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• Section One

-Rolling A Character
-STAT Explanation
-Quick Commands

• Section Two

-The Races
-The Classes
-The Religions

• Section Three

-Moving out of the Training Grounds

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NOTE: Words in BLUE are links for you to follow. Words in PURPLE are what I typed in.

--- Connected on DATE HERE ---

Welcome to Dragon's Gateway v1.0

Please Log In...

Account : [Enter your account name]

Password: [Enter your account password]

** Authentication Successful **

* Connecting to game...

Dragon's Gate Menu

1. Explore Dragon's Gate.
2. Create, Delete, or View a character.
3. Select current character.
4. Display notices and version notes.
16. Disconnect.

Your selection?

SELECT 2 [Create, Delete, or View a character.]

      Character Creation Program V4.41
            Enter (Q)uit to exit.
Do you wish to (C)reate, (D)elete, (U)pdate or (V)iew an identity ?

SELECT C (C)reate

We'll use slot #1 for this character.

   Dragon's Gate Character Generator

1. Full Character Generator (takes a while but gives you the most options)
2. Quick Character Generation (aka Speed Create -- not recommended for first time players)
3. Just give me a character! (didn't read the manual? use this)

Your selection, please (1-3, HELP or ? for help) ?

SELECT 1. Full Character

...A sense of falling
...Alone and yet...

The scene before you seems a tableau of the most comic proportions. You see what appears to be a 3 ft. tall, cigar-smoking dragon sitting behind a teak desk. Seconds later, he looks at you and smiles (which worries you). Yet, there is something rather warm and friendly in his manner.

'I am Mort Sa-al. Welcome your new home,' the curious reptile appears to be speaking to you!

'Where once you were world-worn or old, lost or unwanted, here you'll find a new identity and existence. Life or death in this world is what you make of it. Choose wisely for what is done cannot be undone!'

The creature points to a small, glowing circle. Please step into this circle, your journey awaits you...

As you approach the circle, you see that the glow emanates from intricately carved runes that surround it. Nervously, you step into the circle...

   [Press RETURN to continue...]


Mort continues to speak to you, in a patient and instructional voice.

By what name do you wish to be known? As a matter of instruction, you may not include spaces, numbers, or any symbols. Please limit your selection to 15 characters. Use a single blank line to exit. This enables our scribes to record your entry.
[First] ?

This Is where you type in your FIRST Name Choice.

It is very possible your name choice will be in use and you will need to use that brain of yours to think of another name.

'Please standby, I need to check to make sure your name is unique among the inhabitants of this world! Checking record tapes now...'

[Last] ?

This Is where you type in your LAST Name Choice.

Using his tail, Mort grabs a gilded circular disk and inserts it into a small box. Placing a set of what looks like miniature earmuffs on his head, he sits back in his chair.

'Please standby, I need to check to make sure your name is unique among the inhabitants of this world! Checking record tapes now...'

Very well, that name is acceptable.

You are now called 'XXXXXXX'.

A feature of Dragons' Gate is the ability for an identity to be protected from all Player vs. Player attacks.

The choice is yours but it can only be made once and it will stay in force forever! If you answer Yes to the next question you will be forever barred from attacking or being attacked by other inhabitants.

Do you want to be immune from Player vs. Player attacks? N,y

Choose N or Y

At this point you will need to decide if you wish to be PvP immune. 99% of the players chose for PvP. If you choose immunity and abuse this option it may be turned off by an elder.

Several options lie ahead of you. Your racial ancestry will affect many things, including your abilities, profession and more. Please chose your race from the following list. A brief description of each one can be obtained by asking for HELP at the question prompt. Full detail of each race can be found in the Handbook for the Recently Arrived! (Click on 'How to Play' at the main Dragon's Gate screen)

A) Anthian

And of what race will you be (0 to begin again, HELP or name) ?

I selected ... D
A Drag-al, a fine choice!

'As it has already been discussed in the Handbook, the basic driving force of your character are the beliefs which make up your persona. The choice you make may have an impact upon your profession and religion. Your choices follow: A) Chaos (NA) B) Entropy C) Order 0) Start over

With which do you wish to align yourself?

