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Overview ...

Psycians are a race of human-like beings, but shorter in stature and more graceful, with incredible telepathic and psionic powers. They are highly intelligent and are regarded as the wisest of all the races. They are also a deeply emotional people; however, this is often masked by their calm and distant outward appearances. Their natural psychic abilities are capable of probing the minds of others in close contact, granting them a deeper insight into the world around them. This innate power grants even the very young an uncanny wisdom for which the race is renowned.

Background ...

The Psycians who inhabit the world are the descendants to the sole survivors of the destruction of their homeland, the Isle of Psycia, at the hands of the ancient Frontacians. It has taken the race nearly a thousand years to rebuild much of what was lost during the Frontacian onslaught. To this day the location of their new homeland is a closely guarded secret.

Ages ago the Psycian race was once an important part of the ancient Frontacian Empire. Using their incredible telepathic abilities, the Psycians were responsible for maintaining the economic wealth and power of the Frontacians by relaying messages and orders across the face of the known world to the various city-states within the empire. Believing themselves to be above all others, the Frontacians quickly became disgusted with their reliance on a “lesser” race to maintain control of their empire.

The Frontacians, being a determined and egotistical race, developed a magickal means to communicate telepathically, thereby removing their long time dependence on the Psycians. The Psycians soon learned of this new magickal development and planned a covert rebellion against the Frontacians to prove exactly how valuable they really were. Chaos soon spread across the empire as the Psycians began to relay misinformation, causing many great Houses within the empire to fall to ruin.

Word of the Psycian rebellion soon reached the leaders of the Empire and it was ultimately decided that the Psycians had become a threat and had to be eliminated. As a result, the ancient Frontacian mages united and collapsed the mystical bridge which linked the Isle of Psycia with the rest of the empire. History records this event as the Frontacians’ greatest magickal achievement and simultaneous ruin of their empire.

The collapse of the magickal portal triggered a powerful explosion which annihilated the Isle of Psyica and in turn destroyed every other magickal bridge across the empire. Soon after the destruction of Psycia, Frontacian assassins were ordered to hunt down and kill any remaining Psycians across world. A few Psycians managed to escape and rebuild small outposts for their people in secret. To this day, the Psycian race bears an unbridled hatred toward the Frontacians for the destruction of their homeland and have vowed to one day restore their ancient isle to its former glory.


Psycians look very much like humans with exception of their short stature. An average female Psycian usually stands around 5 feet in height. Males tend to be taller. One can easily identify a Psycian by the unique glow which forms about their head when they use their innate psychic abilities.

  • Eyes: Pale Blue, Crystal Blue, Deep Blue, Sapphire Blue, Ocean Blue, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Reddish Brown, Hazel, Amber, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Bluish Gray, Silvery Gray, Steel Gray, Pale Red, Bright Red, Orangish Red, Ruby Red, Dull Black, Pitch Black, Bright Yellow.

  • Hair: Dull Black, Glossy Black, Reddish Black, Bluish Black, Purplish Black, Light Blonde, Dark blonde, Platinum Blonde, Sandy Blonde, Golden Blonde, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Chestnut Brown, Honey Brown, Sable, Strawberry Blonde, Coppery Red, Mahogany Red, Bronzish Red, Auburn, White.

  • Average Height: Males range from - 4’6” to 5’10” Females range from 3’11” to 5’3”


  • Psycians are calm and even tempered. They are masters of themselves and their emotions. Psycians are never quick to judge, are logical and patient, and they are very loyal and trustworthy.

  • Psycians are a deeply emotional people who always give the outward appearance of calm to those around them in various circumstances and settings. They prefer to live a peaceful and harmonious life with everything around them. The majority of the race will abstain from aggressive behavior and will instead attempt/seek a defensive, peaceful resolution to conflict.

  • Psycians, however, bear the Frontacians unbridled hatred and mistrust for destroying their homeland and nearly their entire race long ago.

  • Due to their loyal and trustworthy nature, Psycians make excellent employees and tend to rise to positions of great power.

  • On rare occasions a Psycian may slip into a fit of madness due to over exposure to uncontrolled minds. Once madness sets in, a Psycian’s control of his or her mental powers shatters and their mind is bombarded with the thoughts of those around them. Intense pain, mental embolisims, and death soon follow. This is easily avoided by taking a dose of the “madness cure” drug on a regular basis.

  • A Psycian’s normal tendancies are totally lost when around Frontacians. Psycians tend to display obvious mistrust and loathing toward the pale “gem-heads” as they are so fondly called. All bets are off as far as a Psycian is concerned when a Frontacian is involved. For example, Psycian merchants have been known to deny service to Frontacian customers. On rare occasions Psycians have been known to strike out at their ancient enemies.

  • Biological Information ... Coming Soon

  • Life Span:

  • Duration of pregnancy: 8 Months

  • Number of children usually born: 1

  • Speed of maturation (how long before a child of the race finishes growing and becomes an adult): Much Slower then Humans. At 50 years of age, you are still an adolescent.

  • Traits ...

  • Advantages: Natural Telepathy and Psionic Abilities - Immense mental power

  • Hindrances: Fairly weak physically and having a low constitution due to lengthy studies of mind control. They can carry very little and find weapons hardly worth using because of their non-violent nature. They must constantly dampen their minds from the uncontrolled environment around them with a special drug or face madness.

  • Abilities: Psionic Powers (but not fully developed except in Psycians of the Psion class.)

  • Alignment: Entropic, Orderly

  • Professions: Psion (Preferred)

  • Also: Rune-Mage, Bard, and Clerical Orders.

  • Rare: Fighter, Barbarian, and Forester.


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