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Changing Religions  

Wondering if your character can follow a god not available on roll up?

Your answer could be an essay away

Each religion has one or more alignments that will or will not allow a particular class/race to follow them. This is to ensure our manual is followed and "over the top" combinations do not occur.

This does not mean staff will not listen to requests from players wishing to role-play a class/race/religion combination not offered via normal means.

up button If you are interested in interested in changing your alignment so that your character can follow a god not normally offered; you will be required to:
1. Submit a one {plus} page essay.

It should include the history/background of character, what issues/actions lead to the realization that your character wants to follow the new religion, and how it will affect your RP in the future.

Note: Before any change will take place via Elder means, you will be required to RP with the temple you wish to change to and they must be aware of your intentions via IC means. Also, your character must have renounced their current god before the alignment will be switched.

Lastly, not all requests are granted.

Please submit your request to the lead GM.

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