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dgate history and lore

Table of Contents
:: Please submit Usil Elf History ::
:: A Study of Elidan and the Usil Elves :: ::
:: The Creation of the Elves :: ::
:: The White Forest Village :: ::


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A Study of Elidan and the Usil Elves


Elidan, once home of the beings called Usil Elves, is located in a large mountain in the northwest section of the Great Divide, close to the sea. Many centuries ago, when the Usils near exclusively lived in this land, Elidan was a place of great beauty and held untold knowledge of the world at large.


Many of the buildings in Elidan were styled spacious and tall with high ceilings and many windows, allowing natural sunlight to enter the room, though the Usils frequently used mage lights and candles as well. The choice of material depended on what the building was used for.

Moonsilver was primarily used to construct the academies as well as the Watch Towers (see below for more detail). Marble and crystalla were used in harmony for the many libraries as well as the structures of government.

The Watch Towers are a feat of accomplishment for the Usils of Elidan. They were created approximately in the year 3000 BF and placed at the four bottom corners of the mountain. Mages were stationed at the four Watch Towers, guarding Elidan from brigands and other enemies. The Watch Towers were connected by communication orbs that also reached the government building, called Cataeli.


Elidan had four minor ruling Houses that watched over their sections of the land. However, the main form of government was the Council of Wisdom, held in the Cataeli building which was located the very top of the mountain and center of Elidan.

The Council of Wisdom had one member from each ruling House as well as seven other members handpicked by the eighth. The eighth member of the Council of Wisdom was called the Sapientia and was the head of the council.

Other Branches

An important part of Cataeli was the Usil House of Knowledge (not to be confused with the libraries which were not part of the government), led by the Knowledge Mistress or Master. The Knowledge Mistress was in charge of sending journeymen out into the world to gather information. One such journeywoman was an Usil named Jhessail Jahanael who lived and learned about the Leuian way of life, even becoming engaged to a Leuian herself.

Cataeli also housed an army filled with numerous mages and clerics. While the army was not used often in Elidan's course of history, the army was especially imporant in the year 1632 BF to fend off a Frontacian army.


There were three types of academies in Elidan. The first type was opened to everyone and taught the basics of academia as well as higher learning in all sorts of subjects. The second type was opened to those who finished the general academy and wished to further their knowledge in magick. Many who entered the second academy usually joined the profession of the mage, though that was not always the case. The third academy, the smallest of the three and considered the least important, was a trade school of sorts where Usils who wanted to learn the various trades would go.


The majority of the Usils belonged to the temples of Rinanni or Sa, though there were those who belonged to the other temples, save Odarous. Surprisingly, a large number of Usils belonged to the temple of Taath.

The Taathian Usils still quested for knowledge as the rest of their kind. The only thing that set them apart from the others was the cruel and sadistic ways these Usils went about it.


Because of the low Usilin birth rate, it was and is not uncommon for Usils to take a mate that is not of the Usilin race. While the Council of Wisdom does not frown upon interracial relationships, they prefer keeping the bloodlines pure. However, members of the four Houses were strictly prohibited from marrying outside of the Usilin race.

Elidan's End

Approximately in the year 1632 BF, the majority of Usils abandoned their home in order to escape a Frontacian army trying to subdue the Usils for their empire and made their way to the White Forest where they still live to this day.

(Usil Elf Lore As Told By)
~~ Maren Vonalte ~~
the 20th day of the 10th month in the year 318 (10.10.04)

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The Creation of the Elves ...

Countless centuries past, in the time of the Great Awakening, it came to pass that the sister goddesses Elindale and Rinanni drew themselves further away from their material spheres, and more into the realms of the gods. As they lessened their direct influence, the sisters decided that they should have caretakers to overseer their respective domains. And thusly, the Elves were created.

Elindale sculpted Her creatures from the fertile soil of the deepest forests. The warm wind that blows over the grasslands She breathed into their bodies, and the vast expanse of Her clear blue skies was captured within their eyes. Eindale called upon the bear, to give Her creations fortitude; Elindale called upon the lynx, to give Her creations deftness; Elindale called upon the lion, to give Her creations fierceness of spirit; Elindale called upon the eagle, to give Her creations acute sight. Her forests were their home, and Her animals their kin. These creatures came to be known as the Fir Elves.

Rinanni took a somewhat different approach than Her sister, as She is wont to do in most things. Rinanni formed Her creations from an idea, bringing forth Her thoughts into reality. As Rinanni loves beauty, She made Her creations pleasing to look upon; as Rinanni loves knowledge, She instilled within Her creations a thirst to seek out knowledge and learn at every opportunity; as Rinanni loves peace, She gifted Her creations with even tempers; as Rinanni loves wisdom, She graced Her creations with discerning and analytical minds. Her creations were vessels, waiting to fill themselves with knowledge. These creatures came to be know as the Usil Elves.

