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The Races of Aradath ...


Overview ...

This mysterious, much-feared race is shrouded in mystery. White-skinned and dark-eyed humanoids in appearance, they are said to be creatures of Chaos, and it is known that the Muatana-al need to drain life from others to survive. Sunlight is deadly to them. Fortunately, except for Governor Merlin and Baroness Lilly, they haven't been seen much around Spur in the last 200 years.

If you have chosen the race of Muatana-al, you must be aware of certain conditions and limitations that are a part of being this race before the choice becomes irrevocable. First, this race can suffer PERMANENT death by being decapitated in the game. This means that the character is destroyed, with NO hope of resurrection. Secondly, this race needs to feed off of the life-force of the other races, making player versus player combat inevitable and unavoidable. This will make you an unpopular inhabitant from the moment you enter the world. Third, this race suffers from the BANE which means during the daytime hours of DGate, you will suffer damage from the sun if you are exposed to it.

NOTE: This class is currently not available to the gaming community.



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