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Weldoian Celtus Sesca-oskaloq

Secian Heart Cleric of Sa

Autobiography ...

"Honestly, I MUST get another scribe. Talkin' about me...and calling me crazy! How absurd!! Alas, he's persuaded me to write something, claiming it to be the duty of a Historian. Well, I'm not entirely sure about that. I keep telling him that no one is truly interested in reading about boring ol' me, but he insists, so, I get him off my back!

Anyhow, I was born Weldoian Celtus Sesca, in a little town named Diamond's Leaf. It was quiet, little village on an island in the Northern Seas, pretty far from New Secia, I think. The town was settled there by a small group of Elindalian Secians, of which my mother was a part of. One day, the Bond of the village's most respected Secian came, joined by a Draco and her Chosen. Her Chosen was my father. Obviously, my mother and father met, wed under Elindale's blessing, and gave birth to me. There, I grew up, raised lovingly by my mother and father, and watched and guided by Elindale.

On my twenty-first birthday, my parents approached me and gave me a single gift. A pouch, with thirty-five gold and a leaf from an oak tree. "To support you financially and spiritually," my mother had told me. My father's Bond, named Rhywhi'a, then flew me to New Secia, where she saw me off. I was to go to Spur, to learn of Elindale's greatness. Didn't get to see much of Secia, but from what I did see, I suddenly felt like I was truly leaving home.

The ship, named the Ironic Soul, was a very poor ship. If ye imagine a pirate's ship, with no treasure and men with two wooden legs, I think ye can imagine the state of the ship. My parents were probably barely able to afford boarding on this parents ne'er did place much value on money. They didn't really need to...after all, Diamond's Leaf was a very close-knit community. Rather like a Flerian burrow...only, without the kleptomania. Villagers shared everything, and what they didn't have, Elindale provided them, in some way. So money ne'er was really important. Anyhow, the ship didn't have a direct route to Spur. It had elsewhere to go, so it was three years before I actually reached the Spur.

Such a big city to put a little Secian in. On my way from the docks, I was surrounded by a bunch of rogues...this was way before the Orks managed to dominate the Rogues, when the rogues were the most common creature found outside the gates of Spur. Anyhow, they began to harass me, constantly eyeing my pouch of gold. I dropped the bag, flew up into the air, and flew into a nearby tree, all the while crying, praying that Elindale would protect me. In that tree, I stayed until the next day, when I gathered enough courage to return to where I was assaulted. There, I found my bag, devoid of gold. But, I wasn't concerned with the gold. I looked in the bag, and found nothing. I looked around the area, finally finding what it was I sought. The oak leaf my parents had given me lied there, crumbled. I fell to my knees and began to cry, praying and hoping that Elindale hadn't forsaken me. And if She did, why?

I entered Spur, and there met a Secian Saian woman named Pebbella...for the life of me, I can't remember her last name...anyway, she was a kind woman, and helped me get my foot planted in the new city life. Though, I doubt anything she could have done could have prepared me for Soros. If anything, his onslaught confused me terribly. I'd rather not go into the results of this confusion, but suffice it to say, it produced the Dog and the King. But, on a brighter note, I think it was also the birth of my pursuit for knowledge. At the time, I was unaware of Soros' earlier onslaughts, and I began to study him. I, in my youthful ignorance, thought every discovery I made in the Library was one ne'er before made. Of course, it was, for me, but to the world, it was nae. Anyway, it was this study that gave way to the "Sorosologist." Had a badge and everything. When Soros was defeated finally, I ended my pursuit, seeing no reason left to be a "Sorosologist." In hindsight, 'tis rather humorous, but however it be, it gave way to the pursuit of knowledge I now have. In fact, I do believe my "Sorosologist" badge be still buried somewhere under Town Square Central...under the fountain there is I remember correctly. During this time, I also meant a Khat, by the name of Paratwa Oskaloq. Little did I know that later in my life, Paratwa would adopt me into the Oskaloq family, something I hold with pride and honor.

As most know, I am no longer Elindalian. Indeed, I be Saian. Why did I convert? At the time, I wasn't really sure. All I knew then was that I needed a change. Now, I think it was a combination of youthful exploration and of Pebbella's influence. I ne'er was a very faithful when I was young. Though, I could ne'er tell my parents. 'Twould kill them if they found out. And so, I left Elindale for SA. One could say the crumbling of the oak leaf was a sign of what was to come. Mayhaps it was. I don't know. I do know that the change was, I think, for the better.

Shortly after my conversion, I met up with a young Secian Saian by the name of Rosi Isor. By this time, I had met a great many people from all walks of life, and made many friends. Rosi was among these, but it quickly developed into more. We were married by an Odarian priest, due to lack of Saian ones, relatively short after our meeting. During our courtship, or after our wedding, I met a young Draco named Bizzy Bonecrakea. We became Chosens, and I began to think that my life couldn't get any happier. A Chosen and a wife all in a relatively short amount of time. 'Twas like a miracle. Alas, 'twas nae meant to be.

I got word of a pirate raid of an island in the Northern Seas one day, and had to leave immediately, fearing it to be Diamond's Leaf. Alas, there were no direct routes to this island, and I had to take a trip to New Secia. When I arrived, I took flight and tried to follow Rhywhi'a's course as best I could remember. I was bit off course, but I managed to find the small island. From the air, it seemed unscathed, and my heart gave a tiny wish that everything was fine. But, something deep inside me knew that all wasn't as it seemed. I landed and made my way to the village. When I arrived, I was devastated. All around me lay dead bodies, Secian and Dragon alike, and burning huts. Helpless and crying, I screamed out the name of my father, of my mother, of any villager I could think of. But my cries were unanswered. I became numb to the immense pain clawing at my heart, and blankly and unthinkingly began to bury the dead bodies. Days later, as the ashes of the huts cooled and thin trails of smoke rose high into the air, above the forest canopy, I took flight and headed for Secia.

