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The Races of Aradath ...


Background ...

Frontacians are one of the oldest known races in the world, and most definitely one of the most influential on its history. They are the rulers of the greatest single Empire to ever come to power in the world. The Frontacian Empire was able to take control during the Second and Third Ages when their explorations and conquests became legendary. During this time, they built magickal bridges that connected the entire world to the main empire.

One of the original four races, Frontacians pride themselves on their traditions and histories. They see themselves as the world's elite politicians, thinkers, and runemages. They are quick to remind you proudly of the Ages when the Frontacian Empire ruled the world, as well as glorify their hopes for the rise of a new empire. In fact, Frontacians hold themselves above the laws of other cultures and societies. Indeed, they consider themselves so superior to others that they have two sets of standards- one for their own kind and another stricter set for all others.

While their Empire fell into disarray and ruin several Ages ago, Frontacian magick continues to be some of the most powerful in all of Aradath. They are excessively proud of their abilities and magickal achievements, including their magickally-enchanted weapons and golems, and with good reason for they are known across the lands for forging and perfecting such creations. In addition to their magical prowess, they have the unique ability to drain energy from other people, using it to replenish their own natural stores.

The race's homeland of Sorceror’s Isle is most often in political chaos, due to an almost constant fight for control between different houses vying for power. The location of the Isle is kept secret within the Frontacian race, in hopes one day a new Empire will rise from its shores.

Appearance ...

The Frontacian name comes from the Ancient Tongue, meaning "Jeweled Ones." They are a tall semi-human looking race. Their skin is normally pale, and they have three jewels in their body, one in their forehead and one in each palm of their hand. However, these jewels, most familiarly known as Frontacian gems, are unlike any other gems found in the world.

  • Eyes: White

  • Hair: White

  • Temperament ...

    Frontacians are seen as powerful, egotistical, intelligent, crafty, cunning, power hungry, snobbish, and dangerous. They are excessively proud, and as a whole, the race views itself as far above the other races of the world, giving them a world renowned ego that rivals that of the mightiest Imperials. Frontacians are perceived as being extremely cold, uncaring, and apathetic towards "lessers," but they are sincere and enthusiastic in their pursuit of mastering and perfecting their magical abilities. They are quick to anger and hold intense scorn for any being that cannot use magick.

    Tendencies ...

    Magick is as necessary as breathing to a Frontacian. They consider all other life expendable as long as it will benefit them in any way, and tend to make different rules for the Frontacian race and every other race in the way to act and deal with them. Frontacians look down upon anyone not capable of using magick, Arachnian's especially, viewing them as less then pets. Friendship with other races is nearly unfathomable, but associations are not unheard of if they should promote a Frontacian's endeavors. Frontacians frown greatly upon any who lie or steal for they are a noble and righteous race.

    Traits ...

  • Advantages: Wonderful talent with Magick.

  • Hindrances: Frontacians are subject to fits of madness and fatal illness because of a genetic malady caused by the changes of the Great Unmagick. Therefore, they are dependent upon a special drug that is made almost exclusively from Dragon essence, which must be used weekly. If they miss a dose, they are unstable, magick goes awry for them and around them, and they become weak and ill. If they miss two doses, they can die. They are not a strong race in constitution or in muscle power. Few Frontacians ever study the arts of combat without magick.

  • Abilities: Great magick ability, power to drain energy from others.

  • Alignment: Any

  • Professions: Rune-Mage, Bard ~ Rare: Fighter


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