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Updated by the Dragon's Gate Staff

Thank you for your patience and continued patronage. Be sure to REFRESH this page often to see new updates.


  • Game is still down.
  • Many Updates made to website.



  • Server down - Game should be up soon (tm).


  • Spell Update: Updated level 1 Thief Spell. Returned to its original self.


  • Updated Hunting Page of website. Looking for players to contribute to page.


  • Updated sewer hunting in Spur. Worked on The Cave Area and Rat Haven. Each area has new enc charts. Good for levels 3-6. Note: Requires Reset to take effect.
  • Updated the Policy Page to include policy on housing/shops and prize certificates.


  • Added the Adjective List to the Website.


  • Path Changes on the Road To Rathan Completed. The changes are in effort to make things easier overall, though those of you using walking scripts are going to need to change those. Email myself at if you have any comments, suggetsions, etc.
  • We've recently completed an update for missiles. You'll notice an increase in damage for bolts, larger quivers for all types of ammo, and reduced weights for slings/bows/crossbows. Stay tuned for resizing and reweighting events. Given the scope, I'll be adjusting all of your bows/crossbows, but only peddle ammo.


  • Renamed some of the Non-Elemental Runemage Spells to more accurately reflect the class.

  • Reviewed and adjusted up the damage boosting spells on the following classes: earth mage, water mage, fire mage, non-elemental mage, heart cleric, hand cleric, sword cleric, dragon, bard, barbarian, fighter, and thief.

  • Reviewed and changed the Amber and Brass Dragon spells.

  • Added 2 release times for those bad boys and girls captured and sent to the Spurian Jail. You will now be released at 5:00 and 10:00 Spur time each day. Basically, the gates will now open 8 times a Day.

  • EARTH MAGE - Changed the level 39 spell. Upon review it was the same spell as their level 20 spell but longer delay. All Earth Mages please FORGET the level 39 spell and reweave it. Utilizes similar runes combination (minus the sleep rune) as prior spell.
  • EARTH MAGE - Added SLEEP rune to your level 20 spell. Please forget and Reweave the spell with sleep rune.

  • Move the High Level Fighter and Bard Trainers: They are now south of Meetpoint. The Fighters is on the SE path that used to go nowhere on the Muddy road, and the Barb Hut is one north of the Monit village.

  • Moved the earth mage tower - It is now located a couple of rooms past the Mud Village on the way to Edgewater
  • Moved the High Level Barbarian trainer to the Mountain Ledge near Fort Hothgri.

  • Minor changes to Bard spells.

  • Minor tweeking to the Thief spells.

    8/2 - Update!
    o Fixed bug with webs not fading in certain cases
    o Fixed some small bugs with player run shops
    o Fixed bug that caused monsters to be able to attack while webbed
    o Fixed typo in play instruments

  • Death portals (for all temples) being added to gaming world. Players, who follow a diety, that now die will be pulled to their temple instead of simply waking up where they died.

  • Dank Street Tenement House is now open. Apartments are set for occupancy.

  • Finished Logging Spells.
  • Adjusted Level 9 Fire Mage Spell to the correct level.
  • Updated the level 9 Elindale Heart Cleric Spell. Made the spell unique to the class in line with the other religions.
  • Dropped Vigor (level 2 spell) to level 1 for Heart Clerics. This is to allow this class to gain the first few levels without scripting. There is now no level 2 spell for heart clerics.

  • New low level hunting area is now in the sewers. The Sewers, Mileth Crypt is a level 5-9 hunting spot. Another area is currently being developed for levels 3-5.

  • Work on the Eastern and Western Sewers has begun. Maps have changed to incorporate small low level hunting areas. Hunting areas will be updated in the next few days. Please see our Map page for directions on getting around. ::MAPS::

  • New Training Grounds installed. It will now be refered to as The Tower. Typos and other small issues being worked on. Message Board Notes
  • Ork woods and the Road/Fields below the Southern Gate of Spur have updated Monster Chart. They gen rate on monsters should increase.
  • Eastern and Western Sewers are being updated for productive low level hunting. Please be patient while the updates are going in.

    o Updated High Level thief trainer as per player request. The trainer is now around all the time and in a firm location.