When I arrived there, I began asking around about what happened. I was comforted by many of the Secians and Dragons there, but none knew what had happened. I stayed with an elderly couple, the Rosebud family, and one night, they were approached by a mysterious man, who claimed to have heard of my inquiries and told them to relay a message to me. The next morn, at breakfast, they told me what the man had said. The man had told them that many years before, the many parents of my village were approached by an owl who told them a riddle. The parents interpreted the riddle to mean that they had to send their children out into the world, lest their village be destroyed. If, when the owl returned, no children were present, the village would be saved. A year or two passed when the owl finally returned, and left without incident. The villagers thought that the worst was over. The next day, a ship, named Ironic Soul, approached the coast of the island, and opened fire. The Dragons fought valiantly, the Secians healed superbly, but they were no match for the catapults onboard the ship, and the pirates on land. The Dragons, now dead, left behind several Secians, among which was, supposedly, my father, all of whom were praying fervently to Elindale to spare them, to save them. As the pirates closed on the village, a young Secian, who was visiting the town, revealed that he was the son of one of the villagers. The villagers barely had enough time to be shocked as the pirates fell upon them, slaughtering them and burning the village. When no treasure was found, the pirates left, off into the sea.

When I heard this, I began to go into a slight depression. At first I hoped that what the man had said was false, but the patron of the Rosebud family told me that stranger had left me an item to show his authenticity. The item was a diamond ring, and within the diamond was a small golden dragon. The Rosebuds, being Rinannian, were unsure of what it meant, but I knew, and SA would not lie to me. I left the city and headed back to Spur, longing to be in the arms of my wife and Chosen.

My journey took four months, but I finally arrived home. I entered the Caersach, then unexplored and Treehaven unfounded, and cried out to Elindale why She had forsaken my parents, the people of my village. Of course, she gave no answer to me, and I laid down and began to cry. As I cried, a black bear approached me. Buried in sorrow, I had no fear. If the bear were to eat me then, 'twould be a release. The bear approached me and laid down beside me, calmly licking my face. It's warmth lulled me into a deep sleep, and ne'er have I e'er rested as well as I did then. When I awoke, the bear was gone, and I left for the city. Not long after I got home, Rosi approached me and told me heartbreaking news. Thinking and fearing I was dead, she had fallen in love with another man, a friend of mine, named Rixinon Corinth. I was rather calm when I heard the news, and we soon after had a divorce. Nonetheless, I was still devastated, and entered a deeper depression. More than ever, I clinged to Bizzy for comfort and support, fearing I'd lose him as well, and praying fervently that I wouldn't.

Then, the day came, where I thought my fears had came true. I had slept in the house of Aeslyn after a party she had held the night, and awoke to kyn screaming my name, telling me that Bizzy had begun to feel pains, and that his staging was imminent. I rose quickly and headed for the door, only to find it locked. I began screaming, both in mind and in voice, for help. I began scratching at the door, hoping that I could get to Bizzy in time. I was finally freed, and I rushed to Bizzy's side, and his staging went smoothly, staging, eventually, to a nice Sapphire. A feeling of great joy had overcome me, and I thought that now, my pain would end and that me and Bizzy would live and be happy for many years to come. Alas...

One day, Bizzy told me he had to leave, and that he would try to come back. I told him that I understood and would be waiting for him when he returned. He never did. I waited for years for his return, all in vain. A few months before the Plaque, I officially gave up on ever seeing him again. I don't know what happened to him, and I'm not sure I want to. Wherever he be, dead or alive, I want to remember him as I do. Will I ever Bond again? I'm not sure. I may or may not. I've changed much since me and Bizzy bonded, and well, to be honest...I'm not sure there's a Dragon out there who can handle me as I am now. Most Dragons agree that a Diamond Drake is impossible, that one can ne'er stage Diamond. Mayhaps their right...mayhaps I shall ne'er find my Diamond Drake. Mayhaps I search in vain.

It's been a long sixty-seven years here in Spur. I have seen much violence, much death, but also many wonderful things, and meet many people, both wonderful and not so wonderful. My faith in SA has grown tenfold since my conversion, and now, the idea of converting to another god, or returning to Elindale, is absurd. SA has saved my life several times, and now, it seems, placed in me in care of His Rose, and for that, I am truly honored and unworthy. Yet, as devoted as I am to SA, Elindale remains in my heart. Mayhaps that is why I am so fond of bears, and keep bears close to me. I could ne'er imagine me with any other pet, or any other clothing besides bearskins. Indeed, the clothes I wear now seem foreign and awkward. But, it must be. No longer am I the carefree young, annoying Secian with the incomprehensible accent. Now, I be a grumpy annoying old Secian Cleric Sage. Don't get me wrong, I don't regret being where or who I am. I am content with where I am and who I be. Some have called me crazy, some have called me fool, some have called me gobbie. I suppose that parts of all three of these names bear some truth to who I am, but I don't think there's a definite word that can describe me. Whether ye call me Sage, Alarian, fool, gobbie, Old Man, grump, Grandpa, Cleric, or Secian...there be only one thing I am for sure. And Weldo.

Penned this day, the twenty-fifth day of the eleventh month in the year 312 AC, by: Weldoian C. Sesca-oskaloq


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