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Ancalagon Fierus

Ruby Drake


Autobiography ...

Herein is contained a brief account of the beginnings of Ancalagon the Ruby and his parents. Anali'a his mother and Fierus'a his father.

Ancalagon Fierus

portrait of Ancalagon Fierus

Ancalagon's mother (Anali'a) was a fierce and independent 3rd stage dragon. Her shining black scales reflected all the brilliance that ever came her way. Her jealousy of gem dragons and a freewheeling approach to life eventually brought strong conflict and early demise. An irrefutable attraction to Fierus'a kept her always close to his territory and in conflict with larger females. Her lithe body held shape and grace with ease and her cold platinum eyes softened to sky blue upon settling on Fierus'a. If they had never met Anali'a may well have grown to an imperial of centuried age, wise in survival and independent of will.


Fierus'a was an imperial ruby of grand stature. Testament to the power of nature, and in possession of the secrets of life dark and light. Over the centuries spanning the imperial's life, power and easy pervaded his being. Such was his radiance in body, character and mind that few could resist his will once set upon them. All things could be bent to his desire, if not swift and easy, over time with patience. His love for Anali'a was undeniable. Time passed without regard when together the moons and the days as counted in breaths of agreement. It was expected in the female community that Fierus'a would mate with another gemmed drakess. His appeal was more than enough to spawn jealousy of in Anali'a. Not to say that he was desired by all females but Fierus'a was a prime dragon in all respects. Dark and light, fun and serious..powerful and gentle, in many ways he was desirable to females. But the one to capture his amazement and love was black.


They met during his fourth and her third stage of life. Rare was the sight of such a black dragoness, defiant and bold. His consideration for her, patient and observant, set her off base. In his ruby frame was an uncaring independence, a hint at coldness of life. Their first meeting lasted months. In that time they filled long empty gaps that each had previously gazed across alone. Each working the other's mind and body always giving and always taking nothing hidden or kept. They were close always after, as close as any mating dragons get. Rarely together but at least once every four of five years they would see each other at length. His range was far but always revolved around his lair. While Anali'a kept no lair, her wanderings always took a path with tangents to the ruby's home. So it was that the child of Anali'a and Fierus'a was hatched in secrecy, in the extensive lair of Fierus'a. Ultimately Ancalagon was sent away to live among the towns of lesser races and mixed company.


It was Ancalagon's departure from his father's lair which opened a door his parents had long tried to conceal. He was seen by several female, flying high above, leaving Fierus's lair. A large humanoid, draco. This news spread and as time passed each time Anali'a met another female there was increased tension. Many of the elder female dragons had rarely ever seen a black drakess. They considered Anali'a an outcast and for Anali'a to birth would have been considered a with disdain and shame. As if Fierus'a was of noble blood and Anali'a a commoner. In a time before the coming of the shadow lords, Anali'a was struck down by other females high above the lair of Fierus'a. Emerging from his home to find Anali'a broken before him. It was the last mate he was to ever have. The last love of thousands of years before his fall in the war with the shadow lords.


Before Ancalaon made his way alone into the world of the lesser races to find his way into greatness his father gave him a book of dragon lore. It contained the essence of all that Fierus'a believed the power of life to be. Had any other being read the book its meaning and words, while fascinating, would have led to frustration, but being that the book was written for Ancalagon by his father, the understanding and knowledge was complete. He carries it still, passing into it for some wisdom, some hint of his father. It carries now more than it did when he received it. For times change and so does truth.


Ancalagon knows nothing of his mother's early life. Nothing of either of his parent's secian bond or any close friends they may have had. His life and his time is bound to Tisha. She is to Ancalagon as a heart or a star in the sky. He can only wish his parents were so lucky as to have a bond such as he does.

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