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The Races of Aradath ...


[Editor's Note: Pronounced with a long 'o' as in the word 'go'.]

Background ...

Servants to Chaos, this race is thought by scholars to have been created out of the warped experiments of the Chaos Lords. It is rumored that they are remnants of a once-powerful race now extinct, mutated into their present form by magicks horrifying and unimaginable.

They are pack rats and save everything they can find. Much of their treasure is repugnant to the general population. Players who choose this race are advised to turn to the movies Gremlins, Gremlins II and a certain Bugs Bunny cartoon for more advice on how to play the race.

Appearance ...

You'd be stretching to say this race is humanoid. Goblin-als just barely qualify. They are ugly, bipedal, and have mottled green skin. The Goblin-al are about 3 feet tall, and usually filthy.

  • Eyes: Brown, Red or Black

  • Hair: Sandy, Brown, Red or Black.

  • Temperament ...

    Nasty, violent, your normal everyday punk and bully. Full of mischief, always causing trouble, being quite pleased with someone else's demise would be a very normal behavior pattern. Very sadistic in nature but cowardly when the tides are turned.

    Tendencies ...

    They do not like the sunlight, and dwell in caves, often in packs usually called clans. They love to harass and sometimes kill things weaker than they are, and cause all manner of trouble. Luckily, they are fairly weak, and Go-blin-als while able to win some fights, do not have the stamina for pitched battles or extended combat. Their harassing is strictly bravado, though, and when faced down with a strong threat, they will not stay and fight. To their credit, what they lack in strength is made up for in speed and agility or in large packs. A large pack of experienced Go-blin-als is akin to fighting a small army.

    Typically, Goblin-als spit to each other as a form of greeting.

    Traits ...

  • Advantages: Quickness, agility and dexterity.

  • Hindrances: Known troublemakers and fairly weak. Speech (see below) and societal barriers with races other than their own.

  • Abilities: A propensity for getting into mishchief and trouble

  • Alignment: Chaotic

  • Professions: Thief
    Rare: Fighter, Barbarian, Rune Mage

  • Speech ...

    Go-blin-als in Dragon's Gate tend to speak with something between a lisp and poorly developed common. While it is possible for one to possess a perfectly standard vocabulary, most follow some of the examples listed below.

    Bushwig exclaims, "zkrew dat!"

    Condie exclaims, "wut yoo wuntz!"
    Condie asks, "gotz mah lolliz?"
    Condie says, "juz yoo weit.."

    Leroy exclaims, "iz krazy in heeyah!"
    Bushwig says, "dat ting almoz kil yuz"
    Bushwig says, "diz ting kilin dem"


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