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dgate history and lore

PSYCIAN - Table of Contents
:: Ancient Psycia ::
:: The Stars Rise ::


The Psycian Herald ...

Visit old news articles regarding Psycian History and Lore.

Ancient Psycia ...

Lore of a People.

This is a history compiled from scrolls and parchments, from tales and myths,and from  ancient artefacts and art.  It is a tale of  a race starting  as far back as they are mentioned.  The fact that it is so ancient in nature what  is truth and what if  tale is hard to discern. The story is compiled in  an honest and unedited version as possible.

It all starts wish a small island, the island is a forbidden place, a place where explorers and brave peoples have adventured and not returned.  The frontician people had made it a mythical place to scare children. Tales of a race, very small in stature with big fangs, filthy and covered in dried and drying blood.  Of  there never ending lust for death and destruction.  Possibly even canabalism.  The people of the island where pure evil, pure death.  The woman kind of the race where said to eat there young and lust after any male they can get there hands on. They bred like rabbits and destroyed and used up all the resources about them.  Thus the children where scared and did as they where told apon threat of being set adrift on a boat toward this island of terror.

Over decades the stories turned into fairytales, and an expedition of some strength was sent to investigate this so called island of terror. Apon setting foot on the beach, it became obvious that much carnage over the years had occurred on this land.  Bleached bones scattered everywhere.  Skulls hung in the trees.  The landing party could see what looked like small hairy people running at the edge of the woods but where not approached or attacked.  So they explored deeper, keeping a keen eye on the movement at the edge of there vision.  After a few hours they came the edge of a field of mud and bone huts. In the middle of the field stood thirty filthy dirty small people. They where armed all with sharpened bones and sticks and large rocks.  The mass of them seethed with anger and hatred as they looked at the party from the mainland. Then all of a sudden the mass attacked as more of there kind came from there hiding spots in the woods. The ambush sprung the frontician’s where quick to respond, there runes blazing they quickly decimated the small peoples almost to the last one.  As quick as that the island was conquered.

(a gap exists at this point as no writings can be found or stories are to vague to quote)

After months of occupation the frontacians had documented this new race.  The men of the race where so violent in nature it seemed it was all they knew.  The woman folk where pure breeding fodder for the men, almost always pregnant, replacing the fallen.  There was several small tribes scattered on the island all at war with each other.  The island itself was almost a paradise of raw materials.  Wild fruit bearing trees abounded and the ground was full of minerals.  In the middle of the island  was a grand waterfall with a large pond at its base breaming with wild fish.  The fronticians decided it was best to help this new race out. In hopes that it could one day be a produce part of the newly forming empire.  It was more experiment then anything else,  a few of the race where shown some primitive cultural advances and taught some basic life skills.  After a year or so of  lessons in living the frontacians left the island for all purposes.  Once a month one scribe would make the trip and observe from hiding how far along the culture had come.  And the culture did come along, much farther and faster then expected.

Long after the fronticians left, the peoples of the island talked of the god like people who threw fire from there fingers and called death from rain.  They slowly shifted from violence, this freed up so much time for improving things for themselves.  They developed the spark of a culture based on hunting and fishing.  But the golden day is not marked anywhere but it is said, one of the menfolk out fishing on a calm day found with the hatred and pain gone from his mind, the pure peacefull serenity only attainable to the elightened,  that some stirred within his mind, an inner light, a deeper understanding, a power.  This fisherman whose name is lost as well, returned to his village and as best he could explained the stirrings, the sense of wonder and power he had felt.  Thus the first circle of meditation was formed and psionics was discovered.  This psionic power is not even close that we know of today.  It was raw, untrained, unfocused.  With this discovery the people of the island grew rapidly in culture and arts.  They quickly gained insights way beyond there society.  It was on one of the visits by the not before seen sage from the mainland that the power to sense others minds and to read there thoughts was discovered. And the peoples learned that they where being watched.  The great community thought was soon to grow, as each person opened there minds to those of the rest of the village.  Soon the whole village was one communal mind.

The fronticians surprised at the rapid growth of these people dropped the pretense of study and once more sent envoys to the island.  The islanders knew the people to be the ones from the legends, the walking gods.  But as there minds made contact they knew them for what they are.  They understood there nature and thus began the close tie between themselves and those of the mainland.  Some of the islanders made there first trip to the foreign shore.  The woman folk, who still had the primal urges deep within them learned quickly that a great wealth could be earned pleasing the men folk of the mainlanders.  Great wealth was gathered this way and sent back to the people on the island.  The men folk who made the journey where hired as guards and in the army as there legendary fighting skills and inherently violent nature was just assumed from the ancient legends.  These men folk soon proved to be less then effective with arms and armor and where soon limited to working in rich households and novelty guards.