I selected ... B

Those who believe in entropy may not practice the professions:
- Forester
Are you sure of your selection ? Y,n
I selected ... y

Mort nods to you, 'Now a few more details to make the new you!'
  A) Male
  B) Female

Please select your sex:
I selected ... b

Mort says to you, 'I thought you'd choose that! Now, tell me, how would you describe your height?'
  A) Mort's choice (no preference)
  B) Short
  C) Average
  D) Tall

Please select your height:
I selected c

Mort says to you, 'Ok, how would you describe your build?'
  A) Mort's choice (no preference)
  B) Light boned
  C) Average
  D) Large boned

Please select your build:

I selected b

Mort nods and says, 'And how would you describe your physique?'
  A) Mort's choice (no preference)
  B) Thin
  C) Average
  D) Muscular/Heavy

Please select your physique:
I selected ... d

Here is where you select the specific weaknesses and strengths of the body which will be yours. Carefully consider each one. You will notice stars next to the professions which are particularly well suited for the body. Use this as a guideline. The greater the number of stars, the inherent aptitude for the occupation.

Note that not all pursuits are available to you now, as you were warned when you chose your race and alignment.

These are marked NA. The parenthesis will tell you whether the reason is because of your (R)ace or (A)lignment.

Mort gestures and steps back. The decision is yours and yours alone.

Name : XXX XXX Race : Drag-al
Str   Int   Wis   Dex   Agi   Con  Cha  Wil   Voi  Per   App 
Aver   Aver   Aver   Low   Low   Good   Aver   Aver   Low   Poor   Aver
The professions that your race can belong to are:
A) Fighter:        B) Cleric:        C) Bard:
D) Thief:        E) Barbarian:        F) Forester:NA(A)
G) RuneMage:        H) Psion:
Recommended profession : RuneMage
Use this body ? Y,n

I did not like this roll, so I rolled again ... n

Name : XXX XXX Race : Drag-al
  Str   Int   Wis   Dex   Agi   Con  Cha  Wil   Voi  Per   App 
Good  Good  Aver  Fair  Fair  Good  Aver  Low  Aver  Good  Fair
The professions that your race can belong to are:
A) Fighter:**        B) Cleric:        C) Bard:
D) Thief:*        E) Barbarian:**        F) Forester:NA(A)
G) RuneMage:*        H) Psion:*
Recommended profession : Fighter
Use this body ? Y,n

I decided this was a good roll ... y

note: ** mean it is a good roll for that particual class. You may get up to 3 stars on each stat. ...

Please choose your occupation my friend (A-H, '-1', or '?' for help to start over.)
Occupation ?

I selected ... g

'All we need now are some personal details', Mort shuffles back to you.

What eye color do you want?
A) pale red        B) bright red        C) orangish red
D) ruby red        E) glowing red        F) dull black
G) pitch black        H) golden        I) metallic gold
J) silvery        K) metallic silver

Your selection:

I selected ... j

What is your current mood?
A) flaming-mad B) livid C) unhappy
D) shocked E) despairing F) blue
G) unconcerned H) distant I) bored
J) chagrined K) perplexed L) mischievous
M) partying N) happy O) overjoyed
P) apprehensive

Your selection:

I selected ... m

What is your current appearance?
A) filthy B) disheveled C) messy
D) casual E) neat F) orderly
G) spotless H) razor-sharp

Your selection:
I selected ... d

What hair length do you want?
A) bald B) very short C) short
D) collar length E) shoulder length F) medium length
G) long H) very long

Your selection:
I selected ... h What skin color do you want?
A) black B) blue C) green
D) red E) white F) brown
G) yellow H) orange I) brass
J) copper K) gold L) silver
M) platinum

Your selection:
I selected ... m
        'Then so be it!'

The following Gods will accept your worship:
(A): Odarous, God of battle and chivalry (NA)
(B): Sa, God of magick
(C): Set, God of thieves, deception and the poor
(D): Unknown, God of the unknown (NA)
(E): Taath, God of pain, ignorance and fear
(F): Rinanni, Goddess of love, peace and happiness
(G): Elindale, Goddess of Nature (NA)

Your deity (0 for none) ?
I selected ... b

Your god grants you an additional gift: Greater intelligence.
Each god offers a different gift

As a newcomer, you will begin your life within the confines of the Training Grounds. This will give you a chance to learn how to cope with the problems, pressures and dangers of your new home. Indeed, this world is not an easy one to exist in. There are those who would as soon cut your throat as look at you. You must be ever vigilant and wary. Don't be too generous with your trust but always use caution and care! Remember, the wise ones help those who don't bother them too much!)

