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I. Elindale

Overview ...

Elindale is the Goddess of Nature, including animals and the elements. Wildlife, vegetation, weather, and the seasons all fall within her realm of power. Just as in nature, she is known to be at one moment the nurturing mother, and in the next be the wrathful thunderstorm.

The largest part of her followers worship the nature in its purest form, untouched by the hands of civilization and magic. The preservation of the delicate balance of life in the wild is what most strives for in they're following of Elindale. Hunting for food is accepted, as it is necessary to thin the herds of the prey; hunting for sport, or the rampant and wanton destruction of life or nature without reason or purpose is considered blasphemy in the eyes of her followers. Cultivation is acceptable as long as it does not harm the life of the rest of the wild creatures that depend upon the land.

Elindale does not allow those whom wield the elemental runemagicks (runemages) to follow her, as it is viewed as a warping of the natural power of nature.

Religion Characteristics and Associations...

  • Alignment: Orderly, Entropic

  • Classes: Fighter, Cleric, Forester

  • Gem: Amber

  • Color:

  • Tree: Rosewood

  • Holy Avatars: Elindale's holy avatars are many. A bear, an owl, or a unicorn most commonly represents her. Some stories and tales also place her constant companion as a large, powerful brown bear.


  • Ancient Elindalian Holy Symbol - Receiving the symbol is cause for mourning as well as a great celebration. As our ancestors leave this mortal world, they chose a follower of the Goddess and presented the symbol to them, so that it may always be protected. Tis a reminder of the old ways.
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