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The Races of Aradath ...


Overview ...

Doggedly industrious and stubborn as a mule, Hithuals are steadfastly loyal to family, clan and those they call friend. Coming from a rich mining tradition, they love being underground. Their night vision and strength, paired with their impeccable work ethic, make them successful in nearly anything they choose to pursue. And, nothing is worth having if it is not worth working for. Hithuals are partially resistant to magick; some say it is due to millennia of living underground amongst residual magick in the Great Divide, others claim the Hithual have distrusted magick for so long they have simply genetically created a resistance to it. While the precise nature of their resistance is unknown, either way, Hithuals are suspicious of any that claim to use magick.

Background ...

Generally from wealthy families, Hithuals are a frugal people. The amassed riches of their families and clans have been passed on from generation to generation, each one striving to add more to the family treasury. However, being a warlike race, it is not unusual for there to be wars and battles between clans. The largest Hithual community, Aerhauven, is located in the Great Divide, a vast mountain range cutting the continent nearly in half. It runs from the east coast across to the west coast and is largely impassable. Legend has it that the mines and tunnels run from coast to coast, and if one knows the passwords of each clan, he or she could travel from one to the other.

Appearance ...

Hithuals are short, stout humanoids, and not terribly attractive as a rule. For their size, they are the stoutest humanoid race in the world, but what they lack in height is compensated by their above average constitution and strength. While both males and females can grow beards, they are looked upon as symbols of respect by other Hithuals and usually are not worn till one has established himself or herself as a skilled and noble warrior.

  • Eyes: Brown, Red or Black

  • Hair: Sandy, Brown, Red or Black.

  • Temperament ...

    Fun-loving, brave, proud, and quite stubborn. Hithuals work and play with equal gusto. They make acquaintances easily, but true friendships with outside races are fairly rare and usually are only formed in the field of combat.

    Tendencies ...

    Hithuals love practical jokes and will even accept a prank pulled on them if it is sufficiently funny and clever, as long as no other Hithual sees them get "caught". A party with a Hithual and a Drag-al would never be boring. They do like (LOVE) to drink and will drink with just about anyone who offers them a drink, particularly ale. They are nearly impossible to get drunk; so drinking matches with them are a good way to spend a lot of money quickly. Hithuals are typically suspicious of anyone that takes the easy way out. Magick, thievery and even charity, to some extent, draw this suspicion. After all, anything worth having is worth working for.

    Traits ...

  • Advantages: Hithuals are strong and good with their hands. They are stout in heart and body and fairly magick resistant.

  • Hindrances: Cannot become Rune Mages due to magick resistance.

  • Abilities: Predisposition for good voice and charming personality. Also strong willed.

  • Alignment: Orderly, Entropic

  • Professions: Fighter, Bard, Clerical Order of the Sword.
    Also: Other Clerical Orders, Barbarian, Psion.


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