The other gods were not blind to these events, though they had their own issues to attend. However, the Triumvirate known as The Chaos Lords saw opportunity. Moloch, the One of Death. Arioch, the One of Chaos. Evoloch, the One of Change. Through their minions, The Chaos Lords captured several Fir Elves and Usil Elves for their own experiments. Arioch rent their minds and tore their souls, torturing and twisting the Elves into a mockery of the Sisters' creation. Evoloch guided Arioch's hand, remaking the Elves' physical bodies even as his brother warped and perverted their souls. Moloch watched over the tormented Elves, preventing their souls from escaping into the Real of Death, where they would be free of their anguish. After many years, the Chaos Lords had formed the Elves into a dark and twisted shadow of their former selves. Children of Chaos, strong, cunning and ruthless. These creatures came to be known as the San Elves.


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The White Forest Village ...

I know no other way to tell of this legendary village, other than by my own account of its breathtaking visage, that information which I have not acquired through personal contact, I have researched thoroughly. In an attempt to follow in the footsteps of our beloved Jhessail Jahanael I shall write, in my own narrative of the city in the White Forest.

For those who have not seen it, my description will hardly do it any justice, I hope I can accomplish even half of what it provokes when there. This is no ordinary village, for you cannot find it even if you journeyed for a thousand years, diligently and with the finest trackers or hawks. Protected by the most powerful and oldest magicks of the Usilin Mages this city of Silver Walls can only be found if it wishes to be. To gain entry to the gates one must have no ambition other than a selfless desire to enter, only then in a shimmering sprawl of arcing runes does the entrance appear, magnificent in its architecture and grand in scale, gates of interlocking moonsilver adorned upon its surface with crystalla elvish leaves. Finer than the loveliest dancer it beckons and dances before you, and you have only to speak your heart for the gatekeeper to give you passage, if he does not think you worthy, the gates vanish and presume their woodland surroundings once more.

I assure you at this point I embellish not, for many not of my kind have been wrought speechless by entryway and struck dumb at the visage within. Upon entering the threshold the most prevalent sights should be the two towers in the back, nestled betwixt two of the oldest redwoods I have had the pleasure of seeing, taller than a thousand Usils they stretch high to the atmosphere, one baffles at the ability of runes to conceal their splendor. One Ivory and one Gold tower stand in glory, glowing in their respective colours.

The Golden Tower is to be used for the Council of Wisdom, where justice is decided and laws for this fair city are created and carried out. Inside you will find the finest quality furniture and gold inlaid walls you will have ever seen in your lifetime. I suppose when our race abandoned our former dwelling, alchemy was widely practiced, for never in my journeys, and there have been many, or in my readings, there have been even greater, have I seen such craftsmanship or abundance of this precious metal.

The Ivory Tower is a learning temple, as we value this above all other things. Filled with Moonstone archways and floating gardens this tower has more than enough decadent furniture to fill well over 200 Estates. Rows upon rows of literature fill the shelves lined on all circular walls spiraling upward, every kind of book you could ever hope for, resides there. The top portion of this tower stands shelves empty, awaiting the new arrivals that are added every morning. It is a haven for the very old and young, and almost every age in between. This seems to be the Mecca of life for the village, the heart of the city, I believe they say.

The language has changed a bit, having isolated themselves; the Usilin spoken there is even more beautiful than the dialect spoken by many of us now, more refined and ethereal. There are more than a few schooling temples within the city walls and they are not wanting for pupils.

There is also an arching building, shaped as the waning moon to the immediate right of the main road, its purpose, as I was told is primarily astronomy, as they further investigate our understanding of the heavens and their effects on all of Aradath. This structure is one of the more eloquent and highly frequented areas; there are places of learning and classes within to teach all a basic concept of the stars and their wonder.

Lovely gardens and euphoric springs bubble quietly, are scattered heavily by the hand of the Rinanni followers in the city of Silver walls. Their like have never been rivaled I'm sure, lush and green; they are planted precisely so that some flower or other is always in bloom. Its varied tones and colors blend seamlessly into the city and only enhancing the serene nature of the native Usilins.

Most of the Usilin there take residence in the community flats, located to the far left of the main road, the building tall and rectangular is filled with oval balconies and ivy covered arches and, marking each entrance to the homes. Remarkably, each balcony is enchanted so that those on the upper levels may lower themselves with special runic skeleton keys. I have seen magick many many times, but nothing quite so lovely or as functional.

The city breathes a life of quietness; the atmosphere is akin to a library where one wishes to speak in hushed tones, lest you be interrupted some sacred peace. There are temples of worship at each point in the city. The Taathians in this community seem rather subdued, and usually leave the village at some point for lack of ability to practice their religion to the fullest extent, moving across Aradath to Spur or some other hub of activity.

Though my stay was brief in the village, I had experienced kindness and all seemed to have a quiet, introspective disposition, a utopia of calm seeking. More lovely than words I can dare hope to capture its splendor. In the center of the city there is a Statute of an elder Usilin which states "Ellerhani Un Visedaes, Leghanie Un Pori, loosely translated "Knowledge is learned, Wisdom is earned." A lesson all might take to heart, and with that I shall bid you, in my native tongue, "Aliaen".

By Aryianna Laiseit

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