As a Drag-al, you have a natural ability for bargaining!
A special racial ability granted.

As a Drag-al, you have the choice of an additional starting language:
2. Paean 3. Secti 4. Caneer 5. Battle
6. Anthian 8. Arachnian 10. Dragon 11. Firian
12. Sanene 13. Usilin 14. Frontacian 15. Flerian
16. Go-blin-al 17. Wyvern 18. Hithual 19. Human
20. Leuian 21. Monitanian 23. Oog-ra 24. Penthanian
25. Psycian 26. Secian 27. Thugian

Which additional language do you wish?
I selected ... 21

While this language cannot be spoken by you, you could still understand and translate it.
Do you still wish to learn this language? Y,n
I selected ... y

Mort says, 'You magick-wielding types have a choice of specialties! It's all pretty much the same in the end, it's up to you.'

[1] Runemage of Earth
[2] Runemage of Air
[3] Runemage of Fire
[4] Runemage of Water
[5] Non-elemental Runemage

Which area will be your speciality ?
I selected ... 5

Hit to continue
Hit Return

You wince as you feel a sudden, sharp sting on your skin. A number of small, arcane symbols now decorate your body. Mort grins, 'There you go! Brand new runes for the brand new spellcaster.

      Runes implanted

Adverb runes : small average large mighty heroic
Shape runes : aura dart globe sword touch
Element Runes :
Element Name # of weaves left Times Weaved
acid 200 0
enchant 200 0
magick 200 0
vigor 200 0

You have prepared the following corridors.


'The element runes are not permanent,' Mort warns. 'Each use weakens the magickal force that binds them to you. You will see the runes fade as you invoke them. They say the RuneMage Guild can implant or recharge element runes to replace the ones you lose.

Your answers to these final questions will determine how the world of Dragon's Gate treats your character.

Should we automatically inform you of the current state of your health as you journey in your new home ? Y,n
I selected ... y

How many intervals (of 15 seconds each) do you wish between being told(max 63) ?
I selected for no particular reason... 15

Should we display your current hit points ? Y,n
I selected ... y

Should we display your current fatigue ? Y,n
I selected ... y

Should we warn you when your hit points drop to 10% or below ? Y,n
I selected ... y

Should we warn you when your fatigue points drop to 10% or below ? Y,n
I selected ... y

Should we inform you when you are fully healed after being injured ? Y,n
I selected ... y

Should we inform you when you are fully rested after being tired ? Y,n
I selected ... y

Should you be updated as a spell uses up your fatigue ? Y,n
I selected ... y

Should you be notified when a new inhabitant enters and exits the world? N,y
I selected ... y

Your internal warning status is:
vs. Player immunity : No
Health Update      : Yes
HP: Yes
      FP: Yes
      225 seconds intervals
HP warning      : Yes
FP warning      : Yes
HP alert      : Yes
FP alert      : Yes
Spell fatigue alert      : Yes
Login messages      : Yes

Is this satisfactory ? Y,n
I selected y, but you can select N and change your answers... y

Mort points toward a full-length mirror. 'Go ahead, look at yourself. You've changed greatly since your arrival.' You walk over to the mirror and are shocked by the reflection. Your mind rebels against the alien image that stares back with vision clouded by confusion and anger.

Mort's voice breaks through a rising tide of fear. 'Relax, your body and mind are getting reacquainted with each other. Take a deep breath and forget. You are as you were, now and forever.

[Press RETURN to continue...]
Press Return

You are XXX XXX, a female Drag-al Non-elemental Runemage.

