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In the game world, many of the tasks that you need completed ICly can be done so by visiting the barrister. Below are some guidelines to help you along.


There are guidelines for races and languages.

  • Oog-ra's can learn nothing
  • Thugians can learn ONLY Oog-ra
  • Pents can't learn Arachnian
  • Monitanians can learn nothing
  • Fronts can't learn Psycian
  • Psycians can't learn Frontacian
  • Dragons have double cost/time for all new languages but Secian
  • Sans pay double cost for Fir/Usil
  • Firs pay double cost for San
  • Arachnians can learn nothing
  • Noone can learn Caneer.
  • Noone can learn Dragon.
  • Base Costs for normal languages

    3,000 gold (2,000 for Drag-al/Usil)
    Expect to be in training for more then 2 weeks.
    See the Barrister for further details.

    Base Costs for class languages and Dragon

    4,000 gold (3,000 for Drag-al/Usil)
    Expect to be in training for more then 3 week.
    See the Barrister for further details.

    Elder note: There are some stats that come into play. They can add day delays and limit the amount of languages learned.

    You do need to have a mentor that RP's teaching you the language, but it will not shorten your time out of game or your cost. It is simply put in place to increase roleplay in the game. It also transfers blame from the barrister teaching the language to the mentor helping teach the language. If you have an issue/disagreement with a particular player learning a language, for RP purposes you will need to "insert appropriate character here" mentored them in the language and you need to seek them out.

    Updated 6/20/06

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