  • Fixed the High Level Theif Trainer!! It will appear 2ce daily. I will not announce where but thieves ready to train those high levels may assist and get a hint if needed.

    o Edited some of the descriptions on the Non-Elemental spells to make them represent raw magickal energy in its purist form.

    o Reopened the Clocktower.

    o Edited the Shaggy Yelican by increasing its level to be closer in range to the other Yelicans. Also edited how they will gen.

    o Edited All fungus in the Termite Mound. Added web sacks to crystalline spiders.
    o Added 2 new pet shops to the world giving us a total of 3 pet shops out there for players to discover.

  • Worked on Heart Cleric Spells. Adjusted the damage on the dart and arrow spells to the correct damage for the level of the spell.

  • Adjusted the Guards genning in TSC at such a high rate.

  • Adjusted Poison Attacks on Monsters. The initial physical attack does a lot less damage than before. The poison damage still works the same, but the double stacking of one attack no longer is so dangerous.
  • Adjusted the ranges of monsters in a few hunting areas including the Emjedah Mines, Lightning Caves, the Sirens, The Renders Area in Emjedah, Rokokko Rim / Wilderness, and The Ogre Village Highlands. Other odd and end monsters we also adjusted with treasure level, skinning, and items.

  • 05/06 - UPDATE IN!
    o Fixed problems with player run shops
    o Fixed problem with Berserk DR
    o Webs versus monsters now work like they do against players
    o Pilfer rune no longer decrements when used
    o Trainer will now tell you about fatigue gains from brawling
    o Added back message when you can no longer advance further
    o Fixed bug where you could die twice while drowning
    o Fixed bug that prevented some natural attacks from displaying
    when completely parried
    o Brawling now does blunt damage instead of cutting damage
    o Secians will now take feedback from brawling
    o Shops will now resize armor
    o Berserkers will now get berserk uses while attacking
    o You can now ROAR while in delay
    o Fixed two possible crash bugs
    o Shops in the TG will only give away items and healing for free
    to those who still possess a novice title o Added WHO TG command to show those in the training grounds
    o Can now faint while flying
    o Can now clear your appearance text by entering APPEARANCE TEXT with no text afterwards
    o Fixed bug with TACTICAL command that would sometimes allow players to see hidden monsters

  • Wolftrap Tavern Quest - San elf in Wolftrap would like a few words with you .

  • We went through and adjusted (down) some of the upper end monster damage, mainly on monsters that have poison-type attacks. Things like hydras, demons, and salamanders. The attacks should be more in line with what you saw in the past, while allowing for a variety of ways to kill you

  • Healer's Shack moved to the Hospital located in the Poor Quarter.

  • Forge's Love Quest Added.

  • Kraken Quest Added.

  • Top level Forester trainer entrance now works correctly again.
  • Top level traveling Thief trainer entrance now works correctly again.

  • TG monsters move rates lowered a bit to better allow for missile practice.
  • Skeleton archers in the TG now carried locked boxes sometimes for additional lockpicking practice.
  • Additional zombie generations added to the TG mausoleum.
  • QUEST: New quest, plague zombie investigation, added to the Training Grounds. See the befuddled old alchemist for details, and see his room for information on how quests work!

  • 2/19

  • Top level monsters spells which made more sense as poison attacks switched to poisons.
  • Added swimming practice area to the TG.

  • 2/12
  • TG overhauled
  • 2004

  • You can now train brawling in training halls
  • Fixed problem with shops
  • Fixed crash bug with player run stores
  • Fixed crash with viewing characters
  • Fixed problem with lost monster items and weapons
  • Fixed bug with natural attacks where bystanders would not see misses