You are delicate boned and very muscular bodied.
You have very long, fine hair and silvery eyes.
You are in a partying mood and you look casual.
You are 51 years old and you believe in entropy and are Balanced.
Str Int Wis Dex Agi Con Cha Wil Voi Per
Good Good Aver Fair Fair Good Aver Low Aver Good

Height : 3'11" Weight : 119 lbs Carrying : 184.0(15.0) lbs
Hit Points : 158(158) Fatigue : 56(56) Body armor : 2%
Attack : 20/0 Damage : 3/0 Defense: 10/0
(Base OR: 0 Base DR: 78)
Gold : 0 Silver : 0
You are a Novitiate follower of Sa
Messages: Mon: Leav Entr Talk Sing Desc Info Combat: Pers Othe
List Skills? Y,n
I selected ... y

You have skill in Bargaining, at 1 level with 100 times remaining.
You have skill in Breath Weapon, at 1 level with 100 times remaining.
You have skill in Spellcasting, at 1 level with 100 times remaining.
     The skills that are important to your class are:
Identify Magick

List Runes? Y,n
I selected ... y

      Runes implanted

Adverb runes : small average large mighty heroic
Shape runes : aura dart globe sword touch
Element Runes :
Element Name      # of weaves left      Times Weaved
acid      200      0
enchant      200      0
magick      200      0
vigor      200      0

You have prepared the following corridors.


List Inventory? Y,n
I selected ... y

Gold 0 Silver 0
 1. wooden torch (1.0 lb)
 2. closed large leather backpack (14.0 lbs)

Show internal warning status? Y,n
I selected ... y

Your internal warning status is:
Player vs. Player immunity : No
Health Update : Yes
   HP: Yes
   FP: Yes
   225 seconds intervals
HP warning : Yes
FP warning : Yes
HP alert : Yes
FP alert : Yes
Spell fatigue alert : Yes
Login messages : Yes

Show companions' status? Y,n
I selected ... y

Well, it looks like my work here is done. Before you return to your home, there is a recruiter from one of the local guilds that would like to talk to you. It'll only take a minute and it might be worth your time to speak to him. Walk through the glowing portal to your left.

You walk through the portal and after a few seconds of extreme disorientation, you find yourself face to face with an incredibly handsome male of your kind.

He says that the mercenaries guild might be interested in recruiting you before you return to the world. This could mean a little fame and maybe a better chance of survival against those who threaten us! Can we sign you up for the merc guild? ? N,y
I selected ... y

A very wise choice. Now, the standard tour of duty is 3 years, which will pass in the twinkling of an eye. You'll learn how to make new friends and influence people more easily. You'll learn more about fighting here than you've learned anywhere else so far. Now, I know this may seem a bit silly but I'm required by Council law to ask you this again. Are you sure we can sign you up? ? N,y y

'Excellent, very excellent! Now, sign this little paper and I'll put the guild mark on you.' After you sign the paper, the recruiter walks up to you asks you to stick out your right arm. After doing so, the recruiter places a glowing stone on your arm. When the stone is removed, you see the mark of the mercenaries guild just above your right wrist. 'You are now a member of the meanest fighting machine in this or any other world. Welcome aboard!'

Your chest swells with pride as you think of the deeds that you will accomplish. More importantly, you know that you'll be the best of them, and that this fellow mercenary may look upon you with tender feelings. You begin to speak but are quickly interrupted. 'Now that you area full-fledged member of our happy troupe, I guess I don't need this anymore.' You watch with amazement as the recruiter touches what looks like a symbol that has been carved on his arm. The body before you seems to shimmer and shift and transform right before your eyes!

Now standing before you is the meanest, toughest looking reptile that ever walked on two legs. 'Nice toy eh? I picked it up in the ruins during a R&R mission many years back. Gives me the same power as one of those shifter types. Now you worthless piece of dogmeat, it's time to earn your keep. Show me that signing you up wasn't the biggest mistake of my life. Oh, since you're new to our guild, R&R means Rescue and Retaliate. I love the retaliate part! Good luck!

Would you like the quick version tour of your first tour ? N,y
I selected ... n
Tour week : 1 of 144. Checking for mission.
No mission.
Tour week : 2 of 144. Checking for mission.
No mission.
Tour week : 3 of 144. Checking for mission.
We have a mission which is considered barely amusing, it will last for 1 weeks. Do you accept ? Y,n

I selected ... y
The mission was a failure.
The mission only lasted 0 weeks You distiguished yourself. You have earned more skill uses!
You'll have to wait at least a week for your next mission!
Tour week : 139 of 144. Checking for mission.
No mission.
Tour week : 140 of 144. Checking for mission.
No mission.
Tour week : 141 of 144. Checking for mission.
We have a mission which is considered suicidal, it will last for 6 weeks. Do you accept ? Y,n
I selected ... y
The mission was a failure.
The mission only lasted 5 weeksYour tour of duty has concluded, this is the result:
You took part in 18 missions.
You completed 9 successfully and failed 9.
You honed the following skill(s)!

