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rendition of the Serpent of Set

Overview ...

Set is most often worshipped by the impoverished and the lower class individuals of society, as Set condones and expects his worshipers to acquire goods for the temple through the use of sneakiness and chicanery. Many followers of Set believe they are here to help strengthen society. They believe that by eliminating monopolies on trade and freeing capital you will eventually establish an equal society through the redistribution of wealth. In any case, the followers of Set seek to better themselves in an unbalanced social structure.

The symbol of Set is that of a sinuous serpent with no apparent head or tail (the head and tail hold special significance within the temple). His teachings are those of stealth, elusiveness, quickness, and subtlety. Set's temple was once banned from the Spur, but shortly afterward the city was mysteriously plagued by snakes of all kinds for over a month. The ban was lifted and the snakes disappeared. Ever since, the city has grudgingly accepted the temple's presence.

Religion Characteristics and Associations...

  • Alignment: Entropic, Chaotic

  • Classes: Cleric, Thief, Rune Mage, Bards, Fighters

  • Gem: Opal

  • Color:

  • Animal association: Jackal, Serpent, Wolf

  • A Parable

    While it may exemplify a certain stereotype, I find that I love parables. They are an often neglected part of the spiritual experience these days. Recently, one I learned when I was younger came to mind and I thought it would benefit some to share.

    In a far distant town there was a small and secretive congregation of Setites. The town considered worship of Set to be criminal and sought to disband the sacred church.

    To that end, the town's officials placed a spy among a group of aspirant Setites. This devious act was nearly the death of the church: their numbers were too small to turn away the entire group, yet to admit the spy and lead him to their hidden sanctuary would be the end of them all.

    For two nights the followers of Set contemplated their predicament. On the third night a young Flerian proposed a way to sniff out the spy and all involved praised him for his wit.

    On the fourth night the aspirants were gathered and tested. Many hours passed, all seemingly fruitless. All the aspirants showed the skills of His children, all committed holy acts in His name. Not a single hesitation marked the spy from among the true aspirants.

    As the night nearly became dawn, the aspirants were led to a secluded alley and before a truly impressive sight: a Cleric of Set, filled with divine grace and clothed in majestic regalia. He rose one hand in benediction and told the aspirants to kneel and submit in the name of Set.

    Only one man kneeled.

    -Aldous the Faithful

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