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The Races of Aradath ...


Overview ...

Named in their own tongue, "Living Jewels", the Penthanians were the authors of the UnMagick loosed at the Great Change, and suffered a backlash from it that their Mages had not anticipated. Their bodies are now crystalline, and they have been robbed of most of their sense of touch. Hardened, jealous and self centered, they may have also lost the ability to feel with their hearts. Ancient Legends say that they were like this even before The Great Change, though. Penthanians are fairly rare in Spur.

Background ...

The Penthanian race originates on the northern edge of the Great Divide (which lies to the north of Spur), just overlooking the vast wasteland known as the Great Wastes which the unmagick created. Before the Great Change, these people were part of the Frontacian Empire, and were a mighty city-state of Mages. Upon trying to steal the magick secrets from the peoples of Arcania (The race known as Arachnians), the Frontacians of Penthania found themselves in a brutal bloody war against foes far superior to themselves. Rather than admit defeat, Penthania unleashed one of the ancient spells of the great Frontacian wizard Telfast. Not fully knowing or understanding the spells power, the people of Penthania succeeded in their goal of defeating the Arachnian’s by stripping the magickal powers from them. However, as part of the after-effects of the unmagick, the Frontacians themselves changed and took on the traits that had resulted in the use of the unmagick. Other races, such as the Secians were created as well as a result of the unmagick, and massive parts of the world changed, some details chronicled, and others forever to remain a mystery. Since that time, they have continued to cultivate their magick. Lost is their flesh, but their new hardened bodies almost make up for this loss and the jewels that used to be part of their bodies.

Appearance ...

Tall humanoid race with bodies of a soft crystalline substance. They can be colorful, with the colors running in families.

  • Eyes: Black

  • Hair: none

  • Temperament ...

    Penthanians are aloof and tend to be fairly unfeeling. They do not have much compassion or sympathy for others. In their dealings with other races, they can be calculating and at times purposefully deceitful. They are envious of Frontacians, who still have flesh as well as magick jewels.

    Tendencies ...

    Pents, as they are sometimes called, are calculating and plan almost any action with great care. They will look for the advantage in a situation and manipulate the scene until the advantage is even more in their favor. They have cool heads. Pents are a proud and aloof group. Most of the time, they serve themselves.

    Traits ...

  • Advantages: High Intelligence and Wisdom. Built like rocks (literally!). Able to withstand pain. Body provides them great protection.

  • Hindrances: The same crystalline construction that gives them added protection also makes recovery more difficult. They are slow healers.

  • Abilities: Crystalline body structure helps protect them, more so than those who have flesh.

  • Alignment: Entropic

  • Professions: Rune-mage ~ Also: Thief, psion


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