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Tome of Honor  

Leuian Rituals and Customs

  • [Rites, Rituals and Costoms]

  • [Thieves, Tarr's and Lakars]

  • [Fall of the Pride]

  • [The Charter]

    Rites, Rituals and Customs:

    Rite of Elan'tah

    Elan'tah is the Leuian belief in the right of personal ownership. Although Leuians have an immense sense of group and fellowship, their is only one thing that is considered to be owned by all, that being the place of Pride gatherings. Aside from that each Leuian's own personal dwellings, items and accouterments are considered theirs alone. ***Source: Old Tome***


    Honor demands no unjust punishments, therefore when a Leuian transgresses upon the scared precepts he or she shall receive a full investigation of the matter, an evenhanded hearing on the matter. If discipline is deemed necessary, a just and fair punishment shall be leveled against them.

    There are two types of discipline the Pride shall inflict upon those who dishonor it. The first is a warning, if the crime is of a light nature and due in part to inexperience and youth, a warning shall be given to the Leuian in question by the Khatyr and First Kemtah. This warning shall be given before the multitude of the Pride so as to shame the Leuian in question. The second discipline, which is referred to as "Ker'nath" is applied to the most egregious infractions on Leuian law.
    The Ker'nath

    The Leuian in question is excommunicated from the Pride and all Leuian culture, he or she is dubbed a Tarr'khat. The Ker'nath is carried out in ritual fashion were by the Leuian in question is brought before the Khatyr and High Council. The High Council forms a circle round the Leuian in question.

    The Khatyr speaks the words: Ker'nath Khatkynd Ka'mar Khat'laki, which means "we your people, know you no more, you heart is no longer Leuian, therefore I strip what little honor you have left from you, you are banished from your kin"

    Each member of the high council then slowly folds their arms across their chest and turns their back to the Leuian in question, as a sign that his or her people will no longer accept them as one of their own.

    The Leuian in question is escorted away from council chambers, never again to live as a honorable Leuian in the eyes of his or her people.


    Sacred Belief of Kit'gia

    This is the sacred belief in Leuian culture that from our youth comes forth all that is to be cherished. Leuian's fiercely believe in the protection and care of their young, who are referred to as "Kits." Their love for their kits or Kit'gia is legendary, and their wrath upon those who would harm Leuian young is unmerciful.


    Honor of Kit'mar
    This is the right given to motherkynd to name their kits.

    Only a mother is allowed to name her child in Leuian culture. The rite is given in honor for her labors of bringing the kit into life.


    Custom of Kha'tia

    This is the Leuian custom of spiritual and mental bonding between Khat'saras.

    When two Leuians become Khat'saras and lifemate, an incredibly powerful bond is created which, as legend states, transcends normal communication and becomes almost telepathic in nature. The Leuian tail is the most sensitive part of a Leuian's body and when two Leuians lifemate, it is all too common to see the couple walking, sleeping and even eating with their tails entwined. This act is referred to as the "Kha'tia" or interweaving of souls whereby entwining their tails, a close mental, emotional and spiritual link is established which allows for closeness of mind and refreshment of the soul. Little else is said regarding this mystical custom or of its benefits to the Leuian warrior, and it is never discussed openly.


    Ritual of Khat'sara
    The Leuian act of lifemate

    When two Leuians fall in love, they perform the ritual of Khat'sara and take each other as lifemates. The Khat'sara begins with the ritual of the One Moon. A Leuian asks his or her love to be their Khat'sara. The proposing Leuian presents the potential Khat'sara with a token of love, usually something of great worth to the proposing Leuian. The potential Khat'sara accepts the token and keeps it for a time equal to one moon, during which they search their heart for an answer to the proposition of Khat'sara. This period of "One Moon" is consider extremely sacred and important to the potential Khat'sara as they must make a critical decision to accept or decline the rite of Khat'sara, knowing full well that if they accept it is a pledge beyond death. If, at the end of one moon, the potential Khat'sara returns the token to the proposing Leuian and has decided not to enter the pact of Khat'sara, then is no dishonor or shame in this. If the prospective Khat'sara keeps the token, the couple has pledged to become lifemates.