  • 12/16:
  • Added new parry system
  • Added new poison system
  • Added brawling skill. Uses PUNCH and KICK commands
  • Death now takes away hit points and fatigue temporarily
  • Changed Barbarian BERSERK skill
  • Drag-al can now choose skin color at roll-up
  • Raised Secian base hit points
  • Monster attacks now attenuated as intended
  • STATUS command now shows your current stance
  • Replaced default pet shop. Watch for new pets.
  • Adjusted vertical reach on natural attacks
  • Can no longer breathe fire with an entangled head
  • Fixed bug in bite armor penetration
  • You can now choose hair length at roll-up
  • Removed random '... gravity works!' message and related crash bug
  • Changed chance of being knocked down by damage
  • Adjusted Psi slow
  • Lowered damage, cost and delay on psi disrupt
  • Psi damage on dart/bolt no longer goes down over distance
  • Fixed bug where you would still be on fire after being killed
  • Fixed bug where you could fumble on a 2nd claw against a dead monster
  • You must speak directly to NPCs in order for them to respond to you
  • Changed treasure generation to tighten treasure range and lower the gem rate. Gems will now be rarer and more expensive.
  • No longer get double prompt when issuing QUEUE CLEAR
  • Gave Penthanian body armor a base damage block
  • Armor and body armor should be ever so slightly more effective now
  • Non-magickal items are now cheaper to bind
  • Barbarians can now howl while berserking
  • BERSERK STOP now takes only 5 seconds
  • Barbarians no longer die twice
  • Reduced training times
  • GREET command is no longer queued
  • Can no longer auto-train naturals past level 41
  • Fixed possible crash bugs from naughty GMs
  • Fixed bug where special items might lose their status if sold to a shop or were generated in normal treasure
  • CONTACT and LINK will no longer cause extra delays while swimming or slowed. Other commands adjusted as well.
  • Animated creatures will no longer cause Secian feedback
  • You can no longer stealth into rooms you can't hide in
  • Thief PINCH rune and Psion MENTAL and PSI runes no longer decrement
  • Fixed certain commands so that they will not cause delay if they cannot be performed.
    for more detailed version note updates.

  • 08/05:
  • Monsters now get extra delay when they fumble
  • Removed combat debug message
  • Adjused fumbles to use fixed delays
  • Adjused chances of criticals/fumbles
  • Changed automatic hits to attenuate damage done if attacker could not have hit otherwise
  • Adjusted Frontacian drain slightly

  • 08/04:
  • Fixed stacking problem with group spells
  • Fixed some problems with new combat system
  • Drag-al no longer breathe samite on people
  • Fixed typo in drain message

  • 08/02:

  • Fixed crash bug from earlier update

  • New combat system
  • Changed delays and returns on healing
  • Changed pray heal
  • New command: STANCE
  • Increased Frontacian drain
  • Added new compositions

  • 04/12:
  • Fixed bug that allowed group spells to target players when they shouldn't be allowed to
  • Hide spell no longer reveals you when it fades

  • 04/09:
  • New armor system in place
  • Fixed bug with two handed poles and monsters
  • Fixed bug with disarm
  • Fixed bug with sex on Secian transfer
  • Fixed bug in certain portals that would block hidden/invis people
  • New death system
  • Religion changes
  • Fixed bug that could allow you to follow if your feet were entangled
  • Fixed bug that kept r
  • ms lit if players exited with lit t
  • rches
  • Changed adjective 'wirey' t
  • 'wiry'
  • Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Magick runes will not decrement for runemages
  • Runes and shapes can now only be purchased when you have achieved a high enough level of spellcasting
  • Increased max number of spells that can be memorized at once
  • Changed some starting runes
  • 2002

  • New version update backed out. Will try again soon.

  • 07/12:

  • Fixed crash bug from 2nd fix
  • Fixed web vs. monster hit message
  • Fixed cast so that you must specify a target if needed
  • Added display when you look at someone so you can see webs on them

  • Fixed bug that let players use weapons with entangled arms
  • Allowed fliers to open and close things
  • Fixed TAKE so it worked like GET while flying

  • Added foraging system
  • Changed progression on martial heal
  • Changed confuse effect vs. players
  • Changed web effect vs. players
  • Web points are now calculated by stats and skill
  • Enhanced drunk effect
  • Adjusted fire breathing
  • Can no longer backstab while in combat
  • Adjusted starting runes to match new starting spells
  • Fixed bug that didn't give bards their starting runes
  • Fixed some of the problems with monster responses
  • Removed a second of delay from the 'nock' command
  • When unreadying a loaded bow/crossbow/sling the ammo will unload
  • Two-handed poles can now hit in same rank
  • Consolidated some combat routines. Fixes problems where certain attack styles would calculate OR/DR bonuses/penalties differently.
  • Changed order of target resolution on spellcasting so that items would be checked after players and NPCs
  • Increased # of elements and weaves allowed
  • Fixed bug that counted armor twice against certain types of damage (e.g. falling and firebreath)
  • Changed treasure generation to sometimes combine silver coins into gold
  • Changed skinning to calculate uses based on difficulty
  • Fixed bug that caused tracking skill to say that players who went through objects actually went north
  • Fixed bug that didn't display Secian transfers to the room
  • Prevented roll-up of Shamans
  • Novice titles are now dependant on the amount of time you play rather than the number of days since creation. You have eighty (80) hours of game play before you lose your novice title.
  • You can now CACKLE while dead
  • You can now GROAN, SNICKER and YAWN at people
  • You can now get items from containers while flying and pick up items from the ground if hovering at 5 feet.
  • Fixed several typos
  • Yet more behind-the-scenes changes

