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The Races of Aradath ...


Introduction ...

Imagine a three foot tall dragon-like creature that is fond of wine, bad jokes and smoking a pipe and you have a fairly accurate image of a Drag-al. Need an excuse for a party? Find a Drag-al and he or she will very likely have as many reasons as you need for not working on any given day!

Self-assured, flirtatious, easygoing and highly intelligent, Drag-als are not as lazy or as shallow as they might first appear. They have managed to live in infamy with their legendary pranks, which often leave the whole world talking. There is more to the Drag-al than meets the eye.

Background ...

In the eyes of the other inhabitants of the world, these are the new kids on the block with a cloudy history. An expedition of Elves discovered the first known Drag-als living in a remote mountain range at the sight of an old Dragon community. Although Dragon-like in appearance, Drag-als do not have life stages as Dragons do. They do not fly, but are able to breathe spouts of fire. The Imperial Council of Dragons has steadfastly refused to recognize the Drag-al as a race related to them, pointing out that they are not inherently magical as Dragons clearly are.

A rather unscrupulous group of Frontacians discovered that Drag-als were just as valuable to alchemists as Dragons, and Drag-als have periodically been hunted for their "essence". However, due to the large number of drag-als needed to harvest enough usable essence, this practice has been abandoned except in remote areas where suitably mature dragons can't be found.

The mysterious circumstances surrounding this newest race of the world has added to their charm and mystique. They are one of the most intelligent races on Aradath, rivaling even the Usil Elves. Of course, if you ask the Usil Elves, they will insist that Drag-als aren't even close.

Appearance ...

Small Dragon-like beings, lacking wings or usable claws.

  • Scale Color: Black, blue, green, red, white, brown, yellow, orange, brass, copper, gold, silver, and platinum.

  • Eyes: Black, Golden, Silvery, Bronze.

  • Hair: None

  • Temperament ...

    Drag-als love to talk almost as much as they love to drink. They are fun loving, flirtatious jokesters who much prefer sitting with a tankard of ale to earning a living or exploring dangerous territories. They can be as adorable and entertaining as they can be lazy and opinionated. When a Drag-al plays a joke on you, it might not become apparent until weeks or months later.

    Drag-als will greet anyone warmly. They are intensely loyal to those they hold dear and make friends quickly. A notable exception are Monitanians, who regard most Drag-als as worthless and obnoxious distant relatives (It's said that Monitanians have no sense of humor. but experts on the subject profess that they do have a sense of humor -- it's just so different from other races that only Monitanians can appreciate it). Typically Usil Elves and Penthanians have a difficult time understanding the Drag-al sense of humor as well, due to their serious natures. Drag-als tend to be antagonistic towards Dragons for no other reason than they seem to enjoy poking fun at them

    Tendencies ...

    Drag-als love pipes, strong drink, jokes, puns, long stories and fables. They are as apt to get into a deep philosophical discussion as they are to tell the latest lewd joke, and they can do either equally well sober or drunk. Their tongues can be as sharp as their wits. Drag-als don't care much what others think of them. They treat everyone fairly. Cross one or injure one though, and you will find out that they are not just all bravado. They will complain about facing dangers, but their intelligence, sharp wits and quick feet are often the things that will keep your party out of trouble.

    Traits ...

  • Advantages: The ability to breathe fire when desired, though its use is tiring. Natural language facility makes them valuable as interpreters. Thick skin gives drag-als a minimal level of protection against injury. Extremely intelligent. Agile. Versatile. Superior talent for bargaining. Charming and friendly.

  • Hindrances: Small size reduces their effectiveness in physical combat.

  • Abilities: Languages, studies, and all that is magick.

  • Alignment: Orderly, Entropic

  • Professions: None, but you will find numerous Bards & Mages. ~ ALSO: Fighter, Thief, Barbarian or Forester. Clerics are fairly rare, but not out of the question.


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