    The Khat'saras then repeat vows of love to each other, and upon completion of the ritual, become bonded for life. The bond cannot broken. There is no such thing as divorce in Leuian culture, and adultery is so dishonorable as to make it unthinkable to the Leuian mind. When a Leuian is betrothed to be a Khat'sara, or is already a Khat'sara, their entire existence is promised to only one other person. Other Leuians tread very carefully around Khat'saras or those who are engaged to be Khat'saras, as it is considered an unbelievably high insult to kiss, make improper advance or even touch and embrace one who is promised. The bond between two Khat'saras is so strong that it is unbreakable even in the event of the death of one of the participants. The widowed Khat'sara continues on with their life but will never again take another lifemate.

    There is perhaps no other ritual which is so cherished as the Khat'sara. It is the ultimate expression of a Leuian's honor, passion, respect, and love. The fact that once mated they never mate again is a testament to a Leuian's unbelievable sense of honor and mythical willpower.

    The Khatsaras go off to some private place known only to them. They sit across from each other and recite personal vows of love to each other The ritual is completed by the recital of the final vow of Khat'sara:

    "Make of our Minds one Mind
    Make of our Vows one last Vow
    Make of our Hearts one Heart
    Only Death will part us now

    Make of our Kin's one Kin
    Make of our Lives one Life
    Make of our Love one true Love.

    One Mind, One Vow, One Heart,
    One Kin, One Life, One Love
    Even death won't part us now"


    Tradition of Khat'vada

    The Leuian custom of absolute secrecy to that which is most sacred, "the home and gathering places of our people."

    Leuian's deeply cherish the Isle from which they come and shroud its actual location in absolute secrecy. Even Tarr'khats will not break this custom. Furthermore, the location of any gathering places, such as the legendary Pride Hall receives the same treatment.


    The ceremony is carried out by a Clawmaster and Khatyr before a congregation of the Pride. The prospective member is referred to as the Rhasa'ta'kit'ra until the oath is taken. The ceremony is followed by joyous celebration.

    The ceremony is carried out by a Clawmaster and Khatyr before a congregation of the Pride. The prospective member is referred to as the Rhasa'ta'kit'ra until the oath is taken.

    The Kit'ra stands one space retreated from the rest of the congregation.

    Clawmaster: "Rhasa'ta'kit'ra, step forth."

    The Kit'ra advances 1 space.

    Clawmaster: "Leshia'tkra, Spirits of our forefathers and honored dead, I call upon you to witness the Rhasa'ta'kit'ra."

    Khatyr: "Kit'leth, Lor'cha, Kit'ra."

    Khatyr: "In the beginning, the Khatkynd was chosen above all others by the gods to be something more than a beast, and as a reward for the gratitude our ancestors displayed we were given several things with which to live in the name of honor:

    Our minds with which to recognize honor,

    Our claws with which to fight for our honor,

    Our hearts with which to cherish the honor,

    our souls with which to bear our honor.

    Khatyr: "As it was in the beginning, so shall it now be.

    Let the Spirit of the Pride be infused with new generations of proud warriors, whether you defend your honor with claw, sword, or rune, the voice, the mind, or the heart.

    Stand strong! Stand proud!

    Rhasa'ta'kit'ra, this I demand of you .... to the Pride bring honor, breath honor, live honor, never shame or disgrace our honor."

    Khatyr: "Kitleth, Lor'cha, Kit'ra. The trust and valor of our ancestors seal the oath you swear today that will bind you to a life long commitment to Kyn, of honor and with fidelity to the Seven Precepts and those that stand with you now, and those that lived before.

    Khatyr to Kit'ra: "Will you (Kit'ras name) embrace the honor, loyalty, and the courage of the Pride and will you swear to uphold the Seven Precepts?

    Kit'ra: "With heart, mind, soul, and body, I do embrace. This I swear on this day."

    Khatyr: "Then this we swear to you: to reward your devotion with love, your honor with recognition, and your oathbreaking with vengeance."