  • 05/14:
  • Fixed bad grammar in VISUALIZE command
  • Certain spells that affect players not in the caster's room will no longer reveal hidden players
  • Fixed bug that prevented recoloring shop from using pale green.
  • You no longer need to put color names in quotes if they have spaces e.g.: SHOP RECOLOR DAGGER PALE GREEN NOTE: You can get a list of colors by typing: SHOP RECOLOR
  • Fixed typo with body armor in STATUS
  • Fixed bug that wasn't correctly setting missile skill versus disarm
  • Added a new test to ID WEAPONS and ARMOR
  • Fixed bug that prevented spellcasting monsters from healing themselves
  • Reduced weight on pouches and chests
  • Hidden monsters will now *usually* appear at the end of the list of monsters in a room. No more 2nd spirit with only one in the room.
  • Added more whitespace between spell messages
  • Fixed bug that didn't put 'the' in front of spell target monster's name.
  • Fixed several behind-the-scenes bugs (such as spell lists not loading)
  • Many more exciting features for you to find

  • 03/14:
  • Lowered weight of some generated treasure
  • Fixed problem with articles (some/a) on treasure
  • Sex of familars/pets saves on logout
  • You no longer get uses for webbing your own familiar
  • You can no longer attack something swimming in deep water while flying
  • Ten headed hydras will no longer roar with all six heads
  • Fliers will automatically fly down up to 10' to enter a room with a lower ceiling
  • Other interesting things you will have to discover on your own

    Left out of last update list:
  • Urns and Vases can no longer be closed
  • Can no longer donate equipped items

  • 02/01:

    UPDATE 1:
  • Fixed problem that was preventing small creatures from attacking.
  • Increased carry for all races
  • Fixed bug that prevented shop recolor from working for non-GMs
  • Fixed bug that applied bone/body/height adjustments to DR spell boosts
  • Reduced monster reach
  • Changed weapon fatigue and reach to be normalized by size
    - short weapons, 0 ftg, attack in same rank
    - hand and a half, 1 ftg, attack in +/- 1 rank
    - two handed, 2 ftg, attack +/- 2 rank
  • Corrected slow effect vs. monsters
  • Swapped Usil Elf and Human training bonus
  • Increased effectiveness of Frontacian drain
  • No longer get uses while intoxicated
  • Non-Psycian Psions now get one psi point per level
  • Removed doubled delays from slow effects
  • Fixed all MA moves to have same difficulty
  • Added 1 second delay per extra swing for berserk
  • Any item can be magickally bound (SHOP BIND )
  • Changed wording when setting your mood (APPEARANCE MOOD ?)
  • Replaced some old moods with new moods: livid, unhappy, overjoyed, resigned, inconsolable, concerned, sad, perturbed
  • Can no longer sell or donate bound or cursed items by placing them within another item
  • Shopkeepers will remove choice items from containers for resale
  • Beautified some of the treasure on monsters
  • Fixed character generation to use new bone/body/height calculations
  • Fixed typo in character generator
  • Added new seach option: SEARCH FOR

  • 01/25:
  • Fixed bug in 3rd stage claw/bite damage
  • New racial base DRs
  • Adjusted way bone/body/height affects DR, weight, carry, and hits
  • Lowered Oog-ra base damage
  • Fixed bug that prevented spell appearances from loading
  • Fixed bug that caused certain monsters to have low number of uses
  • Fixed typo in room description if someone is webbed and holding a torch
  • Fixed bug that did not apply delays correctly to others (lay hands or first aid on another player)
  • Some shops can now recolor items (SHOP RECOLOR )
  • Increased Hithual magick resistance
  • Increased PSI resistance for most races
  • Reduced chance of falling while retreating
  • Fixed bug in frontacian drain

  • 01/01:
    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2002!