You have improved your skill at invoking magick!
You are ready to train your skill in Spellcasting

Would you like to customize the description that people will see when they look at you ? Y,n
I selected ... y
Enter your description (max 255 chars)... >

A shimmering platinum rose stands before you with a mischievous grin on her face.

Note: This is not a permanent part of your character. It can easily be changed once you enter Dragon's Gate!

     Dragon's Gate Menu

 1. Explore Dragon's Gate.
 2. Create, Delete, or View a character.
 3. Select current character.
 4. Display notices and version notes.
 16. Disconnect..

Your active character is: XXX XXX

Your selection, GM?

[Go To Top] | [Section 1] | [The Classes] | [The Religions] | [Section 3]

SECTION 1 - Character Statistics [STATS]

There are 10 different stats your character will have to help develop thier skills and personality. They can range from Awful, Poor, Low, Ave, Fair, Good, Great.

Please Visit the Characteristics page of the MANUAL to learn about the major and minor Characteristics of a character.

[Go To Top] | [Section 2] | [Section 3]


You advance to the front rank, thus able to attack and be attacked in melee combat.
This requests the presence of any online GM or GUIDE. It should only be used when there seems to be a system bug or failure; use off-game Feedback for general inquiries. In some cases you will receive a message that there are no Elders online to aid you, there are a number of situations where this will be incorrect. If you do an ASSIST, please give the Elders a couple minutes to respond to you before leaving or logging out of the game and if you no longer need an ASSIST, please send in an ASSIST CANCEL command.
What it implies; attacking the enemy.

Format is ATTACK <target>.

You can abbreviate - 'ATT RO' for 'ATTACK ROGUE' - but be careful... if you're travelling with Robert, 'ATT RO' will target Robert instead of the rogue. Typing 'ATT' or 'K' will continue to attack the last target you assaulted.

Quits the game; your character remains in its current location. Also QUIT and EXIT.
Attempts to dispel a runespell that you have cast on another target, or which has been cast on you or a nearby target - provided you have weaved that spell.

Format is: DISPEL <corridor name or number> <target>.

Releases an item from your inventory, dropping it in your current location. If you have more than one of a similar item, be sure to indicate which one you wish to drop. Format is: DROP <#> <item>.
As it suggests; only usable by aerial races. Allows you to move up and down to different altitudes.
Format is: FLY <UP|DOWN> <how far>.
Takes any loose item in your location and adds it to your inventory, subject to carrying capacity. If there are several items of the same type on the ground, be sure to indicate which one you want.

Format is: GET <#> <item>.

Moves your character through or into a particular object or place.

Format is GO <location>. Multiple objects or places format is GO # <location> ie GO 2 DOOR

Updates you on your current hit points, fatigue, and any outstanding injuries.
Provides a command list. Typing many of the commands alone on a line and then <Return> will often give you a short description of the syntax that it needs for proper use.
Attempts to conceal your character. This command cannot be used in combat.
Gives a general overview of your character. Can also follow the INFO with MAGICK, RELIGION, or MARTIAL to get more information about your standing and abilities in these areas.
Gives you an inventory of all items you carry, your cash on hand, your current encumbrance.
Casts a runespell on a target.

Format is: INVOKE <corridor name or number> AT <target>.

note: You must weave the spell before being able to invoke it

Allows flyers to return to the ground.
Shows you the description of your surroundings. LOOK AT <target> will give you information on a specific target.
An attempt to attack your foe in hand to hand combat.

Format is: MARTIAL <type> AT <target>.

Attaches an easily-remembered name onto a corridor. Note that you don't have to do this in order to cast spells. The name you choose can be up to seven(7) characters long.

Format is: MEMORIZE <name> <corridor number>.

note: This is used for spells

Readies an item from your inventory for immediate use. If you have more than one of the same type of object, be sure to indicate which one you want to ready.

Format is: READY <#> <item>.

Unreadies an item from current use; it remains in your inventory.

Format is: REMOVE <item>.

note: Unready also works.