    Khatyr: "Kit'leth, Lor'cha. Kit'ra the circle is complete, the Kit'ra has been fulfilled take your place among the honored warriors of the Pride and never disgrace what was done on this day."


    Klaawfests from the Old Tome

    Klaawfests, as the name suggests, reefer to a group of Leuian warriors clawing to death something on a grand hunt. Klaawfests are called for many reasons. The first Majtai, Khatleth, Kahlor, Karu and Khatshire often call for Klaawfests in order to train those unskilled in the arts they represent. Klaawfests may also be called by the first Durah in order to raise treasure to fill the Pride's coffers. Finally Klaawfests can be called simply for the enjoyment of Leuian only hunts. Although the sheer sight of large numbers of Leuian warriors, drunk with songs of honor and shouting war cries into the quiet of the night while clawing their prey to death is a terrifying sight, to Leuians it is the height of enjoyment.

    Klaaw'vor or Honor Duel

    The Rite of Klaaw'vor

    The Klaaw'vor or Leuian Match of Honor is an ancient Leuian tradition, which is used to settle disputes and matters of honor, and as, such is governed by a strict set of practices.

    The Match is between two combatants only. Each may have a Second or witness, but Seconds are not required, nor may Seconds participate in any way. The Klaaw'vor is used to redress insults to the honor of a Leuian, or to settle a legitimate disputes. It is not a tool of vengeance nor a method of punishment. It is done in the presence of other Leuians, but is not to be made a public spectacle or done in the presence of non-Leuians. The Klaaw'vor is usually fought with claws and the use of runemagick is frowned upon.

    The match is fought until a participant is killed or submits. A combatant is considered to have submitted if any of the following are performed by or on behalf of the combatant:

    any attempt to treat or heal a wound.
    any attempt to retreat or run.

    The Klaaw'vor is initiated by the challenge. The challenger, in the presence of the defender, declares the matter to be redressed, and to be settled by the Rite of Klaaw'vor, traditionally with the words "I have been wronged. I have come to claim the Rite of Klaaw'vor. Defend yourself." The defender may either redress the challenger and make amends or accept the Klaaw'vor, and the matter will be scheduled for a match. If the defender refuses to redress the challenger's complaint or refuses to defend themselves, the challenger is considered vindicated. This is considered to be just in Leuian society, for if someone refuses to defend their honor when it is questioned then they are considered to be a coward and in the wrong on any issue or matter.

    A quote from a scroll from Purrkinn Offaces on the Klaaw'vor: "The Klaaw'vor should be fought to first blood or another agreed upon number of contact strikes and thus does nae violate a precept. Fighting a Klaaw'vor itself is not a violation to the precepts unless those involved decide to fight to the death. If this decision is made it will surely result in one khat causing another khatkyn's death and is an obvious violation of our clear precepts. This duel to the death is not generally the route chosen and is highly discouraged since we are a society that highly values each other and is based on our honor, love and respect of one another.

    Additionally, it is the issue which brought the two to such desperate measures of disagreement which is nae spoke of again, not necessarily the duel itself. The Clawmasters would only need to adjudicate a punishment if a precept is broken and the issue at that point would be causing a kyn's death regardless of the reason which originally caused the duel.

    To summarize the purpose of the Klaaw'vor: It is used only when the two parties can find no way to agree nor compromise on a matter of vital importance to each of them. It is simply a demonstration that both parties are willing to fight for what they think is right and then rely on each other's honor to put the issue aside -- thus the name "Honor Duel". It serves as a means to allow honorable khats to again love each other and live in harmony -- with both each other and with the whole of their Pride of Leuians from that point forward -- despite serious differences in a basic belief or perception.

    Purrkinn Offaces
    Pride Khatyr


    Custom of Shan'farr

    This is the sad occurrence in Leuian culture of a Leuian dying of sorrow when their Khat'sara dies.

    Since the bond between two Khat'saras is so strong, it is a common occurrence for a Leuian to die simply of grief or sorrow when the one they are bonded to dies. This is not to be confused with suicide, rather it is simply the will to live leaving a Leuian upon the news that their Khat'sara has died. Some Leuians are able to carry on with their life after such news, but some cannot and for them only Shan'farr , the sorrowful death awaits.