  • THERE IS A MANDATORY CHARACTER UPDATE REQUIRED FOR THIS NEW VERSION. To do this, select option 2 from the game menu, and then U for update. (This is for the switch between how channeling vs spellcasting skills are implemented in game. It should exchange the proper skills for you, depending on your class.)
  • Overhaul of combat system. (See message boards for more information)
  • Fixed bug that allowed strenthen and heal prayers with 0 favors
  • Increased depart delay to 10 minutes (still 3 minutes for novices)
  • Removed stat loss chance from death
  • Changed Frontacian drain
  • Lowered cost of favors
  • Uses are now given for any successful treat / lay hands
  • Channeling skill has been split into Channeling (laying hands) and Spellcasting (runemagick)
  • Psi sleep has been removed
  • Body armor values adjusted slightly
  • Guild rankings reset

  • 03/20:
  • Corrected occasional crash bug in prayers

  • 03/15:
  • Corrected crash bug from in-temple raises
  • Removed Focus Force damage cap
  • Corrected fatigue gains from natural attacks

  • 03/13:

  • Corrected creation bug that swapped bone/body size selection
  • Corrected calculation of carry capacity during creation

  • Fixed bug that prevented display of the number of creatures summoned by a dying creature
  • Fixed bug in turn undead that appeared to cause permanent immobilization
  • Fixed bug that prevented ID Weapons from being trainable
  • Fixed bug that let psionics restorative spell take psi over maximum
  • Major changes to healing and prayer systems:
    - Can now treat/lay hands repeatedly
    - Success rates went up
    - Low level effects went up, high level went down
    - Low level delays dropped, high level delays raised
    - Lay hands target must be within touch range.
    - Prayer costs consistent across devotional levels
    - Certain little-used prayers removed
    - Prayer costs, delays and effects changed
  • Focus Force delays and effects dropped
  • Psi damage/healing effectiveness reduced
  • Allow players to choose bone/body/height type at creation time
  • New spell effects added
  • Adjusted way natural attacks give fatigue points
    - Web and bite now give fatigue points
  • Fixed description of Taath, Set and Elindale given during creation
  • Added bone/body type, hair and eye color to character viewer
  • Secians can now fan their wings
  • Added new roleplay commands: BARE, GAZE, GNASH, SCOFF, and SKIP

  • 01/22:
  • Timed events (like clock chimes, etc.) should be working again now.
  • We decided to move the DR adjustments from final DR to base DR. This means that your body/bone/height will not affect DR gains from skills.
  • Base DR for short/thin members of a race increased slightly.
  • Lay hands has been adjusted slightly. The delay has been increased a tad (drops every 5 levels instead of every 4 levels) and every success now earns a use.
  • Some small adjustments have been made to the magick system in how small runes are used.
  • Some missing updates to Oog-Ra strength and damage mod have gone in. You should see a little extra damage and carry for them now.
  • Everyone should now have 5 character slots.

  • 01/04:
  • Another potential 'MM' fix in the pipe... hopefully this will be the one.
  • A few more minor DR mods.
  • Arachnian web costs have been lowered a bit, although the duration of the webs have also been slightly lowered to reflect the reduced costs.

  • 01/03:
  • DGate was stable under the old debug code... the 'MM' crash bug seems to have returned with its removal. We're still investigating the problem.
  • DR changes adjusted a bit. Ranges tightened a bit for the heavier/taller.
  • Arachnian webs fixed such that web costs are now honored properly.
  • A couple long overdue berserk changes in:
  • Berserk bonus now a constant percentage rather than a huge jump at low levels and and percentage boost at upper levels.
  • Berserk no longer affects use of missile or thrown weapons (including web)

  • 01/02:
  • DGate is stable again. This update removes the extreme debug code that was slowing the game down. Hopefully we have found all the operating system/ compiler oddities that plagued our transfer. We're still in beta for the time being, however.
  • This version implements some needed changes in calculations based on bone/ body/height variances. This should help better balance the pros/cons of all range of selections in terms of body choices. (i.e., smaller/ thinner folks will have a DR advantage over heavier/taller members of the same race, obese characters will be a bit slower, etc.)
  • New gateway version supports the new port number required for connection to the game. It also implements better checking for odd occurances like being shown messages from a previous connection when logging in, etc.


    Enjoy The Game.

    ~ Dragon's Gate Staff ~



    Go Play! Go Play! Go Play!