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The Races of Aradath ...


Background ...

The true origins of the elven races are unknown. Some believe the Usil, the San, and the Fir Elves all rose from the same race many years ago. Others believe the Firs are a creation of Elindale herself, given their knowledge of all things natural. While scholars may debate their origins, no one can deny the untiy between the Fir Elves and nature. The largest Firian community is rumored to be in the Great Forest on Aradath's eastern shore, though no outsiders have ever returned with any description. The largest known concentration of Fir Elves is in Treehaven, a sort of sentimental home for those that have ventured from the Great Forest. The fighting skills of Fir Elves, especially with bows, is legendary throughout the world and throughout the Ages. In fact, Firian archers have a bonus in the missile skill over other races. Their disdain for untruths and waste keep them from ever entering the profession of Thief, and their unwillingness to study 'magick' as other races know it, prevents them from becoming Runemages.

Appearance ...

Humanoid in appearance, the dark skin tone of the Fir Elves helps them travel through the forests undetected. Fir Elves are generally between 5 and 6 feet tall, and while they are lithe and athletic, they aren't among the strongest of the races. Fir Elves are long-lived, between three and four hundred years.

  • Eyes: Light Brown, Dark Brown, Reddish Brown, Hazel, Amber, Dull Black, Pitch Black.

  • Hair: Dull Black, Glossy Black, Reddish Black, Bluish Black, Purplish Black, Light Blonde, Dark blonde, Platinum Blonde, Sandy Blonde, Golden Blonde, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Chestnut Brown, Honey Brown, Sable.

  • Temperament & Tendencies...

    Fir Elves are a headstrong, devoted and caring people. Both quick to anger and quick to love, these people have captured the heart of many adventurers. Fir Elves are close to their forests and at one with the world around them, many content to never leave the wood. They will never get lost in a forest, but might feel very uncomfortable surrounded by the trappings of 'civilization' and city dwellers. Most Firians live a happy and merry life, that is until the forest or its creatures are needlessly threatened or violated. They scoff at their magick using cousins, preferring to limit their studies to calling on nature when needed. Foresters, the preferred profession of most Fir Elves, have the ability to utilize both plants and animals in many ways. While they prefer to wear light armor while hunting and moving silently through the forests, some may don chain armor for combat.

    Relationships ...

    When it comes to other races, Fir Elves are generally most at ease with Anthians. Many outsiders attribute this to the popular Spurian belief that Anthians and Firs were both created by Elindale, but it may be nothing more than a common respect and interest in nature. Relations with the other Elven races can range from tolerant, to disdainful, to violent. Firs and Usils generally get along, but Firs don't care much for the bookworm side of their cousins, preferring to be outdoors with nature rather than cooped up in a library. San Elves, on the other hand, are another story entirely. Most Fir Elves don't even consider the San to be elves at all. San Elves and Fir Elves have a long-documented history of animosity.

    Traits ...

  • Advantages: Excellent bowmen. Added intelligence and familiarity with the forest make the Fir Elf Foresters excellent trackers and guides in forested regions. They blend into shadows and wooded areas exceptionally well when then want to.

  • Hindrances: Fir Elves are not exceptionally strong, so they are not well suited to the hard life of a Barbarian, nor very good at close combat. They may feel some uneasiness in city areas.

  • Abilities: Fir Elves receive a bonus in the use of missile weapons (bows, crossbows, slings). Firian foresters receive a bonus in Skinning, as well as an additional bonus in the use of missile weapons.

  • Alignment: Orderly, Entropic

  • Professions: Forester ~ OTHER: Fighter, Cleric, Bard


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