    **The Tome of Honor is a collection of articles written by Skratchnar Mistoffles, Dnarra Hesseneth, and Caspian Tigre and were based on "The Leuian Chronicles of Jehessail Jahanael"

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    Thieves, Tarr's and Lakars:

    Thieves, Tarr'khats, and Lakars

    Leuians value honor and truth above all other beliefs in their lives. Honorable Kyn would rather face death, nae.. would gladly face death, rather then to lose honor. Leuians are a proud race, full of righteous dignity and pride in their honor. A Tarr'khat is nae a Leuian. A Tarr' is one who follows the nameless one, or who exhibits skills of treachery and thievery. This is an insult to the basic tenants of Leuian society and denies the very nature of their being. Leuians do not have convenient morals and ethics. Honorable Leuians believe so strongly in honesty, truth and honor that they would never chose to support any thief in any manner.


    A quote from Masai Whiteblaze, Clawmaster

    Certainly, the snippet you quoted refered to tarr'khats.

    To me, a lakar doesn't equate to someone without honor nor is it meant to be a derrogatory statement other than saying the person isn't Leuian. They might have honor, they just don't understand the ways of a Leuian or their beliefs. There is no stigma attached to being friends with a lakar, even a Leuian who's been named as such. I probably should've worked harder to make that more clear, but most Leuians seemed to take it in that respect. It was the ones who wish to throw stones at the Pride who turned the word into an epithet.

    A tarr'khat is just as I said, a Leuian without honor. To a Leuian, I can't imagine there being any lower form of life. Other races don't hold honor in the same regard that Leuians do, so they can be forgiven a bit for being ignorant. But a Leuian knows better, they have been raised in a society that is steeped in honor and tradition. One could almost say honor is the first religion of Leuians.

    Hope that helps some.


    Tarr's from the Old Tome of Honor


    The Leuian Society is by far the most honor conscious civilization ever to be unleashed upon the world. It is therefore an issue of deep concern when a Leuian goes astray from the beliefs that all Leuian's are expected to hold true.

    Leuian's who choose the life of a thief or who choose to devote their lives to the god of thieves find themselves hated and scorned by their families, Pride and people. To the honorable Leuian, there is nothing more wicked than a thief. Anyone who would dedicate their life to the profession of lying, stealing and backstabbing the innocent is the very lowest form of existence. While a thief of any race is to be hated with passion, a Leuian thief is an outright abomination in the eyes of their kin, a virtual walking contradiction in terms that should receive the harshest of consideration.

    Leuian thieves or those who choose to follow the god of thieves are referred to as "Tarr'khats" by the honorable portion of Leuian society. The term Tarr'khat loosely translated means "worthless coward, dishonored outcast, or miserable scum of the lowest form." Tarr'khats are not allowed to join Leuian Prides, and are shunned from all Leuian culture.

    The god of thieves, Set, is the most hated religious figure in Leuian culture. Leuian's openly refuse to even speak his name, referring to him only as the "nameless one" and his followers as "those of the nameless god."

    For those thieves or followers of the nameless one outside of Leuia, a tense life exists between themselves and the honorable Leuians who, like them, have immigrated to other lands. Any Prides the honorable Leuians form outside Leuia prohibit thieves and followers of the nameless god. Furthermore, honorable Leuians do not congregate or associate with thieves, and for the most part attempt to mask their outright desire to tear them to bits. For the Tarr'khat and the honorable Leuian living outside of Leuia, it is an uneasy peace that borders on outright battle at any given time.

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    The Fall of the Pride:

    The Fall of the Pride

    [Note: This story first appeared in the Volume 4, Issue No. 2 DFC 17th day of the 9th month of the 97th year in Spur , entitled: The Pride of Leuians by Lilly von Lowengraf.]

    The Spurian Pride always thought of itself as better in word and deed than all other organizations and people in Spur. They believed that their word was law and that to go against that law deserved the death penalty. One such Organization went against that law and the result was the destruction of the Pride. This is that story.

