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Yu'Lin Rochelet

Fir Elf Forester of Elindale

Blessed Son of Elindale

Autobiography ...

Yu'Lin Rochelet - Forester of Elindale

• Lin Rochelet was born in the firian city of F'ythlinol'Rochin a half-century before. His father was Siles, Yu of the House Rochelet, otherwise known as Yu'Siles. His mother was Ivisa, a priestess of Elindale. He was the firstborn of this mating, and has no siblings that he knows of. Both his mother and father are deceased.

• At the tender age of 7, as is customary for the firstborn of a Sal'riEndale (translation from old firian : Blessed Son of Elindale), Lin was given completely into the care of another Sal named D'Shylethinor as an Esa'riEndale (translation : Child-Knight of Elindale), to be trained in the ways and teaching of the Sal'nathirnol {translation from old firian : Order of the Brotherhood}. He spent twenty-one years with D'Shy, learning and growing in the Order until he finally became accepted as a full Sal, although his passage was marred by the death of his teacher. After this time, Yu'Lin spent the next several years in study and solitude at the Monastery Elo, one of the three monasteries dedicated strictly to the Order. Ten years ago, Yu'Lin was ordered to pick up and move to Spur by the Order, as there was enough of a firian population growing there that the Order's leadership decided a Sal was needed in the area. Yu'Lin was chosen since he had no ties to the area of the monastery.

• Once in Spur, events took him far and wide for the next several years. He slowly advanced in the Spurian Guild of Foresters as well as the Elindite Church there. He met and married Perkin Firtree, a most stunning young maiden. They together had 4 children: Gilgalad, Elyesse, Arias, and Kithrael, as well as the demi-god Lundyl. He has fought a long and agonizing war against the demi-goddess Shalastra and her (now dead) HighPriestess Solla. He joined and eventually became the leader of the Circle of Honor before it's disbanding. Yu'lin was also knighted by the city of Spur, just a couple of months before the invasion of the Lords of Chaos. He also helped found the Knights of Elindale, and held the position of Temple Ranger for a time before resigning to remove himself to private life once again.

• The past few years have been hard on the old elf. Gilgalad has since returned to the Monastery Elo and is now in training to become a Sal himself. Arias returned to the Great Forest to spend his days with his mother's ancestral family. The plague caused much grief, including the loss of his Knight title, and even more devastating, took his wife Perkin down with sickness, from which she eventually died. Since that time, he moved to the city of Treehaven, to spend as much of his time as possible recovering the skills and knowledge he lost in the horror that was the plague.

• Religious Notes :

Yu'Lin is a Sal'riEndale, meaning he belongs to a group know as the Sal'nathirnol. This is a group of firian Foresters and Clerics that not only follows the basic teaching of the Elindite Church, but also follows a code set down by their founder, El'Shinar some 5000 years ago. They've existed since then as teachers, guardians, and protectors of firian society in general in whatever manner the Goddess and the leaders of the Order so deem. Yu'Lin has been a Sal for so much of his life, that life apart from it is not something he can relate to at all.

• That said, religion affects him only so far as the vows of his Order demands - and these are the tenants that he will fight for and die by if necessary. They stress patience, understanding, and defense, as well as a loose concept of honor. When it comes to specifics of dogma and day-to-day ritualistic beliefs, he holds little that is stated by the various denominations of the Church as worth much attention. Spirituality is viewed and judged by Elindale herself and as a whole (in his opinion), not by the nit-picky deeds done for reasons outside love of thegoddess.

• His name is also based upon religious beliefs. His Family, or House name, is Rochelet, one that goes back as far as the Sal'nathirnol themselves. His given name is Lin. His Asaer (loose translation: Ancestor of Name), Yu, says that he is a Sal'riEndale from the House Rochelet - it designates honor to the first of his lineage, Yu'Sa'Chyn who was one of the founding members of the Order. Every descendant of Yu'Sa'Chyn over the past 5 millennia has carried the Asaer Yu, as Yu'Lin does so now.

• Other Notes :

Most of Yu'Lin's beliefs and convictions come from his history and his religious standings. He is fiercely loyal to those he has seen as worthy of being loyal to - those who are very close friends, family, and those worthy of respect and honor. Getting a basic promise out of him is rather easy - and since his memory is rather lacking, simple promises mayor may not get done. But when he gives his word, or vows, you can count upon it.

• Yu'Lin, having seen the poverty that was his village during his stay near it and afterwards in the monastery, came to the conclusion that he would never have a want or need for money outside the basic necessities. Therefore, he is generally very generous with his coin, giving it and any minor possession to those in more need than himself. He's spent much of his life ( until recently ) in debt due to handing out his money to others.

• Yu'Lin's experiences and adventures have led him to be one to think and consider before he acts, although he has been known on rare occasion to act on feelings alone. He therefore possesses a good deal of wisdom and common sense.

• Yu'Lin's other more notable characteristics are best summed up as such : he's stubborn as a brink wall, and he's a bit of a flirt. He likes to spend about half his time alone hunting, not only to raise skills but because it allows him quiet time away from the noise of others. He also strongly dislikes the city of Spur, and views "Th'Merchant City" as a "sewer on its best o'days".

• Yu'Lin's weapon of choice is the one taught to him by his mentor D'Shy - the longbow. It is the ceremonial and preferred weapon of the Order, and one that Yu'Lin wields with skill. His melee weapon of choice is the Vilythi Axe - a traditional firian axe tied in with the Order.


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