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Psion Class

"The cyclone derives its powers from a calm center. So does a Psion." ~ Claudia Vortex



Psion StarPsions are a class who has devoted their lives to the pursuit and study of psionic ability. While Psycians are the undisputed masters of this ability, most races have at least some potential for psionics. Psions can have great power over others through use of their mental powers. Psions typically devote themselves to the study of all things mind related, and most often are the wisest of any of the people you encounter.

They tend to be deep thinkers and operate under very common-sense methodologies. Many Psions have chosen the path of serenity, as the powers of the mind bring to them enlightenment and discovery that through true mental perfection. Their true mental harmony is ascertainable by calmness of mind, evenness of temper, and composure in every day life.

Psions often tend to be meticulous thinkers and can often be seen around the Psionic Center, or in the Town Square of Spur arguing over various hypothesis and theorems where they can be truly mentally challenged. Feeling the mind is the supreme force above all else, Psions do not worship deities.
Guild Locations

Travel north east from TSC in Spur until you reach a marbled arch with the stars of Psycia engraved upon it. Enter and find the library. Then type "train list all".

Characteristic scores beneficial to a Barbarian adventurer

  • Intelligence, Wisdom, Willpower: Contributes to psi points and is used to power and resist psi abilities. .

  • Constitution: Helpful for high hit points and fatigue which will be necessary early on.

  • Alignment: Orderly, Entropic

  • Especially Suited Races:: Psycian

    Special Abilities

    Psionics is the ability to use only one's mind to affect the world around them

    Elder RP Note


  • The "special rules" are for Psycian Non-psions. As a Psion, train Psi hard, take the meds when you hear voices (assuming you are a Psycian), and that is it. If you are a psion who is not a Psycian, don't even worry about the meds.
  • As for the death part: Death comes after you have not taken your cure for a very long time. It may be hours and hours in game, or just seconds, if you have not played that character for months. If I ever plan on having a Psycian character out of game for a long time, I make sure the cure is the first vial in my inventory.
  • Another death part: If you ever use more psi than you have, you are knocked unconcious, loose all your fatigue, and don't get any back till your psi has fully recharged. Any time this happens, you certainly run the risk of dying from the monsters you were attacking (or the PCs...) But sometimes (1 out of 10 times?) Instead of your fatigue hitting zero, a blood vessel in your brain bursts, and you are dead.
  • Psycian, Non-psions: Level psi to 2...wait till it's been over 14 days IG since your last dose...take the drug and psi drops back to level one. Repeat this process again, and you again drop back to lvl 1. From there on, you wont lose any psi levels for forgetting to take the drug.


    Important Skills
        First Aid

    Stats Important to Class

    ::: Current Skill Rankings :::

    Especially Suited Races

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