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The Races of Aradath ...


Overview ...

Flerians by nature are communal individuals, and live in communities similar to those of humans. Many are burrowers and rarely build structures to live in. Flerians are typically organized into living groups called “Burrows”, an underground cavernous area filled with numerous Flerian homes literally dug out of the ground of the earth. Typically these burrows are located around some form of edible fungi (Kelwop being the most typical) where Flerian harvest and grow the fungus for food. Burrow leadership typically is generally the position of Burrowmaster, Chieftan, or what ever other name they happen to decide upon. Flerian rely upon one another a great deal in their day to day lives within a Burrow, with all duties and tasks within society typically being split among the peoples of the burrow with the burrow actively providing for itself. (A comparison in the real world would be something of a communist-utopia) Close contact and sharing of possessions between community members is commonplace in a Flerian society. All possessions are considered valuable, and in attaining one from someone else, each Flerian typically assumes at some point after numerous other people have taken it as well, the item may once again find the owner it was borrowed from. Almost anything that isn’t nailed down a Flerian can get their hands on. They will grab without a second thought, as such activity is bred to be second nature a Flerian from birth. As a result, society considers most Flerian a nuisance at best, and often worse as many major cities attempt to exile, ban, or jail Flerians for their “thieving” ways. Fortuanately for the Flerian race, most cities have found it’s not worth the hassle of trying to arrest a Flerian, and even exiled or banned from a city they always seem to just show up anyway. Many Flerians have been around other members of society long enough develop a basic understanding of property and ownership to the point they can function in day to day society outside of a burrow, while others fail miserably in trying to adapt.

Background ...

There are a number of scattered Flerian communities spread across the continent. Their burrows, wherever they can sneak one in, quickly expand and become homes to a fair number of Flerian. They generally are located in highland areas, the more hills and forests the better, as Flerian despite their curiosity know better than to build a home too close to a major city for fear of its destruction. (Flerian aren’t exactly known for their tremendous fighting prowess en-masse, the only attempt at a Flerian army resulted in it beating itself into a retreat before the enemy army ever arrived) The largest Flerian burrows can be found at the edge of the Great Forest in southern Aradath, just on the far eastern outskirts of the Odarian Highlands. (Much to the dismay of the Odarians)

Appearance ...

Flerians are short, mildly furry, slightly built humanoids that have long dexterous fingers, which seem ideally suited for picking pockets. Their facial features are somewhat narrow and sharp, with large round eyes. Flerians move almost continuously, and all members of the race look somewhat similar to one another. This makes identifying an individual Flerian somewhat difficult, should it become necessary, for whatever reason, to give a description of a particular Flerian.

  • Eyes: Brown, Amber, Black, Aqua, Green

  • Hair: Green, Aqua, Rainbow, Purple, Peach, Turquoise

  • Temperament ...

    Flerian by nature are very friendly, curious, have poor attention spans, have good senses of humor and flairs for the dramatic, are light-hearted, jovial, and talkative; often a little too talkative, adding to the poor light the race is cast in by many races of society. Flerian by nature have precious few cares in the world other than attaining some new possession along the way of their journeys. However, Flerian are incredibly loyal, both to any member of their own race, or anyone who takes the time to talk to one for a while. A Flerian is barely capable of using magick, as their curiosity causes them to have an incredibly short attention span. Long, arduous study of anything is simply not possible for a Flerian.

    Tendencies ...

    Flerian almost never find themselves involved in the center of major world events, as the race is most often overlooked and ignored, and the Flerian typically have too short an attention span to bother hanging around anyway. However, because of their curious natures, Flerian are often also very brave in the face of dangers many other races would not face. Partly because the Flerian are simply too naďve to realize the dangers before them, and the other part because they are just too curious to not take a peek. As a result, the most often cause of death for members of the Flerian race typically involves freak accidents and run-ins with very large teeth, leaving most Flerian wondering what ever happened to most of their relatives anyway.

    Traits ...

  • Advantages: Excellent agility and dexterity. Have night vision. Flerians are squirmy, wirey, quick and agile and as a result are difficult to keep still long enough to deal with.

  • Hindrances: Poor at magick. Their small size does not permit them to carry very much. They tend to be ignored or overlooked by most the races of the world.

  • Abilities:

  • Alignment: Orderly, Entropic

  • Professions: Thief or Forester; also Bard, clerical order of the Hand ~ Rare: Clerical Order of the Sword, Clerical Order of the Heart, Fighter, Barbarian, Rune Mage, Psion


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