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The Races of Aradath ...


Introduction ...

Arachnians are a highly intelligent race of spider-like beings. They are one of the oldest races in the world and are known to inhabit parts of the Great Waste. The Great Waste is located on the northern portion of Spur's continent, across the Great Divide.

Background ...

Legend has it that ages ago these beings fought a mighty war with the Penthanians and paid a bitter price for it. The war was going very well for the Arachnians until, just before what was intended to be the death blow to their foes, the Penthanian mages unleashed a previously unknown force in the world, UnMagick. This swept through the Arachnians like a gale, forever stripping their race of the ability to use and control runes.

Needless to say, this changed the course of the war and the Penthanians were victorious. What made the Arachnians' defeat even more painful was that even though they were stripped of the ability to control the runes, they are still able to understand their use on a level that even the mighty Frontacians envy. This has warped the race to the point that all Arachnians follow Chaos and loathe ALL of the races of the world, including themselves.

However, some legends have it that the Arachnians were not the instigators of the war and that prior to their defeat (known as the Great Change); they were actually followers of Order. Additionally, it is also foretold that there will be a day of reckoning with the Penthanians, and that what was lost will be restored.

Reference Material: Frontacian Archives, Imperial Council Histories & Minutes, Penthanian Legend, Ancient Lore, Library of Usil Elves.

Appearance ...

Dark spider-like race, approximately 4-5 feet high. They are very strong and sturdy.

  • Eyes: Black

  • Hair: None

  • Temperament ...

    Mean. They have an axe to grind with anyone who is handy. They are warped and single-mindedly biased against every other race.

    Tendencies ...

    Arachnians are so jealous of any of magick using creatures that they have been known to attack on sight. They do not have a decent bone in their bodies. They have a particularly great hatred of Penthanians because of the 'Great Unmagick'. (A war between the Pents and Arachnians. - See the History Documents for further details.). Arachnian's view Secians as inherently magick, while the arachnians are inherently non magick. Arachnians see in the Secians everything they lost and it really annoys them to an unfathomable degree. They associate freely with Thugians and Oog-ras.

    Note: For those who choose to play a Arachnians, it is not a license to kill without reason. Blatant PVP for the sake of just killing other characters is a violation of Dgate policy. While the game world leaves lots of room for strife and conflict, there is a marked difference between killing for a purpose and just killing anyone you can because you can. For those on the receiving end, Arachnians are nasty individuals. So expect them to behave as such.

    Traits ...

  • Advantages: Natural body armor, expertise with the theories behind alchemy, high resistance to destructive magick and quick recognition of it. They can throw web material to hold an opponent, or bite their pinned opponent with strong fangs. The material needed to spin webs returns slowly after use. Highly intelligent. Very strong, with large carrying capacity. Great with their 'hands'.

  • Hindrances: They cannot use rune-magick and are resistant to beneficial spells. They cannot, or will not, speak Common. Their temperament precludes much interaction with others.

  • Abilities: Throw webs. Fang bites. Slight carapace providing natural body protection.

  • Alignment: Chaotic

  • Professions: Fighter ~ ALSO: Thief, Cleric, Barbarian


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