    It was a simple matter, really, to start the Thieves Guild. After all, the only thing that needed to be done was to gather all the thieves into one place and get organized. It was agreed that the Thieves Guild would protect its members from all attacks that were done solely because of the Guild mark on their hand.

    Most people believed that the Thieves Guild was all-powerful, never disclosing the member's names, except the highest post, and never saying how many members it had. It was often humorous to hear people guess that the Guild only had five members when in truth, it could summon more than twenty members if they were needed. Often, however, five members sufficed.

    The Thieves Guild of Spur, like all Thieves Guilds, passed the position of its highest post from persom to person, with the previous GuildMaster choosing his replacement. Thus, I was chosen by Kelmar Drakovar to follow him when he retired and moved south to the warmer clime, his health not being what it used to be, but that is another story. I was given his keys, the ring which showed that I was GuildMistress, and instructions on how to run the Guild. The other Guild that Kelmar ran, the Assassin's Guild, dropped underground, though it still has close ties to the Thieves Guild.

    The destruction of the Pride began the day they decided that they would kill all Leuians that followed Set, the patron god of Thieves, and especially all those bearing the mark of the Thieves Guild. Because our charter said that we would protect all members of the Thieves Guild, I informed Pyanfar Chanur that if such action were to be untaken, that she could assume that the Thieves Guild of Spur would react accordingly, with all its strength. Being a Thief, she believed that my words were a bluff and that I was gambling that she would not want to try my patience or my resolve.

    One day, a young member of the Guild was attacked for simply walking down Merchant Walk. He was ambushed and killed for no reason other than being a Leuian with the mark on his hand. Because he was a member, we quickly and decisively killed the Leuian that had committed the crime and sent a message to the Pride of Spur that if it were to happen again, two Leuians would die for each Member killed.

    I was graciously invited to attend the following Pride meeting where I reiterated the message and left. Not a fortnight later, the Pride backed down and informed the populace of Spur that Leuian Thieves would not be harmed simply because they were Leuian Thieves.

    This was the beginning of the end.

    Seeing that the Pride would not back up their claims by force of arms, they became the laughing stock of the Spur. Their membership declined and one of main members, Pyanfar Chanur, decided that instead of committing ritual suicide when she learned of the death of her husband, NightClaw Rexfelix, chose a new Lifemate. This Lifemate soon left her, having seen her for what she really was, and returned to Leuia. All this combined to create the feeling that the Pride of Spur was not needed and should be dissolved before it drove the Spur down to a point where it could never recover. The Pride fell, never to rise again.

    Until now.

    We shall see if this Pride of Spur repeats the mistakes of its predecessor, or builds itself into an Organization worthy of the name.

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    Pride Charter:

    Pride Charter

    Lawmaster/Lawmistress is an elected position. The LM is the last course of action for any Leuian claiming dispute, or wrong doing by another Leuian, AFTER all attempts at solving the problems through normal channels have failed.

    At the request of the conflicting parties, the LM investigates all charges to determine the truth of the situation, and reports fully to the Clawmasters as to their findings. The Clawmasters then act as jury, decides on any restitution, and if necessary, punishment. Again, the point of the trial must be to attain balance: first restitution of the wronged party to whole, and then to punishment if necessary.

    Disputes between honorable Leuians should remain private and the disputing individuals must make every effort to solve their own problem. When the effort fails, in order to keep harmony among us, the Lawmaster/Lawmistress may be called by either Pride member, or by a third party to investigate.

    Should the LM feel that the dispute is of a nature in which she/he may warrant the advise and assistance of the Pride, the LM may bring the issue to the Pride. The Pride will then vote as to whether or not the issue warrants investigation by the LM.

    At any time, the LM may request an assistant to aide her/him in the investigation. The assistant will be chosen by the LM and approved by the Clawmasters and Khatyr.

    All information regarding each case will be kept private and confidential unless and until a trial is called.

    The LM, at her/his discretion, may investigate disputes between Pride members and upstanding members of other races if she is requested.

    Tribunals and Punishment

    The trial will be opened to all honorable Leuians, Pride or not. The Leuians in dispute will be notified with as much notice as possible. The trial will not be postponed for any reason other then a non-quorum (voting majority) of Clawmasters.

