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Leuian Sword Cleric of Odarous

Titles : Claw-Master

Biography ...

It’s been forever and a day since I told someone of my up-bringing. Hell the last time I paid some two-bit bard to write a biography I got…well lets just say you get what you pay for. Either way I feel as the Prides Claw-Master that I should “come clean” with my past. The words you are reading are some of the hardest I have ever had to write. However, being a “medic” on many an Ill-fated tour in the blasted northern waste-lands and latter on, a patrol commander, it is something I am used to. Here now is my history told as truthfully as time and memories will allow me to tell.

I was born in a small fishing village a week’s travel from The Great City Spur. The Village started off (as I have been told) as a small backwater human hamlet. As Spur began to grow in military and mercantile might, it was soon discovered that the location of the village would be a prime spot for small vessels to off-load their goods for overland travel into the City of Rathen. As such the town grew and attracted a small number of Leuians. These first Kyn were impressed with the human’s devotion to both Rinnain and Odarous, or at least that is what I assume for eventually a small Pride took hold. The human and Pride were able to work more-or-less on friendly terms. It was here that I grew up.

My childhood was...not on per for most Leuian children. My father had given in to drink and on occasion would “educate” my mother on here proper role of “khat’sara”. My Mother fearing more for my well-being did her best to placate my father so as too keep me from his wrath. I wish I could write more about this but (and thankfully I might add) many of these early memories have been stricken from my mind. Perhaps it is some small blessing from Odarous; perhaps I am not as strong as I think myself. The Pride was never aware of my father’s actions mostly because he was the most battle-hardened among them. And perhaps it had something to due with the fact he was the khat’yr among them as well. I will not speculate as too the Prides inactions, for that is not my place. What I do now is that it all came to a head when I was a lad of only 12 years.

Too put it shortly my mother killed my father. I don’t remember how, only that she did. We fled and found ourselves in a village of outcaste. The years I spent there were some of my happiest. Yet for all that I was quickly being led off the path of Honor. If not for my mother I would have become a Tarr’khat, of this I am positive. After a number of years our village came under attack by one of the many armies to move through the land seeking to sack Spur. We were saved by a roaming band of Odarouian Knights, who due to my mothers insistence, took me on to serve as a squire and latter as a Sword Cleric.

That more or less brings me up to the present. I had a year and a half “vacation” from the city as I accompanied a contingent of missionaries into the north-lands. Upon my return to the city I had “finally” completed my Mentorship under our now khat’yr Hott and was granted the Honor of being elected Claw-Master of the Pride of Spur. I suppose that my life and up-bringing could explain some of my behavior. I never truly felt the same loathing for the serpents and Tarr-khats of Spur as my more honorable kyn have. I also have an easier time relating and forming friendships with the huge number of lakar that make up Spurs population. With luck and the blessings of Odarous I will continue to serve my kyn and my temple as best I can. It is my fervent hope that perhaps I can one day save a Leuian from falling off the path of Honor as I had almost did. Until that day…

Walk with Honor

Dathis Talkon


Cleric of Odarous


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