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Rylek Grey

San Elf Fighter

Autobiography ...

I was not always "The Dark Knight," as some would call me, that the Spur knows today. In fact, in my younger years all I could think of was becoming a famous merchant of Rathan. I would like to release some little known information about myself and my history before I made my way to this fine city, so that those of you who have interest may know more about Spur's Knight.

I was born just outside a little town called Nopont, but lived most of my life in Rathan. My father was a Noble in the city, who grew rich, but seemingly did little work to earn his way. I know very little about my mother and sister, except that they were not welcome to join my father at home in Rathan with my brother Rytul and I. As my father was a very religious man, and eventual High Priest of Rathan's Setite temple, I too joined it's ranks. I learned much of how the world worked during this time, and will never forget the lessons taught to me.

While Rytul advanced farther into the priesthood, I practiced my skills as a merchant. I met a Frontacian one day by the name of Rauland Gualamos. He was hoping to join Rathan's Merchant Guild just like myself, only Rauland had a raw, natural talent for making people want to buy something they really didn't need. We later formed a partnership of sorts, in which I would supply all the money needed to get our business started, and he would sell the items. Needless to say, our business, as short lived as it was, flourished. My father passed away soon after Rauland and I were officially named as members of Rathan's Merchant Guild. My brother took over as High Priest in my father's place and I continued with business as usual. This is just about when things started to go wrong.

Unfortunately, unexpected circumstances that I would rather not go into, forced Rytul and I out of Rathan. It could not have come at a worse time, as both of our careers were very time consuming and continuing from outside of Rathan was just not an option. So sadly, we packed our things, left our former lives behind, and set out for Spur.

Of course, this story does have a happy ending. As here I am, Sir Rylek Grey of Spur's Noble Council, telling you all of this. I like to think of myself as a man of intelligence and experience. I will not deny that I have made many mistakes in my past. But in doing so, I have learned something new from each one. This, among many other things, is what I contribute to our city. I am not sure what fate has in store for all of us, but I am of the firm belief that things will continue to get better, and our fine city will prosper as always.

Good day,
Sir Rylek Grey

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