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The Races of Aradath ...


Introduction ...

Only in knowledge can true strength be found. Such is the path of the Usil. Seekers of knowledge, the Usil Elf is by far one of the most intelligent of all races in Dragonís Gate. Centuries of the Usilís dedication to scholastic pursuit reveals itself in the countless libraries, schools, and museums that exist across todayís known world. However, Usilin accomplishment goes far beyond that of their pedagogic achievements. Indeed, Usil Elves have utilized their keen intellectual abilities to succeed in other areas such as magick, history and lore, cryptography, and many others as well. This race lays claim to having produced some of the most renowned Magi and Sages ever known to exist.

Background ...

The race has spread far from their homeland of Elidan, and now settlements may be found in most parts of the world. It is believed the largest community of Usilin currently exists in the White Forest, at the western end of the Great Waste. With few noted exceptions, they have remained uninvolved, however present, in the momentous events of history, preferring to present themselves as unbiased observers.

Interestingly, history reveals that the Usil Elves, in a single aberrant event, are one of the few races that have ever stood successfully in armed battle against a Frontacian army during the height of the Frontacian Empire. It is believed this is the reason that the majority of the race somehow escaped the grasp of Frontacian reign.

Appearance ...

The Usil Elves are pale, delicate humanoids, physically resembling the other races of Elves only slighter built. Due to their predilection for magick, lore, and other scholarly pursuits, they tend to be less enduring, and not as strong as their elven cousins.

  • Eyes: pale blue, crystal blue, deep blue, sapphire blue, ocean blue, light brown, dark brown, reddish brown, hazel, amber, light grey, dark grey, bluish grey, silvery grey, steel grey, dull white, white, milky white, dull black, pitch black.

  • Hair: Light blond, dark blonde, platinum blonde, sandy blonde, golden blond, light grey, dark grey, silvery grey, bluish grey, brownish grey, strawberry blonde, coppery red, mahogany red, bronzish red, auburn, and white.

  • Temperament ...

    Usil Elves are a detached, aloof race, valuing knowledge and self-improvement over all else. They rarely involve themselves in the affairs of others except when necessary or as it interests them or their own goals. Their remote demeanor and pride in their abilities frequently makes them appear condescending and aloof.

    Tendencies ...

    The Usilin value knowledge and self-control over all else, frequently seeking power and magickal prowess to meet these ends. They also value those individuals and races that share similar values. They scorn the Fir Elves, considering them uneducated and dull. San Elves are scorned for their unrefined, often violent tendencies.

    Traits ...

  • Advantages: The most intelligent of the races, well adapted to scholarly pursuits and all things that are magickal.

  • Hindrances: Inferior strength. Poorly adapted to combat or extreme physical exertion. Poor health/endurance recovery rates.

  • Abilities: Languages, studies, and all that is magick.

  • Alignment: Entropic

  • Professions: Rune-Mage, Cleric, Bard ~ RARE: Fighter, Thief, Psion


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