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The Races of Aradath ...


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Introduction ...

Wyverns have long been shrouded in mystery. Rumored by hunters of the deep forest, mentioned by loose-lipped dragons, and told as bedtime stories by older brothers, tracking down actual truths about wyverns has proven hard indeed. History is littered with stories of their kind and it is usually pertaining to dragons, also. The two races have long been enemies, leading to many bloody conflicts over the years. Recent events have changed the race itself, from which has arisen more individuals residing within Aradath. Wyverns resemble a drake or a large gargoyle, with some noticeable differences. Their lean bodies have conjoined wings and arms, and a pair of very strong legs that end with sharp, taloned feet. A long segmented tail, ending with a barbed stinger, acts as limb to help make up for the lack of true arms. Wyverns historically kept to medium size breeding colonies called Broods. The wyverns who have survived roam the world trying to come to terms with their newly found singularity, their Brood bond having been severed.

Background ...

The Wyverns have long hidden in the depths of the world to escape the wrath of their cousins the Dragons. Unknown to even the wisest and most well informed Imperials, the Muatana-al Maloveous Lord of the Dernath Woods of Saldea had entered into a pact with the Wyverns. Faced with their certain extinction the Wyverns bargained with the Muatana-al for a safe place to live: a nesting site within the Dernath Woods itself. What Maloveous asked in return for their place of safety has never been discovered.

The reemergence of Wyverns within the forest range of Treehaven was certainly unexpected. Though over the centuries stories that Wyverns existed within Saldea, most were not concerned because no further Brood activity had been seen. Some have said Dragons took Wyvern eggs from the Dernath Woods for study, causing the renewed Wyvern activity. Others have said a Human mage manipulated the Wyverns into believing the story of Dragon thievery as a means of payback for the loss of his village and family to an Imperial. Whatever occurred to cause their return, a new Brood infiltrated the plains about Treehaven, dug in, and began to hunt the Caersach forest.

Through the spells of Maloveous the Muatana-al, and Ziraxtan'a the Dragon, the Wyvern in the Caersach were greatly changed. The bond that tied them together is now severed and the Wyvern now face a newly-discovered individuality and freedom, though some of race’s close contact remain.

Despite the change, one thing remains clear to the Wyvern: their cousins the Dragon remain their enemy.


A wyvern resembles a lithe, wyrm-like, constantly moving dragon. A spiny, ridged blunt head houses beady golden eyes. Their snout slowly tapers into a beak-like nose, and houses rows of razor-sharp teeth. Wyverns size range somewhere between a Monitanian and a drake in height. Wyverns have thick, overlapping scales that provide natural protection. The scales are usually a variation of the hues of a forest: green, light brown, brown, gray, and black. Large, bat-like membranous wings enable a wyvern to pull off incredible feats of aerial mastery. While wyverns do possess arms and hands, they are part of their wing anatomy. The hand protrudes from the second joint of the wing anatomy, analogous to the wrist of an arm. This anatomical feature makes their hands barely functional for anything other than the simplest of tasks. This leads to relying on their natural bite and sting attacks, since conventional weaponry cannot be wielded properly by a wyvern. Thick, powerful legs ends with a three-toed foot. The toes are at 120 degree angles from each other, providing plenty of support while on the ground. Each toe ends with a long, sharp talon. They possess a long, sinuous tail that ends with a wicked barbed stinger. The tails acts like another limb, capable of inflicting nasty puncture wounds rapidly. The preferred position to strike is by holding the tail above, like a scorpion, while the wyvern distracts its prey with vicious bite attacks.

Traits ...

  • Temperament : Wyverns were at the top of the food chain in the past. As such, they tend to have a predatory outlook in life. If it is small enough to eat, watch it as eventual food. If it is large enough to compete for your food, look for weaknesses to off it. If it is not food, or trying to get your food, it is ignored for the most part. Recent events have changed how Wyverns view their own Brood. While before a Wyvern would refer to itself as "We" instead of "I", the "event" severed their connection to the rest of the collective Brood society. Ideas of the individual, of thinking for themselves, of personal possessions, of personal gain and sacrifice, and autonomy have begun to take root in the individual Wyvern's mind. Many find themselves confused and alone. This fear leads to distrust of many around them and causes them to seek out their fellow Wyvern for security and comfort.

  • Tendencies : Wyverns tend to keep to themselves. As an exception they are known to associate with Go-blin-als, finding the race wild, brutal and cruel much like themselves. The Wyverns give something big and impressive for the Go-blin-als to group around and make them feel safe. The Wyverns enjoying pulling the Go-blin-al's strings and manipulating the affairs of a smaller race, using them as ground troops and lackeys. Being from a formerly pack-like society, Wyverns tend to stay in groups of other Wyverns. If not in a group, they tend to be reclusive, aloof, and almost shy. The recently severed Brood ties makes many of them feel exposed to the world, a feeling that is confusing and new to them.

  • Advantages : Wyvern have the ability of ESP to utilize at will. Night sight, natural scales that offer armor protection, powerful mouth full of sharp teeth capable of inflicting a strong bite. A barbed tail attack, which bites deep through most armors. Powerful talons that allow the wyvern to inflict claw damage. Leathery wings that allow for flight.

  • Hindrances: Cannot belong to any class. Arms and hands built into wing anatomy does not allow them to wield standard weapons or shields. Relatively lithe and lean forms, along with aforementioned anatomy, restricts their ability to carry (low carry capacity). Very limited magick - body and mind are built for hunting not studying the arcane arts. Can only claw during flight. Wyverns only speak through telepathic means, or in Wyvern with others of their race.

  • Abilities : Bite , sting , natural flight, clawing during flight.

  • Advice on Wyvern Naming:

    Although all races use names, the naming custom of Wyverns vary greatly. Their names are unique in the fact each of their first names have a meaning behind it. The last name refers to the brood they belong to. Some have decided to adopt individual last names as they have begun separating from their brood mentality.

    Examples :

  • Ekanga Issachar .... bogyguard of the Issachar Brood
  • Kiran Nysuntom .... ray of light of the Nysuntom Brood
  • Get help naming your Wyvern below...

  • ~ Female’ Names ~ ~ Male’ Names ~


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