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The Races of Aradath ...


The Elvenkyn Journals ...

Born of chaos, none truly know the exact history of the San Elf, when the race originated, or where it came from. Most early records indicate Sanene have existed since the earlier days of recorded history, though not as far back as the first races of the world. The San race is centralized mostly on the Isle of Muldavia, home of the Muatana-al, where the Sanene work with, against, and all around the Muatana-al who rule the Isle with an iron grip. San Elves over the course of time have scattered across the world, their influence felt in almost every major city, whether people realize it or not, where trouble and chaos brew, a San Elf is typically not far behind.

While resembling other Elf races, particularly those who dwell in the forests, Usil Elf Scholars theorize that these people are not relatives of the Elf races at all, but a creation of Chaos. Violent, turbulent, and tumultuous, best describe life of the San, from birth to death.

Power and personal advantage are their ultimate goals. Whether this is the power of magick, the power of weapons, the power of information or the power of misinformation, they will seek a way to manipulate things and people. Those closest to them are not immune and may be used in order to achieve their goals. Nothing is quite as appealing to a San Elf as the conquest. Quickness of mind and body, along with a keen ability to read a situation, allows San Elves to control the chaos around them and to use it to their advantage.

You will likely find San Elves in the thick of the power structure of Aradath. Whether within their own Temple, within the local governments or within a select group, their need to achieve power supersedes their dislike for those they see as beneath them.

Appearance ...

San Elves resemble the other Elf Races. They are shorter and more sinewy then their Elven brethren, but like their counterparts the Fir and Usil, they are still quick and wiry. They are darker skinned than their cousins the Fir and Usil, ranging from a light golden to a deep dark brown.

  • Eyes: Black

  • Hair: Shades of Black

  • Temperament ...

    San Elves are the 'black sheep' of the Elf races. They strive for power and will do anything to gain knowledge that might give them any bit of power over others. They have no concern over those they may have to destroy or kill in order to attain such power. They embrace destruction and death if it allows them to achieve their purpose. They are more than mischievous; they are conniving, and the other Elven races would say they are downright troublesome. They are usually quick to anger, quick to rile and in the forefront of any fight. They are true followers of Chaos.

    Tendencies ...

    They scoff at their scholarly counterparts, the Usil Elves, as well as the forest dwelling Fir Elves. It is not unusual to find San Elves manipulating others around them. They have no concern about destroying something, especially if it is going to cause grief to someone else.

    Traits ...

  • Advantages: Excellent weapon and magick users. No one knows why, but the members of this Elven race are strong, especially for Elves. Very intelligent.

  • Hindrances: Untrustworthy and devoted only to serving themselves and Chaos.

  • Abilities: Magick -- Though not as skilled as their Usilian cousins, the San Elves are quite capable magick users, and far superior to their cousins the Fir Elves. Weapons -- agile at fighting, their strength, along with a keen mind, give them the ability to wield a weapon masterfully. Many think they also have a special ability for causing trouble.

  • Alignment: Entropic, Chaotic

  • Professions: Cleric, Rune Mage, Thief; ALSO: Fighter, Barbarian ~ RARE: Bard, Psion.


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