Soon the fronticians decided it best that access to the island be opened up as the natural resources would be easier to access. A great magical bridge was begun linking the two lands.  During this period the psionics of those wise enough amongst the island people grew more ordered and controlled.  They discovered they could do more then just listen and talk with there minds.  Small control over the things around them could be done.  A decision was made to form a group to further study this and thus the psionic order was formed in it root form.  The study quickly learned the basic principle that blocked there kind from elightenment so many years ago.  Violent thoughts and anger immediately block psionic power.  If one of the study could force himself to get angry enough he could no longer feel the power at all.  So the pacifistic nature was mandated as the basic principle for all who wished
to be of the psionic order.

Not long after it was begun the bridge was complete and the lands where joined.  At this point the fronticians began to learn of the nature of  new found peace amongst the islanders. They where jealous but knew that this psionic power was a great tool that could further there designs on a grand empire.  The psionic order was nurtured with help from the fronticians.  The advance in knowledge was rapid and impressive.  Soon the novelty guards where joined by a psionic advisor and messanger.  The woman folk of the island race having no need to further the wealth of the island moved from there less then savoury past times to that of religion.  The peacefull meditative state that was the new standard for all of the islanders was conducive to learning and religion. The two races soon meshed deeply together, the islanders always though as the guests.

It was soon discovered by the best of the psionic order that peoples of other races had the small glow of the power hidden deep in there minds, these people where rare, but they needed to be trained for fear of what would happen had they been left to there own designs.  It was also discovered that those who had taken up the life of guards and the like could not fully develop there powers, they where blocked partially by the inherent violence in the professions.  Initially there was a drive to get the whole race under the fold of the psionic order, completely washing all violent professions from there kind. This was resisted as it was pointed out the people still needed the hunters and fisherman of the home lands and the churches needed the swords and hands to protect there followers.  Thus a small splinter of the society was allowed to follow paths other then the psionic way.  This small group was still required to attend psionic lessons so as not to fall all the way back to the heritage of the violent animals they used to be.

These people, these psycians, soon helped to build what was to become the frontician empire.  The two races standing as one. And there story is well known from that point on.

The Star Rises ...

As far back as history goes, where tales and myths combine, where folksong writes the Past, this be the tale of the psycians and where it all began.

We sit in meditation, safe on our secluded island.  Peace and harmony are the strings strummed on the refined instrument of minds.  Though sensing others different from us who dwell on the lands across the water, we are satisfied.  We need nothing more and harbor no desire to rise beyond the here and now.  Contentment reigns as we muse away Time, complacent in the serenity of a pristine unfettered Isle.

Yet, an undercurrent ripples through thought. Our greatest minds stir and warn of the coming, the coming of the others who will be a force of change. Still untroubled, we continue to place trust in the wisdom of our elders for which direction the wind shall blow.

Tis a day of decision, a day of change, the day they arrive: a small roughly carved boat of pale tall ones. Our elders remain unsure and have not yet decided. To rise from where we are, or to stay?  As with many things of similar nature, it is quickly done: a thought planted here and there, a false vision in the sleep.  The strangers depart the Isle, never having truly seen us, never having truly known us. They will return to their Courtyards bearing stories of a barbaric race of simple people. We need more time to ponder these new pale ones and their impact on our state of mind.  Yet time eludes. For a day, or is it a decade, the strange visitors mingle as our elders ponder and meditate. Finally a decision is made: we must accept what is to become and recognize the impossibility of avoiding both these others, and the outside world, forever.

Our way is not theirs. They are avid expansionists, possessing steeped knowledge of the rune magick that we barely knew existed.  Despite all their violence and haste, they are far more advanced culturally than we ever imagined.  Our young are quickly swept up within the mix of our races. This blend of psycian wisdom and patience coupled with the intelligence and desire of the pale ones forges a strong bond.  A few of the less refined of our kind quickly slip into the decadence and wealth of this place. Its lure is potent. They lose sight of inner peace, delving into places where the flesh is worshipped and desires reign supreme. Yet, all in all, it seems the worst fears of the elders are not to be.

We are welcomed guests and swiftly find place as equals in all parts of life.  Our patience, insight, and noble ways afford us ready access to the Great Houses as they seek our counsel. Courtiers, confidantes, scribes, muses, healers, advisors, we have found a new way that seems to suit us. Our minds are ever enlightening, our powers blossoming. It is such growth that brings respect and self-accomplishment. Together with the pale ones, we could rule all the lands, bringing learning and peace to the barbarians of the outside world.

Time passes and things change. We come to learn our folly well. Blindness to the spark of jealousy that grows in some of the pale ones' eyes has led to our downfall. We have become what we most feared all those years in the Ancient home. Bewildered and angered by our own oversight, we strike out in revenge at the pale ones' dabbling in our sacred gift. Our ploys and mechanisms engineered at the highest levels of politics lead to many a pale one losing life. The very Empire is now on the verge of collapse and we use our powers to chip further at its supports. Soon there shall come an accounting and I fear we are not of the mindset to be on the winning side.

The pale ones will outgrow us, then what...

**Writings recovered from what is believed to be a philosopher's general musings before the day the star fell to the ground**

Shannia and Allandra

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