart: Secian, Psycian, Human, Fir Elf, Usil Elf.  
    Order of the Sword: Anthian, Human, San Elf, Arachnian, Hithual, Drag-al.  
    Order of the Hand: Leuian, Flerian, San Elf, Human.  

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