REPORT <message> to send a message to all on-line Elders and Guides. You can also REPORT TO <Elder/Guide> <message> to send a message that will only be recieved by that particular Elder or Guide.

Format is: REPORT <message>.

or: REPORT TO <elder name><message>.

Moves you to the back rank; only useful if you have one or more companions. You cannot engage or be engaged in melee combat, but you can still use and be targetted by ranged weapons and spells.
Allows you to speak.

Format is: Say <message>

Allows you to search for hidden things, or for items on a body.

Format is: SEARCH <target | room>.

SET INFO is useful for controlling how much of the action around you that you wish to be alerted to. SET INFO HELP will give you a list of options; SET INFO ON will simply restore all your settings to their default values; SET INFO OFF will shut down a great deal of the information that the game sends you.

<ElderNote: If you find you can't seem to talk to anyone, or no one is talking to you, try SET INFO ON just to be safe.   Using SET INFO OFF is not recommended to start with.>

Also, SET UPDATES NO-LOGINS ON, will turn off the logins and kogouts of other adventurers.

Shop allows you to interact with shopkeepers. For a full list of commands type SHOP while in-game.

Format is: SHOP <action>

• For example, SHOP LIST ALL will give you a list of things for sale. To buy a particular number item use SHOP BUY #.

Gives you an update on the skills you possess, and how far you need to go before qualifying for the next level in each. The value in the Remain column is how many more 'uses' you need to earn before you will be eligible to train in your skill.
As it suggests.
Moves to a stand from a seated or prone position.
Displays your combat modifiers and any readied equipment.
Forms a runespell, which then can be cast normally. More complete information on this command is available in the main manual.

Basic format is: WEAVE <element> <shape>.

[Go To Top] | [Section 1] | [The Classes] | [The Religions] | [Section 3]

Section 2 : The Races & Classes of Dragon's Gate ....


It is important to consider your race before character creation. Almost all races have significant drawbacks, and most are suited to specific character classes. Furthermore, most races are typecast to a particular ethos - Muatana-Als, the San Elves, and Arachnians are "bad guys," while Secians and Psycians are "good guys." Be aware that a sweet, kindhearted Sanene will be at best regarded as an outcast oddity, and at worst insane.


• Bird-people; even-tempered, possesses night vision. Slight build inhibits carrying capacity. Excellent voices suit them well for Bards.


• Spider-people, very strong, high carrying capacity. They have a limited capacity for 'webbing' foes. They seek to bring destruction on ALL other races, and have an evil reputation. Very large fangs, good natural armor, resistant to and possessing a violent hatred of magic. Unable to speak Common.


• Small, draconic. Fun-loving jokesters, intelligent, expert linguists. Other than their draconic kindred, they get along with everyone. Ability to breathe fire, good natural armor.


• Beginning their life-cycle as humanoid, they metamorphose into true Dragons, gaining the ability to breathe fire and fly. This metamorphosis is a slow process. Possessed of formidable magical powers and good natural armor. Uniquely, they cannot belong to a character class. Possess night sight.


• Classic wood elves, emotional, happy, carefree. They disdain rune magic. Excellent at stealth and with ranged weapons, but mediocre at close combat. The best of all races as foresters.


• Slight, short humanoids. Very dexterous, natural thieves. Loyal amongst their own kind, but have no sense of private property - they consider anything not nailed down fair game! Magically inept, very curious.


• Tall humanoid race with jewels in their forehead. Natural wizards, very condescending to all other races. Untrustworthy, and not very physically capable.


• Related humanoid races, sneaky, quick, weak. Lovers of chaos and known malcontents and thieves.


• Short, heavy humanoids. Proud, stubborn, and brave; they make acquaintances easily, but true friendships with outside races are rare indeed. Magic resistant, skilled armorers, *very* fond of practical jokes. Possess night sight.


• Well, some actually exist! No particular benefits or racial friends, but no penalties or enemies. Suited for all professions.


• Cat-beings. They have retractable claws, usable in combat. Extraordinary dexterity. Obsessed with honor and status, very ready to do battle when insulted. Disdains thievery (though Leuians are naturally skilled as thieves). Extremely loyal to their friends.


• Large lizard men. Very brave, devoted to battle. Good natural armor, strong though unintelligent, unable to speak Common. Generally wary of other humanoid races, actively dislikes Usil and Drag-Al. Very loyal and honorable.


