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The Races of Aradath ...


Background ...

Anthians are a humanoid race of proud winged beings. There is a large community of Anthians living atop the peaks of the Great Divide, a vast mountain range north of Spur. Anthians tend to stay to themselves and their families. Celebrated in ancient battles as warrior legends of uncontested valor and strategic skills, they are also among the most sought after races in the world for scouting. Many stories of Anthian heroes have been passed on from parents to children and from master to student over the generations.

The native Anthian tongue, a resonant song-like language, is difficult for others to understand, let alone master. It is said that the language itself is a lesson in history. Regardless of the difficulty, it is so beautiful that people stop and listen just to the lilting cadences, without concern for the meaning. Several notable Anthians have become favorites at concerts and on the stage, although loose translations of such works are rarely provided. The most beautiful and lyrical examples of their language are found in their religious works, celebrations and devotions. Background: The Anthians' home is one of the Southern Isle Kingdoms with a temperate climate and a terrain made up mostly of canyons, bluffs and crags. Anthian society generally remains uninvolved with regional politics, but have been known in the past to raise incredible armies to help fight when the cause becomes threatening enough. The Anthians guard their racial history as one of the greatest kept secrets in the land, and because of their recluse nature it's quite easy to do so. Almost all of their history, including language and lore, are verbally passed down from parent to child, teacher to student, master to apprentice. The Anthians are one of the few truly intelligent races not to have a racial written language. They write only in common when it is absolutely needed.

Most Anthians who venture the world are found to be bards singing and telling tales and songs they learned from the society they were raised in, as they have beautiful high bird like voices. Most of the other Anthians seen in society are runemages, as the true mastering of the art is nearly impossible in such small communities with no real teachers. As for the small societies and warfare, only twice ever in recorded history have the Anthian communities come together to join an army; and both times they utterly and completely wiped out there foes with military genius. Anthians are considered by most who have encountered them in battle to be among the fiercest warriors and the mightiest allies one can find anywhere in the world.

Appearance ...

Delicate, yet strong for their build, Anthians have both human-and bird/reptilian-like features. They are the only known humanoid race capable of natural flight. Both their wings and their distinctive birdlike features make them easily identifiable. Anthians are a slightly built race.

  • Eyes: Red, Brown, Hazel

  • Hair: Blonde, Sandy, Yellow.

  • Temperament ...

    Industrious and innovative, Anthians have long been admired for their practical nature in dealing with the advantages and limitations of their race. Anthians have an extreme respect for nature, the elements, and the world as a whole and often spend their lives devoted to Elindale. Others live on their own for years trying to better understand nature and live in harmony with it. Nearly every Anthian feels some sort of calling and understanding with nature as a whole. When they go outside of there homes, they usually work as scouts, because it appeals to there love of freedom in nature and keeps them away from the other races to be alone with there thoughts.

    The few non-Anthians who have made relations with this race have found them to be extremely loyal and fiercely loving of their friends and family. Anthians are extremely practical thinkers unless their home or friends are in danger, when they ignore all practicality and act on impulse. When it comes to family, home or their village, they will act first and ask questions later.

    Anthians, as a whole, are a very recluse people. Most Anthians live in very small knit communities in the mountainous regions, ranging from about 20-50 in population. They generally avoid contact with other races, except for Fir Elves, who they feel most comfortable trading with and leaving it at that. Even then they don't enjoy their company, they are simply content with trading and dealing with them. The only wars the Anthians have ever fought as a whole are against San Elves. It may be concluded that if they disliked one race more then any other, it would be San Elves.

    Anthian Flight ...

    Anthians prefer to fly over walking. While perfectly able to attain flight from flat ground, they prefer gliding off from a high object to take wing. Once in the air, they can sustain flight for an almost unlimited time; their maximum speed can surpass that of a running horse. Excellent night vision and an uncanny knack with knowing the approaching weather increase their value as scouts. They are not comfortable in buildings. An interesting side note, they are the only species considered to be a race that is capable of natural flight.

    Traits ...

  • Advantages: Natural flight, extended flight times, excellent night vision, intelligent and moderately strong, beautiful voices.

  • Hindrances: Slight build leaves them unable to carry too much in weight.

  • Abilities: Flight, Night Vision

  • Alignment: Any

  • Professions: Common: Bard, Foresters ~ Uncommon: Runemage, Cleric and Fighter

  • Rare: Thief, Barbarian

  • Reference Material: Imperial Council Histories & Minutes, Ancient Lore and Library of the Usil Elves


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