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Overview ...

Rinanni is the Goddess of Peace, Love, and Knowledge. Rinanni teaches her followers to love, not hate. This temple is most infamous for being the home of sages, historians, pacifists, and lovers. Self-defense is to be used only as a last resort as bloodshed tends to follow. Her followers are often scholars who have little time for anything other than debate and study.

Religion Characteristics and Associations...

  • Alignment: Orderly, Entropic

  • Classes: Fighter, Cleric, Bard, and Rune Mage

  • Gem: Pearl

  • Color: Purple

  • Animal association: Dove (Represents the Keeper) & The Bluebird (Protector of Peace)

  • This temple distinguishes by title how a 'high priest/ess' was chosen to lead its temple. Only one of the two can rule at a time.

  • The Prelate is chosen by Rinanni.
  • The Curate is elected by the temple.

  • Temple Relics:

  • The White Dove of Rinanni - It is said that it is unable to be destroyed by violence or allow those who rest in the house of Rainanni to be injured by such tendencies.
  • A Ring and The White Dove of Rinanni opens the temple cloister.
  • The Sword of Light which is currently in the care of the Brothers in Rathan.
  • The Chalice of life (golden goblet imbedded with pearls) - the spirit of life, the Phoenix, guards the chalice.
  • Mirror of Truth - location unknown

  • The High temple of Rinanni can be found on the Isle of Secia. Loa’kass, former King of Rathan, commissioned (Mateth, 314 - 7/2002) a large Rinanni temple in the city of Rathan.

    Circle of the Seraphim of Rinanni
    * * * * * * * 11/2/00 * * * * * * * * *

    The Circle of the Seraphim of Rinanni was created by Prelate Tygerlili Furbelly in order to recognize the outstanding achievements and accomplishments of Rinannians outside the Clergy. Bards, Rune Mages, and Fighters that have excelled within their devotion and crafts may be nominated for the Circle. Those members of the Rinannian congregation whom have distinguished themselves before their temple mates and their Goddess shall be indoctrinated into the Circle of the Seraphim of Rinanni, and special honors and tokens shall be placed upon them.

    Three Rings make up the Circle of the Seraphim of Rinanni. These are the Ring of the Nightingale, the Ring of the Blue Bird and the Ring of the Pearl Dragon. The Ring of the Nightingale is for Bards whom have captured the essence and spirit of Rinanni through song and verse. The Ring of the Blue Bird is for the Fighter who has demonstrated the wisdom and judgment of the Blue Bird on the battle field. Finally, the Ring of the Pearl Dragon is for those Rune Mages whom have excelled within the arts of Magick.

    The primary criteria to be considered for candidacy for the Circle of the Seraphim is service and devotion to the White Lady of Peace, Love and Knowledge. Each member captures the essence and spirit of Our Lady in all that they do. The members of the Circle of Seraphim shall stand forth as pillars of their faith through their steadfast and loyal service to Rinanni and her temples.

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