• Pale humanoids. They are aloof loners, cruel and lovers of chaos. Muatanas feed on the lifeforce of others, and are far and away the least popular denizens of Spur. Obsessed with death and style, vulnerable to sunlight, able to heal at remarkable rates and paralyze others. The Muatana-Al are barred from selection by new players, but many Muatana still live in Spur. Possess night sight.


• Large, hairy humanoids. Exceedingly strong and exceptionally stupid. Dedicated once they set their mind, what little of it there is. A rare and uncommon sight.


• Cold, calculating crystalline rock beings. They are calm and manipulative, but sometimes give trust to those they respect. Excellent natural armor, high intelligence.


• Small humanoids with powerful psionic abilities. Very even-tempered, polite, and calm. They have a marked distaste for hostility.


• Dark elves, skilled at concealment. Power-hungry, lovers of death and chaos. Intelligent, magically powerful, physically strong. Possess night sight.


• Miniscule winged humanoids, capable of flight. They are extraordinarily skilled healers and empaths, very helpful and friendly by nature. It is a truism that Secians have no enemies, even Muatana-al they only ignore. Happy-go-lucky, unusually drawn to Dragonkind. Many are practicing pacifists.


• Very large, very strong brutish humanoids. Dumb as bricks. Uncouth, possessive, easily distracted. They are rather inarticulate - but make superior fighters, due to unparalleled strength and remarkable recuperative powers. Known to be cannibals who feast on other sentients.


• The high-elven kindred. Aloof and intellectual, revering scholarship and disdaining those who lack brains. Skilled wizards, but physically weak.

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• Barbarians are the wild people who generally live away from society, they are known as very skilled weapon users, though somewhat uncontrolable. Barbarians have a tendency to go berzerk while fighting and destroy anything in their path, friend or foe. Barbarians are the only class in the game which recieve multiple swings at once with their weapons. While berzerk makes them hit faster, easier and harder, it also makes the Barbarian easier to hit and makes them tire quickly.


• Bards are the performers, poets and musicians of the Dragons Gate world. Their songs have the ability to cause all kinds of different effects on those who listen to them, from falling asleep to running in terror, and everything inbetween. Bards are also somewhat skilled at picking the pockets of less suspecting audiences.


• Fighters are the most skilled weapon users in Dragons Gate, they are hardy adventurers who are a must in any party. They have the ability to focus their blows to hit better and stronger, though it usually slows them down slightly.


• Foresters are the defenders of the forest, they are some what the jack of all trades. They are relatively skilled with weapons and magick, though they excel at missile weapons, tracking and skinning.


• Hand clerics are much like monks of todays world, they are devout followers of their Gods and extremely religious and superstitious. They do not believe in the use of weapons generally, though a few of the more skilled members of the class do in fact use them. They channel the powers of their Gods into prayers that help protect them add make their martial art moves more powerful.


• Heart Clerics are the ultimate healers of Dragons Gate, they are entirely devoted to their Gods and do anything in their power to increase their Gods influence in the world. Because of their devotion, they are able to channel their Gods power into energy far better then any other Cleric.


• Psions are the masters of the mind, they are the most intelligent members of their race by far, holding a special ability in their mind to channel its power. Psions are known to practice non-violence, choosing usually to be recorders of events so that they can study them then get involved. Some members of the Psion class have been known to be active in government and politics, though they usually have no interest in anything what so ever outside their studies. Because of this, Psions will not even follow the Gods, feeling they are a waste of time that takes from their studies.


• Runemages are the most skilled users of magick in the lands of Dragons Gate, outside of the oldest and most powerful Dragons. Runemages channel the energy of the universe into them to create powerful and exotic spells. Runemages are the worst skilled users of weapons in the land unfortunately and must utilize their runes for spells entirely to stay alive.


• Sword clerics serve their Gods by wielding weapons and their Gods blessing together in a mighty combination. They are second only to Fighters and Barbarians in their skill with weapons, and are quite skilled at channeling their Gods energy into blessings to further their weapon skills. A properly trained sword cleric can prove to be an extremely dangerous foe.