    The Khatyr or Khatyra only votes in matters of disputes when the Clawmasters have come to a tie vote.

    Violation of the 7 Leuian Precepts

    In the case in which an honorable khit or Leuian acts dishonorable, or violates a precept, that kyn who has done so will be spoken to by the Clawmaster(s) or Khatyr. If they continue to act non-Leuian after the Clawmaster(s) has addressed it, that Leuian will be shunned for a designated period. If their unacceptable behavior continues, the Pride will convene to discuss banishment forever.

    Election of Lawmaster/Lawmistress

    The Lawmaster/Lawmistress holds a one year term, and is elected after nomination, and simple majority secret or whisper vote. The LM can be Clawmaster, but not necessarily a Clawmaster. The LM holds council with Clawmasters. In the situation of a trial, if the LM is a Clawmaster, they will vote on the case.

    Removal of Lawmaster: The LM must miss 4 consecutive meetings without notice of any kind before they are removed. At any time, a whisper vote of no confidence can be taken and ruled to remove or stay by simple majority.

    Voted the 21st day of the 8th month, of the year 311. Khits

    All honorable Leuians are offered the protection of the Pride when they first reach Spur from the Training Grounds. New Leuians are referred to as Khits until the right of passage.

    Sponsors/Mentors will guide every khit along their path to joining the Pride. Every Leuian will have a sponsor if they have not been a previous member of this Pride.

    At the celebration we call Kit'ra, Khits go from khit to full voting Pride members and can vote on Pride issues and elections.

    All Leuians are free to choose their own paths. Should they choose NOT to be Pride, they will always be considered Kyn, and able to call upon the Pride for help whenever necessary.

    Sponsorship (Mentor, sensei, teacher)

    Khits may choose a sponsor or one may volunteer when the khit attends their first Pride Meeting. The sponsorship should be something akin to friendship.

    The sponsor is a mentor who teaches the khit what it means to be a Leuian, as well as knowledge of our culture and history. This relationship does not preclude any other members from teaching the khit, and in fact, all Pride members should fully share in this joyous responsibility. The sponsor might consider the relationship as a spiritual adoption of the khit, who is then taken into the Pride Members care and tutelage. The Khit must read "The Leuian Chronicles of Jhessial Jahanael" and have a working knowledge of the 7 Sacred Leuian Precepts and swear their oath to uphold the values and precepts of the Leuian Pride in their every day lives including the exclusion of thieves or followers of the serpent from their lives. The khit must attend at least two Pride meetings prior to their Kit'ra.

    There will be one induction meeting a month on the first Sunday of each month, or whenever is possible.

    Khits will be inducted at the next scheduled Kit'ra when the sponsor deems that they are ready to accept that responsibility and to fulfill their oath.

    The Sponsor/Mentor is ultimately responsible for ensuring if the Khit is ready to become a voting member of the Pride. In the case of a dispute, the Clawmasters have final say as to who joins the Pride.

    The time period of sponsorship will be no less then a real month, but as long as the sponsor/mentor deems necessary, and if they are deemed as ready, the Khit will be inducted at the next scheduled Kit'ra ceremony.

    The Khit must be made aware that their demeanor in meetings, the content and intent of their posts on the boards, and their behavior in the realms in general will be scrutinized by their sponsor and Clawmasters. The sponsor and Clawmasters have total discretion in this matter.

    Voted this day, 21st day of the 8th month, of the year 311

    Thieves and Tarr'khats and Lakars

    Leuians value honor and truth above all other beliefs in their lives. Honorable Kyn would rather face death, nae.. would gladly face death, rather then to lose honor. Leuians are a proud race, full of righteous dignity and pride in their honor. A Tarr'khat is nae a Leuian. A Tarr' is one who follows the nameless one, or who exhibits skills of treachery and thievery. This is an insult to the basic tenants of Leuian society and denies the very nature of their being. Leuians do not have convenient morals and ethics. Honorable Leuians believe so strongly in honesty, truth and honor that they would never chose to support any thief in any manner.

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