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Rune Mage Class

"Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen." ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



runemageThe Rune Mage is primarily a user of magick. Those who wield magick in any form are capable of some of the greatest feats in Dragon's Gate. However, with such power also comes some equally monumental drawbacks, no matter which magickal art is chosen. The biggest restriction a mage will encounter is the amount of armor he may wear. Many of the magickal arts require freedom of movement. Binding armor will often reduce the effectiveness of a spell. Additionally, the metal used in forging the heavier suits of armor can cause a mage's spell to fizzle ineffectively, or even injure him. This also applies to metal weapons in use. The race of the mage can be as much a determiner of which arts are available to him as his characteristics' scores. Much of a mage's life is bound up in ritual and arcane lore. Trial and error is the best way to learn to play a mage adventurer. This may make the mage the toughest character to learn to use effectively, as many unforeseen issues tend to crop up during play. However, once a good strategy of play is developed, the mage can be the most powerful adventurer available.

Guild Locations

There are 5 mage towers to train in. Each tower represents one of the five elements. Roleplay and ask around to find each tower. Once you enter the correct location, type "train list all".

Characteristic scores beneficial to a Runemage adventurer

  • Strength: Very useful to the 'combat mage', little use to other orders.

  • Intelligence, Wisdom, Willpower: Extremely useful in learning new magick, and how to use the magick once it is learned.

  • Dexterity/Agility: Quick and precise motions are required for spell casting.

  • Constitution: High fatigue is necessary for casting numerous spells.

  • Alignment: Any

  • Especially Suited Races:: Frontacian, Secian, Drag-al, Usil Elf, San Elf, Penthanian, Psycian


    Special Abilities

    Magick while other classes may have the ability to cast spells, runemages excel in this area.

    Types of Mages

    Circle of Five

  • Non-elemental Magi best represent the mages of old from before the release of the magick trapped with the grey Sword of Sa. They don't really specialize in anything, but make use of numerous long lasting pulsing spells the other classes do not have available to them. In specific they are the only mage class with real psionic and magick resistance spells. On higher levels they make use of pulsing attacking spells almost exclusively.
  • Air Magi are the mages of the element of air. Their speciality is making use of spells of flight on higher levels. They are in the middle in use of attack and defense spells, being average at using both. All around extremely balanced.
  • Earth Magi are the masters of the element of earth. They specialize in defensive spells, and are almost entirely defensively based. Of the runemages they have the best defensive spells and the worst offense.
  • Fire Magi are the masters of the element of fire. They specialize in damaging attack spells, and are almost entirely offense-based. Of the runemages they have the best offensive spells and the worst defensive.
  • Water Magi are the masters of the element of water. They specialize in spells that are somewhat "weird" and different. Spells such as reflectance and scrying are just a few of their many different spells. They like air mages tend to be relatively balanced.


    Important Skills
        First Aid

    Stats Important to Class

    ::: Current Skill Rankings :::

    Especially Suited Races

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