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The Races of Aradath ...


Background ...

Their sheer size and mass give them the second greatest strength in all the realm of humanoid races of the world. They are difficult to injure seriously and heal at an amazingly rapid rate. Because of this some have been so injured that their companions thought them dead, only to find their great bodies repairing themselves and recovering. A Drag-al once observed, "He is just too stupid to know he should have died." Since everyone else smiled, so did the Thugian they were discussing. Many sentients are understandably nervous in their presence, due to their eating habits and notoriously poor table manners.

However, a well-fed Thugian can often prove a loyal, albeit not very clever, adventuring companion. Appearance: Very large, sturdy well-muscled humanoid race. Brutish and exceptionally strong. Their strength is matched only by their tremendous stupidity.

Temperament ...

Thugians do not speak well. They have simple needs in life, and their society has few of the taboos of 'civilization'. When they are hungry, they will look to whatever is most handy for a meal...even if it is you. Thugians have no compunctions about preying on other sentients for food, with a particular taste for human and troll flesh. And, they are almost invariably voraciously hungry, constantly looking for meat to feed their bulk. Although they are not bright, with repetitive lessons, they can learn simple tasks.

Tendencies ...

Thugians are attracted to small, shiny and/or cute-looking objects, and can become very possessive of the same. They are easily amused, and can derive endless entertainment from a frolicking Secian. However, their chaotic nature makes it difficult to estimate when one might turn to you angrily.

Traits ...

  • Advantages: Incredible strength, capacity to heal, and the ability to eat just about anything.
  • Hindrances: Not intelligent.
  • Alignment: Any
  • Professions: Preferred: Fighter, Barbarian ~ Rare: Thief, runemage


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