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dgate history and lore

OOG-RA - Table of Contents
:: Please submit Oog-ra History ::
:: Oog-ra Cookbook ::


Missing Documents ...

We are currently missing sections on Oog-ra History and Lore. If you have submissions please contact the webmaster so they may add them to the library.

Oog-ra Cookbook ...

[This article was originally presented in the July 1, 1997 Issue of the Dragon Fire Chronicles, entitled "The Official Oog-ra Cookbook" by Tarth Ottaba.]

Throughout my years of scribing and examining different races and religions of spur I have made some insignificant discoveries. My kind is sent forth to obtain knowledge, and share it with the rest of my peers, and I have done so for many years. As my time grows thin, and my age surpasses my ability to travel the lands, my experiences are vital, because they are so few now. The most known people of my race have been awarded with great riches for finding such lost relics and mystical scrolls that would change the known world. I myself have never reached that status, nor will I ever. I have never really done anything spectacular, nor will I ever. I have never been recognized for my work, nor will I ever. I have been a poor miserable soul that has been ridiculed by my race for my excessive failure.

My latest discovery will show my race I am not the failure they think I am, but a genius in my own right. Through years and years of searching the great tundra of the northern mountains, I stumbled upon a horde of people from the Oog-ra race. I had never seen so many of their kind in one place, and was astonished by them. I conversed with these beasts for many days and studied their bizarre culture. They ate excessively, anything they could find, even rocks, anything. At one time I though my own life was in danger as one Oog-ra seemed as though he had me in mind for a meal, but that soon passed. After 9 sunsets, the cold was to great for me, so I brought my diary back with me to the great city of Uitabal to show my peers of my discovery.

Needless to say, they weren't impressed, they hardly cared about any one Oog-ra never mind a whole clan of them, so after a couple more days, I ventured back to the camp of beasts.

Much to my surprise...the camp had been raided and destroyed. Everywhere, these innocent beasts had been slain and pillaged. Oog-ra bodies littered the area and there was no sign of life. I stood over one of the slain corpses and a single tear strolled down my face and fell upon the beasts chest, as the tear hit, one massive Oog-ra stepped out of the shadows and introduced himself.

He told me of the massive war that had occurred between his race and the massive Thugian Armies who were out to eliminate his kind forever. He told me amazing stories of battle and how his people fought valiantly, but failed. We talked for hours of his race and told me that he would bury his friends, and make his way to the great city of Spur to start his life anew. With that he handed me this book of ancient Oog-ra recipes, and strode off to begin his life in the grand city of Spur

So I give you the writings of Tarth Ottaba............

Rat Sticks

  • 1 Rat (can be of giant, killer, or rodent veriaty)
  • Sharp stick (A good slash weapon is ok too)

Stick stick in rat....enjoy

(hold your breath, they get HARDER)

Mug Beer Soup

  • 1 Mug Beer (also known as Mugger)
  • Mixing Pot
  • Good slash weapon
  • Good Bash weapon

Find a nice meaty Mug Beer who looks like would make good eats, Cut Mug Beer up into lots and lots of little peices. Put pieces of Mug Beer into nice big Mixing Pot. Bash Pot real hard, pour Mug Beer soup into mouth.

Raven Pie

  • 1 annoying raven
  • Pie Crust
  • Good slash weapon
  • Good Bash weapon

Walk to the Town Square of your city and wait for annoying raven to say something bad 'bout Oog-ra (won't take long). Bash Raven and put in pie. If Raven owner feels that you are treating his bird badly, feel free to put Bird Owner in Pie as well

Newbie Nachos

  • 1 Newbie who persists on asking dumb questions like
  • Copy of Manual

Find annoying Newbie who insists on asking one stupid question over and over. Ask newbie politely to stop 37 times. Shove copy of Manual down newbies throat, tell him to read manual or turn into Newbie Nachos

*note there is no real recipe, it is just to scare newbies*

Palm Crab Cookies

  • 1 Palm Crab
  • 1 Rezzer

Decide with somebody that you are going to hunt a palm crab down. Find a nice meaty Palm Crab, Attack Palm Crab, get rezzed, attack palm crab, get rezzed, attack palm crab, get rezzed again, finally kill palm crab! Open Palm Crab and enjoy!

Khitty Ka-bobs

  • 1 Leuian (shouldn't be hard, there are about 6 in every room)
Find Khitty ......
chase khitty ......
No Really Keep Chasing ......
ahhh I never caught one either, don't feel bad......

Secian Pancakes

  • A couple cute little secians (Sesha, Rixi, Benni, Livina will do just fine)
  • Syrup
    just tickle secian till they are on ground
    then hop on them
    pile Secians on top of each other and add syrup


    This was all of the book that remained, the rest had been burned along with the Oog-ra camp, I would like to thank Tarth himself for allowing me to scribe this and let the rest of us view this extrodonary document, hopefully he will right another soon, and give to me so that I may publish that one as well....................

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