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The Races of Aradath ...


Background ...

The strongest and least intelligent of all the races, some have said that the Oog-ra were created by the Lords of Chaos as a joke on the Thugians. This theory is probably not terribly accurate, but it has started a good number of brawls. While it is generally safe to tell an Oog-ra to its face that they are stupid, it is not wise to say that Thugians are smarter -- the Thugians don't like it.

The Oog-ra people are said to have come from one of the icy Northern Isles. Due to their large body mass and thick fur, they have a great resistance to cold temperatures. An Usilin scholar traced the beginnings of this race to an isolated mountain range on one of the more remote Northern Isles of Crescent Lake. A group of explorers were sent to research the area and found signs of recent Oog-ra encampments. In one camp the Oog-ra had enshrined a rather large rock. Scholars speculate this was done because the tribal elder could not break it -- there are few large rocks in the icy wastes of the Northern Isles.

During the height of the Frontacian Empire, a proposal was made to exterminate the Oog-ra based on the theory that Oog-ra were so unintelligent that they lowered the average of all sentient races and without them it would be possible for more intelligent Frontacians to be born. When the proposal was rejected, a second was made. This one suggested that if the Frontacians bred Oog-ra they would be able to actually RAISE their intelligence. Subsequently, the one to make the proposal was given to the Oog-ra to play with based on the theory that he was a fool.

Appearance ...

Extremely large, hairy humanoids, characterized by their sloping forehead, protruding brow, and sunken eyes.

  • Eyes: light brown, dark brown, reddish brown, hazel, amber, dull black, pitch black

  • Hair: dull black, glossy black, reddish black, bluish black, purplish black, light brown, dark brown, chestnut brown, honey brown, sable

  • Temperament ...

    Oog-ras would be mean if they were smart enough. Their small minds barely qualify them as sentient. They are ruled primarily by instinct. Oog-ras can be violent, but rarely with a malicious intent. Due to their low intelligence they are easily manipulated and have often been used by other races to do thier dirty work. .

    Tendencies ...

    A happy Oog-ra is a nice Oog-ra, while an angry Oog-ra is somewhat akin to a mountain with a death wish. Oog-ras greatly enjoy smashing things, especially things that make a lot of noise when they do so. The best way to keep an Oog-ra happy is to give him a club in an alchemist's shop.

    Traits ...

  • Advantages: Incredible strength.

  • Hindrances: Incredible stupidity. Large size and slow movement make them easy targets.

  • Alignment: Chaotic

  • Professions: Fighters and Barbarians


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