• Thieves are the low lives, peasants, and working class of the Spurian adventurers. Most of them work as pickpockets and locksmiths, though a few reach higher goals of politics or other darker professions. They are extremely skilled at picking pockets, picking locks, disguising and making use of small daggers to strike their foes.

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• Elindale is the Goddess of Nature (and Furry Things.) Her followers are worshipers of the forest in its virginal form. A symbiosis between all life is what they seek to spread throughout the world. The elimination of any unnatural element that has been brought into nature is one of Elindale's teachings. Elindale approves of hunting for food but not for pleasure. She abhors waste of anything natural and will not abide it. Elindale teaches her followers to recognize that which is natural and that which isn't.


• Here may be worshipped the Deity of Battle and Chivalry. Odarians usually dress in bright shiny (almost mirror-like) plate armor and are proficient in the use of many weapons, either one or two handed. Odarians follow a strict code of battle, it is this code that chivalry is based on. This code will not prevent a follower from doing wrong but excommunication and dishonor are the consequences if one is discovered. Odarous is impressed by valor and fair play; he expects his followers to uphold these precedents above all others.


• Rinanni is the Goddess of Peace, Love, and Knowledge. Rinanni teaches her followers to make love and not war. This sentiment should be extended to all things, if the sentiment isn't returned conversion of the individual should be attempted. Any creature that cannot be converted must be inherently nasty and should be avoided at all costs; self defense is to be used only as a last resort as bloodshed tends to follow. Her followers are often scholars who have little time for anything other than debate and study.


• The worshipers of Sa worship magick in all its manifestations. Sa is the embodiment of all of the processes by which magick functions. As such, Sa is the Deity of magick. Sa has over the years appeared to his followers as almost everything imaginable. He is therefore usually represented by a thin spidery shaped 'M' from the ancient Frontacian script pronounced "ss-ah", or with some similar archaic symbol. Rarely is Sa represented in a physical form. Sa is a fairly consistent deity and rarely changes his ways. Only when absolute chaos or great turmoil is prevalent does Sa adjust. The last time this happened, Death vanished. Sa is all aspects of magick and is pleased by those who follow his teachings or employ magick in ingenious ways.


• Set is most often worshipped by the impoverished and the lower class individuals of society, as Set condones and expects his worshipers to acquire goods for the temple through the use of sneakiness and chicanery. Many followers of Set believe they are here to help strengthen society. They believe that by eliminating monopolies on trade and freeing capital you will eventually establish an equal society through the redistribution of wealth. In any case the followers of Set seek to better themselves in an unbalanced social structure. The symbol of Set is that of a sinuous serpent with no apparent head or tail (the head and tail hold special significance within the temple). His teachings are those of stealth, elusiveness, quickness, and subtlety. Set's temple was once banned from the Spur, but shortly afterward the city was mysteriously plagued by snakes of all kinds for over a month. The ban was lifted and the snakes disappeared. Ever since the city has grudgingly accepted the temple's presence.


• Taath is the Deity of hate, fear, and ignorance. He is Lord of the Demons. Taath has gained in popularity since the disappearance of Death. Enough so in fact to have established a temple in a reclusive corner near the graveyard. After the experience the city went through with the Set temple, many wouldn't like to think what might happen if Taath was asked to leave. The city lives with this parasite on its back through necessity. As long as Taath and his followers do not get out of hand, the governor refuses to step in.


• The temple of the unknown god is fairly new to the Spur. Many have named this deity, "He who has no name." The Unknown god gained much popularity and power in the time since the disappearance of Death. No one has ever seen any manifestation of this Deity, though its power is expressed in the fair manner in which it treats its followers and the perpetual happiness that each follower seems to possess. Many newcomers to this religion are often apathetic but soon change their demeanor.

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Section 3 : Moving out of the Training - Helpful Hints ....

• While Characters in Dragons Gate Start in the training grounds (Some of the more destructive races start away from the other races, but regardless the situation is the same), the true game doesn't begin until you reach the city of Spur, the heartland of the continent of Aradath. A character must be very careful about traveling to Spur from the Training Grounds though, the city of Spur does not offer the protection to young characters that the Training Grounds does, nor does it offer as many easy creatures to hunt. Upon reaching Spur, you will find the world is ten times larger then you could have ever imagined, and that much more dangerous as well. A character should make sure to be well prepared and skilled before making this journey, or they may find themselves in over their head.


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